Episode 309

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Sick Ray

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Nerdist Podcast: Sick Ray

Everyone is sick in this hostful! And by everyone, we just mean Jonah (who has the flu) and Chris (who is fighting the flu). Producer Katie Levine (@kt_money on Twitter!) sits in with Chris and Matt to talk about hair plugs, bagging your own groceries, and sports!

Artwork by Kristin Nicholson!




  • I grew up in Oregon, and had to learn from a stranger how to work the pump when I took my first out-of-state road trip. I didn’t think the lack of self-serve was that weird… while I was still living there.

    The environmental reasons for banning self-serve have been largely debunked. It “creates jobs”, but let’s face it… creating minimum-wage jobs isn’t that difficult. So, the only real reason that Oregon is still that way is simply that voters have rejected all attempts to change it.

    What I never understood is why people think it’s so odd that Oregon has full-serve only, but nobody ever says anything about New Jersey.

  • “An owner, operator or employee of a filling station service station, garage, or other dispensary where class 1 flammable liquids are dispensed at retail may not permit any person other than the owner, operator or employee to use or manipulate any pump, hose, pipe or other device for dispensing the liquids into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle or other retail container.”

    ORS 480.385, Civil penalty for dispensing law violation:
    Civil penalty shall become due and payable 10 days after order: up to $500.

    This is unclear as to whether this law threatens a fine for the customer, or just the gas station which “allows you” to pump your own gas.

  • It’s not just Matt, I have always been obsessed with the R.L. Stein and Wheel of Fortune RLSTN (most popularly used consonants) coincidence!!

    pssttt …for anyone who cares, there is also a Sushi Samba in Miami (South Beach) and the food is technically Japanese/South American.

  • #LeTitsNow Unfortunately the snow turned to rain. If it’s going to be cold it should just snow. That’s my feelings on that.

    @Katie you were on the pod!! You were so delightful!

    @Matt that’s a really impressive beard. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at SF Sketchfest.

    @CH You had just the right amount of energy.

    I would like it if Katie made an appearance during every hostful. I’ve been a big fan since the Blaster Girl days!

    @JetpackBlues we’ll be fine! I was there last year and survived! I wonder if the transvestite hookers are still on the corner near the hotel I stayed at last year?

  • Sorry to hear about the SG, Matt. I snapped the headstock on one of mine a couple years ago. Quite an ugly site. Luckily, it was a cheap Epiphone so it wasn’t a huge blow. Now I have a Gibson that I take very special care of.

    Also hate the hours of guitar shops. And how long a repair will usually take there. I’ve had an old pedal waiting to be repaired for months. Boo.

  • The Gas thing in Oregon is a way to reduce their high unemployment rates. It’d probably be easier to just legalize marijuana, so that people can start just being called farmers instead.

  • This podcast made me rethink moving to Portland.

    Really? It’s against the law to pump my own gas? Where are we?

    I get the reasons why, but does it have to be banned? Can’t we just have the option of not doing it?

    Clearly, I’m looking forward to old age.

    Are there huge signs in all caps at service stations so an attendant doesn’t have to come out screaming at you?

    Look, I live in Minnesota where this wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world six months out of the year…and it still seems needless and weird.