Episode 348

Nerdist Podcast

Scott Adsit

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Nerdist Podcast: Scott Adsit

The hilarious Scott Adsit comes on the show to talk about working on 30 Rock, internet battles, and fun things that happen in pants!

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  • Aaron Sorkin is like the autistic kid at the end of St. Elsewhere. All these shows he creates are taking place in the snowglobe of his mind.

    I know this comment is MONTHS late and probably nobody will ever see it, but I had to put that out there.

  • Hey all! Sorry for only two eps a week the last two weeks. Been on the road for almost a month. Spacing out the ones we have. We’ll be back to three next week!

    @BaddAndy: we have the exact same guests on the tv as the podcast. in closing, please suckle thine own balls.

  • @Badd Andy, I hear what you’re saying about the TV show. I do enjoy it, but not nearly as in depth as the podcast. I think it has something to do with the limited time frame and the truncated content. But the way I look at it as, it’s a condensed version of a lot of broad stuff while the podcast is focused more on a single person or subject with related subject matter. Also with the podcast I’m sort of a captive audience because I’m driving around so I’m more involved. Seems like TV these days is something you have on in the background. I like the show enough, but I like the podcast more.

  • It’s really bad when your podcast is 10 times better than your TV show. Change the name from the Nerdist to the Mainstreamist! Chris! Matt! Jonah! Mainstream guests! Nothing at all about video games, comics or anything nerdy and a shitty comic to boot! I’m considering tuning out. Your first season was awesome. Lose the mainstream bullshit and the crappy comedians.

  • I hate being that guy but why are there only two episodes per week all of a sudden. For a whole year-ish time there were three per week, and now for the past few weeks it’s only been two. It’s not the worst thing to ever happen just a mild concern.

  • @Chris I can see why you don’t want the interview to be about yourself, but honestly, you’re equally fascinating as the people you talk to. Even your book and through all your trials and tribs are entertaining both a drama and comedic way. Even in THE NERDIST WAY, I find many of the tools you use to be completely useful. All stuff I heard before, but summed up in a context I can relate too. So, don’t feel you have to apologize for having a conversation.

    On the subject of SINGLED OUT. I’ve never really seen it. I knew what it was at the time it was on, but it was populated with people I didn’t care for, so I never gave it a shot. I also pre-judged you and lumped you up in that circle of folks just for being associated with it because that was really my only exposure to who you were at the time. Even Jenny McCarthy, was never one to flow with my serotonin, so that was not on my many things to catch up on. But today, you, THE NERDIST and THE WRITERS PANEL podcasts are my favorite things to look forward to every week. Maybe I don’t listen to all Nerdist things like the Sex Nerd or Comic Book stuff, because of time constraints, but this has become my second Internet home next to the little Facebook chat I have with friends.

    I’m pretty honest about shit so here comes the sting. I don’t think you’d make a good Han Solo. That’s just me talking. You’re closer to a Luke.

  • Chris (and Scott),

    I’ve been having a really shitty morning, and when I got to work, I still had 7 minutes left of this podcast to listen to from yesterday. Those 7 minutes made my day better. A lot better. I haven’t laughed that hard at a podcast in a while.

    Thank you.

  • Great episode! I loved Scott on 30 Rock! Had no idea he was behind Moral Orel.

    Chris, Singled Out was not the Jenny Show (although I enjoyed her too). Cut yourself some slack. I still would like a Singled Out reunion sit down.

    As someone with slight nerdiness who was forced into girl version of the bro-zone in college, I still think it’s good to step outside of your zone. You might find out that you’re not that awesome too (ala snarky teenaged Liz Lemon).

  • No Vajonah? No Mira-booey? SKIPPABLE

    Just joshin :p

    Great episode. Nice to hear from Mr. Adsit. He was great on 30 rock and it’s interesting to learn more about him.

  • I had to watch some lifetime-esque movie about alcoholism after I got a DUI a few years ago(don’t judge) and Scott Adsit played the role of the drunk father. It was really hard to take the movie seriously because I just imagined that this is what happens to Pete when he leaves 30 Rock.