Episode 190

Nerdist Podcast

Scott Sigler

Nerdist Podcast: Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler returns to The Nerdist to discuss what he’s learned about the internet over the years, the process of getting projects made in Hollywood and even some sports?!

Scott’s new book, Nocturnal, is available here. Also check out the trailer Scott made for it here. For great, free audiobooks, goto

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  • “Just put all the toilet paper you have in this bag….”

    You slay me, Chris and I – along with the rest of your herd – less than three you. :-)

  • It’s an honor, Sigler!

    @RobJ: The sneaky logos were all done by me, and I sadly don’t have that much fuckaround Photoshoppin’ time anymore. I would get SO into them. I think I’m proudest of the Cranston one:

    I’m not amazing at it, but it was fun. Mike Phirman is the photoshop legend. He made the Ghostbusters/Jesus image that’s been floating around for 8 or so years for a fark competition (that many people subsequently ripped off):

  • omg, fraking loved this one too @_@. So many call-backs with the past podcast, Scott’s fandom with the Nerdist which callbacks other episode jokes and Scott’s mirrored-esque business stuff with Chris’ current career improvements (:/ I think it’s kinda call-back-y…). kinda bummed that the other co-hosts couldn’t make it but a suprise Nick appearance and mysterious lady voice made it some what better. I don’t think she got an intro and an outro… I could be wrong. Sorry. please dont hurt me…

  • Loved this episode! As an asshole with a couple of creative passions and a rather boring only-half-in-the-industry-I-actually-want-to-be-in kind of job, I find these sorts of Nerdist episodes especially inspiring. I’m in the early stages of setting up myself for freelance work that I actually want to do – with the hopes of turning it into a full time kind of thing sometime in the future.

    I’m not really an asshole by the way, but I feel all weird when I say things like “I’m a creative guy” so I need to counter it with something.

  • This will echo what JonBoy just said, but I enjoyed this podcast for the same reasons. I think this and The Nerdist Way have given me the final push I needed to put my own stuff out there. Thank you!

  • Loved this episode! A lot of it hit close to home since I spent a good year and a half trying to help a woman essentially do what Chris and Scott have done- but she still hasn’t made half the progress in twice as much time. She was very fond of a lot of crappy and soulless practices (and also didn’t want to learn how to do anything herself- she wanted other people to do everything while she micromanaged them without understanding what they were doing for her) and it’s nice to hear about people who have gotten far and gotten where they want to be without needing to stoop to her level. Hurray!

  • OMG. Hardwick, you succescully got me to buy Scott’s new book. Are you going to come give your hometown some love anytime soon, or maybe even Nashville? Would absolutely love to see you guys live.

    On another note, I went to Saint Benedicts at Auburndale for all of my education, which is what Auburndale turned into after it was bought by the Catholic Diocese. So now we are internet connected. I won’t make it creepy, much.

  • Did Hanks’ & Hannah’s characters actually make the beast w/two backs in “Splash”? Good Lord, one of the best lines in the film was, “You’re _shy_? After the elevator, and the floor, etc.”

  • This is my favorite kind of episode – entertaining and informative! My question is where do you find these business-y types that want to help creatives get their thing going? My wife’s building a kid’s clothing company but could really use some help on the marketing end to make it profitable – we only know creative types though! Is there an eHarmony for business people and creative people to come together?

  • I just finished listening to Infected and it was really good. Now I’m halfway through Contagious and loving it. I’m looking forward to diving into all of Scott’s stuff.

  • I have to say thank you for this one.. I had given up on my dream to be a writer shortly after I realized that I am not mainstream. However, this podcast has actually given me some hope.. Now all I have to do is write.

    • @Lynda: Don’t give up. The beauty of the eBook revolution is that you can write exactly what you want to write, get global distribution for it, and then work hard to find the people who like your style of fiction. There are over half a billion English-speaking people on the Internet — odds are there are thousands who will enjoy what you do. Just remember, HIRE AN EDITOR!

  • […] Click here to listen to Scott on @Nerdist I’m sure you guys have heard me blab before, but I’m a huge fan of the Nerdist podcast (with Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and fellow lefty-bassist Matt Mira), and a huge fan of Hardwick’s stand-up comedy. I was sooper lucky enough to go on @Nerdist and pimp Nocturnal. Y’all should listen, as the Director of Døøm herself was also called to a mic to talk publishing, getting books turned into movies, sports and Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks should star in everything, by the way. That’s Chris at right and me being giddy. Most of the time I try to be all Evil & Cool™, but sometimes you gotta let your fanboy flag fly. […]