Episode 566

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Nerdist Podcast: Snapsy

The boys are back for a hostful! Jonah has to have a mustache for a week, Chris talks about presenting at the Emmys, they talk about how much Robin Williams meant to them, and Chris discusses becoming closer with his brother!

Art by Neal Julian

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  • Please stop saying you’re going to do more of these. I love the hostfuls but Chris kicks off every one of these now with some variation on “we’re going to be doing more of these”. This is a tiny gripe, I love the podcasts, love the network and started off by chugging down all the hostfuls and I would love to hear more.

  • A great episode, really laugh-out-loud funny. The hostfuls are something I’d happily pay a subscription for, they are just that good.

    I’d also pay real money-cash to have Felicia Day back on the podcast, especially now that Nerdist and Geek and Sundry have the same Hollywood Sugar-daddy company. (I believe that’s the correct legal term.)

  • A long awaited fantastic hostful return! Oh, how I missed my weekly dose of Mira snark. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hear and consider the pleas of a random science fan. You fellas need to consider not using the word theory when you mean hypothesis. The common misuse of the word “theory” by people and those of younger versions of people in their science classrooms is doing a serious disservice to the debates in the public around scientific theories. The Theory of Relativity is a theory, Jonah’s Moshing Towards More Peace idea is a hypothesis. As you are all true Nerdists, I hope this is something you might think over. I would not write this to you if I were not a true and deep Nerdist fan who knows people listen and considers your words to have weight. For example, I use “Science!!” in many of my responses to sneezes.  WOOOAHH!! Oops, almost fell of this soapbox.  Matt, you put your feet up where ever you want. You work hard.  I say “YAY HOSTFUL!!”

    • yo DocBrown,   i was all set to reply with some wisecracking about your word-policein,  however i read up on the differences between the two words and find it pretty interesting how all of us use them wrong.   Nice work dude.
      Peace & Conjunction Junction

    • Hey buddy, I was able to get out of the “hipster bubble” quick enough to let you know that if you listened to what I said you would realize that I said “when moshing/slam dancing STARTED”. The idea that violence comes out of art AFTER a time of war. I know you feel like calling somebody a hipster is a huge take-down, but just listen to what I said and not find some roundabout way of trying to make fun of me. Wanna make fun of me for being a hipster? Make fun of the fact that I just drove 20 minutes just to try a new coffee place downtown.

      • …a coffee place where, ironically,  Johah ordered a venti “Hipster-Bubble-Tea”. ,,,,thank you!  thank you!  try the quiche!  
        Peace .n. Bake loaves not war.  

      • LOGIC SLAM! 
        Glad you replied to this Jonah, far too easy to spout off hurtful nonsense on the internet. This guy just essentially acussed you of not caring about all the people who have been maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
        Why is it ok to imply this kind of thing of a guy on the internet when you wouldn’t say this about your friend/family member if they said the same thing? 

  • Dunno why matt and chris gotta be hard on Jonah for fucking thinking. Geeze guys. Far more interesting than your boring emmy stories guys. Love you all, but on the real. Lets think about ideas too, cunts. <3

  • Ya know, if this podcast is gonna have a token troll, there’s gotta be someone more competent than this at it.  Whoopdy-doo hashtag humblebrag?  Come…the fuck…on.  Are you even trying?

    • Well, two Mondays ago was the Emmys, which Chris was busy with and this past Monday was Labor Day, which most people take off as a holiday so that’s my guess. I was hoping he would put up a third one on Tuesday or Thursday but that didn’t happen so hopefully next Monday will go back to normal.

  • He does this all the time, guys.  Using tasty troll bait trying to get under Chris’ skin to make him respond.
    Shouldn’t you be fishing for recognition somewhere else RJ?  Like out of the back of your van, down by the river? #Whoop-dee-frickin-doo!

  • I actually find it really refreshing when someone pretty famous like Hardwick admits to being excited by something like attending the Emmys…and that he’s not too cool for school to admit it.  His upbeat and positive attitude is infectious (at least among some of the people I know).

  • RE: fans of “The Big Bang Theory,” they’re not just your parents. I started working for a university Physics department back in August (SWEET gig) and a professor told me two days ago (Sept 19th) that the department is indeed like BBT. In fact, that’s the second time a Physics prof told me that since I began working for them last month, so actual physicists like the show as well.

  • […] If you happen to be in Los Angeles this week, you’ll also be able to catch our fearless leader on stage at Largo at the Coronet on Monday night performing Hard N’ Phirm for Tig Notaro’s Breast Cancer Awarness Benefit. Oh and in case you missed the print edition of WSJ Magazine today here’s a link to “A Day In The Life Of Chris Hardwick” with pictures from Snapsy! […]

  • The whole time they were talking about a big check from the tennis tournament i thought they meant one of those giant like sweepstakes check i kept thinking how the hell did it fit in the machine?