Episode 291

Nerdist Podcast

Ron Perlman

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Nerdist Podcast: Ron Perlman

The awesome Ron Perlman sits down with Chris and Matt! They talk about their old days as karaoke singers, the importance of your first tweet, and how Ron got into acting!

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  • Lil’ Mira is really coming out of his shell. I tell you, that kid’s going places. And I want to hang out with Ron Perlman. A shame Jonah couldn’t be there. You have to get him back on when the three of you are available.

  • Ron Pearlman’s Cosmic Blowjob Hug…annnnnnd my life is complete. Also, I feel sort of wrong typing that at work. This was an awesome episode, hope he comes back on. I love the hang out feeling episodes and the more interview driven episodes for different reasons, the mix is the best.

  • I haven’t laughed like this in a while, thank you for the podcast! It’s the first time I’ve listened to you, but I will be back for sure.
    Love Ron and his description of acting, I hope that I’ll feel it myself someday.
    Lots of love from Romania :D

  • Not a whole lot I can add to the comments other than this public service announcement…

    Props to Chris Hardwick and Ron Perlman for finding time in their busy schedules to vote (Matt, I’ll forgive the not-voting because your “Little towns don’t have Jews” line made me laugh out loud, it was SO wrong). However, no one has to shoehorn voting into their crazy day if they use an absentee ballot. Just Google your home state along with “absentee ballot gov” and you’ll get a handy-dandy page chuck full of info (including a ballot request form link), such as this one for California:

    Once you mail in your form (usually done two months before Election Day, depending on where you live and how partisan your Secretary of State is), you’ll get the actual ballot in the mail and can take a few weeks to look it over and research unfamiliar candidates and propositions on the internet over breakfast or some such thing . Nuthin’ like doing your civic duty in your jammies. Have been voting that way for years and haven’t looked back. The last time I was in a polling station was for the 2004 presidential election where some suits representing both major parties were there to “observe” people as they signed in to make sure there were no shenanigans. Having two stern-looking people with folded arms “observe” me as if I were shoplifting was a drag, so voting-by-mail has been my method ever since. Only down side – no “I voted today” stickers.

    On a totally different note, looks like Episode #300 will fall on Christmas Eve. Know what would be a fine, fine gift to the Nerdist listeners? An interview with Tom Lehrer! Now THAT would be a Christmas miracle! #AGirlCanDream

  • Can you guys please elect Ron Pearlman as your next president?

    Chris I also wanna say congrats on The Talking Dead getting a better time slot and more time, you earned it!

  • I love this episode you guys were funny as hell ,an Ron was great would love for him to come back. Chris I also want to say that you an Matt killed me the other day with your gadget pron . Keep up the great work !!

  • I’m listen to the podcast while studying Renal diseases… Chris if your urine is coke-cola colored you might have nephritic syndrome and should see a doctor.

  • These shows get better and better.

    Ron “Motherfucking” Perlman.

    Not for nothing, but I heard Tom Hanks say “motherfucker” on the Nerdist podcast.

    I am enthusiastic.

    P.S. Why does my spell check not recognize the word nerdist?

  • This was a great episode. I had to control the volume of laughter with all the Romanian Vampire stories and Ron’s constant call back cues which made Matt and Chris go on their Rifts.