Episode 413

Nerdist Podcast

Stan Lee Returns

Nerdist Podcast: Stan Lee Returns

Chris sits down with Stan Lee in his toy filled office to talk about how he will never stop writing, his cameos in movies, and some insightful advice for young people!

Watch Stan’s show Fangasm Tuesdays at 10pm on SyFy!

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  • I had the pleasure of meeting stan and talking with him for about an hour at an event a few years ago. The only reason he left was because his handlers pulled him away but not before he bought a room full of people pizza, awesome guy.

  • I enjoy the “Stan Lee” character. Even more, I enjoy the brief moments where you get to see the actual Stan Lee. Well done, Big C, on pulling a couple of actual Stan Lee moments out of the guy. :)

  • Great show last night at Wilbur Theater Chris! Matt was awesome too! I was up in the balcony, definitely looking forward to your next trip here. Gonna try for a ticket in the stage area seating next time, love the way you guys interacted with the people down there. Love the podcast too, my dad is in the hospital right now (Parkinson’s disease, he fell and hit his head–we’re looking at putting him in a nursing home) and listening to Nerdist helps keep me from being down in the dumps.

    Is there something wrong with the Quemment page? I’ve tried a few times recently to send a message through it and got an “uh oh something misfired” message.

  • I’m not the biggest Stan Lee fan, especially his patter. There tends to be something very phony about how he comes across…almost like a circus barker who always wants you to see what he believes to be the main attraction. He is always diplomatic and he never seems to give an opinion one way or another. But what I found remarkable about your interview with him is that you finally gave me something that I had never really heard before: you were able to uncover Stan Lee’s fandom in radio comedies.

    To know what he likes made me relate to him more as someone who is not just trying to sell me on something. When he starts going down memory lane to radio comedies, it really brought out his nerdiness. He seemed enthusiastic and had something to say about how radio touched him. I could imagine him asking similar minutia questions of Jack Benny that he gets asked all the time.

    It makes me think better of Stan Lee. If you do another podcast with him, I’d love for you to bring in Ben Acker and Ben Blacker to just have a discussion about old time radio. Stan Lee would totally dig Thrilling Adventure Hour, I’m sure.

  • Stan Lee is an insufferable douche-bag. My heart goes out to Jack Kirby and his family. It’s sad that Kirby had to deal with this corporate brown-nosing monster.

    Part of the reason Kirby never received his just monetary rewards for his work is because of Stan Lee.

  • Agree with the general consensus here, great job getting some “real Stan” moments in there. His self-adoring character is really charming, but it’s great to get alot of honest responses from him as well. Even not being a huge comic book fan, this was fascinating to listen to. Great job Chris!

  • He is so annoying to listen to in this interview. I really wish he would take it seriously and talk like a real person. I was hoping to hear something actually interesting about comics, his writing style, what he thinks about when planning a story, characters or a movie adaption.

    Instead with each answer to a question he kept going on and on with his shtick about how full of himself he is. It got old fast, real fast.

    Such a same, what a waste.

  • That’s just who Stan is, and I think Nerdist went in fully expecting that!I love the gold Chris struck at the end where he got a less cartoony answer from stan, which you almost never see from anyone! This show was awesome :D

  • After a hundred thousand interviews of people fawning over you over most of a century, you should be so lucky to still be self-conscious enough not to lose yourself up your own ass like the character he lampoons. …because every business I’ve ever worked in is dominated by conceited assholes like that.

    I have never even read a comic book, nor do I particularly enjoy stories that hinge on the existence of humans having supernatural “powers”, but I still very much appreciate this interview.

    …Chris, you do a marvelous job at a million things, but something keeps popping out in the last few interviews that just feels off. Have a listen to this interview and see if you hear a sort of short, almost dismissive “Yah”, punctuating your guests explanations, before you change the subject to what sounds like the next question on a list. :(

  • I’m glad I came to the message board and learned that he’s playing a character. So far I’ve just been thinking “What a d-bag!” Obviously, I don’t worship Stan Lee like a lot of people so this episode isn’t exactly for me but I’m glad I’ve learned something today. :-)

  • The Generalisimo is back! I really enjoy your way of interviewing people by just talking to them and making them comfortable so they open up and share insights of themselves. Also, your sick voice is a bit sexy.