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Episode 492

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The Hostful After

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Nerdist Podcast: The Hostful After

It’s some hostful deliciousness for your week! Jonah wants to go to Japan, Matt still has a big head (literally), and Chris doesn’t like going to spas!

Artwork by Toonsmyth

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  • Hey Chris, I really agree with you n the pronunciation of gi. Its not a can of fucking penut butter and all that, but I think you may be heading into personal crusade mode here. Do you realy need to invent reasons to say gif (the way gif should be pronounced in american english)7 moretimes when just the once would do?

  • They made a movie out of Hornby’s “A Long Way Down?” And Aaron Paul is in it? How did I not know this?! Thanks, guys! I’ll be on the lookout for it. By the way, I’d listen to a Nick Hornby podcast. :-)

  • I used to kinda skip over the hostfuls and listen to every guest…now I kinda skip over some of the guests and listen to every hostful. Keep those balls in the air!

  • Ahoy Matt, Hey Chris, Aloha Jonah!

    Love the podcast, love @Midnight, can’t wait for The Meltdown (when does that start bee tee dubs?), that was my comment, so here’s my question, a question and a comment and a quemment -tap dancer pose-

    Is there any chance you could do a podcast episode with Nick, The Seacrestian Scribe? That would be great! Keep up the good work!

  • Towards the end of the podcast I got a little emotional. It made me think of the times where I had nothing, broke, and had no idea how I was going eat. With hard work and love of what you’re doing the hard time will pass. Thanks guys! Great overall podcast

  • I loved that you guys mentioned the danger of high heels. I thought I was the only that thought they’re dangerous and not sexy. Whenever I see someone in heels I always feel bad for them it never looks comfortable, there’s nothing with normal shoes.

  • Tim Hiddleston is the bestie of Peter Hardwick. They met when Tim was a guest on Pete’s podcast “The Douchist Podcast”. Oddly enough, each is the only person the other will allow to hug them.

  • Russian baths are traditionally also natatoriums; Turkish baths tend to focus on the steam room.
    And, yes, Matt, Johah’s skull probably did get a bit deformed by that fall/head trauma; I got slapped to the pavement at 30mph on a bike around 12 or 13, and the lump is still there.
    By the way, Jonah, your source is slightly off; the baby boom ended in ’64. We late-boomers have always gotten kinda screwed getting lumped in with the ’45-late ’50s boomers most people associate with the term, even though we were the ones driving the punk/New Wave and irony-laden comedy rebellions against our older siblings.

  • Couple o’things…

    1. Went to Air B&B just to see what’s available in my neighborhood and this one castle looks pretty sweet SHOULD TEAM NERDIST EVER VISIT CLEVELAND:

    2. Agreed stiletto heels aren’t attractive, probably because watching how uncomfortable other women are wearing them makes me cringe. Those women Matt mentioned probably wear those heels for the same reason some people get Botox and plastic surgery – they’re so insecure and so long to fit into whatever society claims is attractive that they’ll sacrifice their comfort and even their health to do so. Whoever invented the stiletto heel clearly hated women and whoever came up with the chunky heel loved them. And backpack purses! Those are so cool and I bet Moms love them.

    3. Haven’t heard the previous hostful yet, so I don’t know how cringe-worthy it is, but now I hesitate to listen at all because I get uncomfortable when someone over-shares in a REALLY public forum. That’s gotta be an especially big concern for well-known people, who might have fans that demand more info than they have a right to – give and inch and they’ll take a mile. Sooooo…maybe be careful with that? “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”

    4. Naked in spas. HERE’S something to think about the next time you visit one, gents! I got into a conversation with a cleaning lady at my gym and she says some of the elderly male clients will use the locker room hairdryers to “dry their booties!” Those were her exact words. Something to think about the next time you use those facilities, namely that the business end of that hairdryer may have been near an old guy’s bung hole.

    And it’s weird for us ladies, too. Walked into a sauna and found a woman laying across the entire top row with her legs spread eagle and her feet up on the wall as if she were expecting a speculum to come out of the paneling, I have NO idea why she did that nor what she looked like from the knees up.

  • Shoot! I knew I’d forget something…

    5. If you feel like recycling some more Hostful artwork like the one above done by Tooonsmyth (nicely done!) might I recommend re-posting THIS one by the lovely and talented Jetpack Blues?

    FYI, we’re collaborating on a new one where the guys are represented by dogs – Chris is a bouncy Chihuahua, Jonah is a big ole hound dog (maybe a Rhodesian Ridgeback?) and Matt is a Old English sheep dog lifting his leg over a sign that reads “No Dogs Allowed.”

  • Jonah, please think about going to other places in Japan besides Tokyo. For example, Osaka has better food and is cheaper to visit. Kyoto is gorgeous. And of course if you are going in April, to pick a place famous for veiwing sakura. I was studying in Japan when the tsunami happened and didn’t get a chance to see that.

  • i feel really bad that I confused Jonah with Nelson Franklin. But I loved the podcast with “the sister wives” I was starting to think you guys weren’t going to do one.
    Funny as always you guys.

  • Just found out from Jetpack Blues that ToonSmyth, the artist who created this wonderful Brony picture of Team Nerdsit, has passed away. I know nothing beyond that and am still searching for an obituary with any details. If this was mentioned in the podcast, please forgive me as I haven’t finished listening yet.

    FYI, his name was Myk Friedman. Please read the kind words written on his Facebook page or click the link to his artwork at the top of this page.

  • Jack Whitehall is on a British show called Fresh Meat (It’s sort like an English Undeclared – first year college students). He’s a good comic and a pretty good actor. The show is available on Netflix.

  • I want it to be publicly known, with respect to Myk’s family, that I do not condone the manner in which the news about him was revealed in the post above.

    Knowing the banner art was possibly a ‘subtle nod’ to his creativity and participation in the Nerdist Podcast comment threads, I was conflicted about posting anything here at all (even relating to the Podcast) and had decided against it. Unfortunately, now I’m forced to seeing as how I was called out.

    For the record, the information was passed along privately, out of respect, even though it’s obviously more or less public considering its reveal on social media.

  • Always great to hear Weezer discussed as they are my favorite band. You should have Rivers or any of the guys on the podcast! Pat and Scott have been on Doug Loves Movies.

  • Great hostful, nice to hear Jonah back in the fold for the past few episodes. All these people commenting in almost every podcast thread about how they don’t think Jonah or Matt will stick around needs to calm the hell down. If it happens, it happens, but lately it seems that we’ve had more than one host on guest – related episodes, and its understandable that they can’t make all of them.

    I’d imagine that Chris and Jonah went out to dinner together like they said they should in the “Work It Out” hostful and are trying to make more of an effort to bridge any gaps. If they’re not worried, I’m not worried, and this episode sounded like friends having fun.

  • Also, I rather enjoy some songs off these latter day Weezer albums, including the ones Matt mentioned, Island in the Sun and If You Want To. But I came to the band way after Maladroit was released, so I didn’t really have a lot of the Pinkerton love of the existing fanbase at the time. Love those old records now though, but I think newer Weezer has some good moments. Make Believe, except for a few clunky songs was not a bad record, how can anyone not like “The Other Way”?

  • i like the nerdist pod cast but i cant listen because of the my little pony. no do not F*** suport that s**t. i am sorry i just do not like brones i think they should watch anime in stead of crap for two year olds. i did not care when it frist become a thing but then it stared popping up in my own life and i hate it when stuff i do not like come in to my own life! i know good people that like my little pony but i dont let them tolk about it. do not get me rong i do like people but its like having a friend but then he starts doing drugs. you are still friends with him but u do not talk about it or stay around when he does them. thank you.

  • It’s true Audis and Jags are- pretty douchey.
    At least the models you mentioned.
    Bc people usually only buy those for one reason to be ‘seen’ in them.
    And that is douche city.
    Now- if you are buying those cars and taking them out and driving them the way they were engineered to be driven- appreciating the performance that somewhat what justifies the cost.
    Ok then- not a douche.

  • @ThorsThunder: Reading your shitty, narrow-minded and horribly written post hurt my IQ.

    @Chris: “The Fans” want you to get an F-TYPE R Coupe. Or a BMW i8 because “The Fans” own a car from that brand and don’t mind spending your money for you. :-P

  • @johna I’m sure everyone has already given you more than suggestion but here I go anyway. I tried to keep it to things I think people will not have already recommended.

    If you go during the first Sunday in April you can attend the Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the steel phallus) It was probably one of the most fun festivals I have stumbled upon. The shrine is a short train ride from down town Tokyo.

    Tokyo is a great place to have as a home base for the first trip to Japan. If you plan day trips carefully you can easily go as far south as Osaka (includes Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nagoya) by bullet train. If you are looking for some attractions outside of large cities check out Hakone and I recommend the Ropeway that takes you up the mountain to the sulfur springs.

    This is making me miss Japan. You really can’t go wrong no matter what you decide to do. You are going to have an amazing trip!

  • Nick Hornby!! OMG I express the level of joy I felt to hear that a couple of youse guys have a love of Nick Hornby too!!

    Although I love A long Way Down and was redonk excited to find out that they were making a movie out of it. Sadly the reviews for it have been *scathing* so far.

    I was a struggling actor for a bunch of years too so your stories about struggling for cash to eat and pay bills *really* hit home.

    This episode has a special place in my heart now. Thanks guys!!