Episode 199

Nerdist Podcast

Romany Malco

Nerdist Podcast: Romany Malco

Actor, rapper entrepreneur and overall awesome guy Romany Malco comes on the show! He talks about using the internet as a platform to advertise ideas, does some accents for us and talks about choosing the roles he does. And who is the mysterious Tony??? Many of your Tony-related questions will be answered…

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  • Romany, Rudd, Rogen, and Carrell were awesome in 40 Year-Old Virgin and he played MC Hammer too? Looking forward to the interview. I don’t think I ever heard a long interview with him before. Should be good. I picked a good night to vegetate.

  • Oh man was that ever a great way to end the week that started with Mad Men All Star Bowling. I loved every minute of this episode and definitely will be following more of Romany’s work. It would be crazy to spend the day with him on his new show. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get on it…

  • Wow, great get guys…that’s not too douche to say is it? Haven’t heard much of an interview with him before, very excited. Big fan of his work. Great job Chris, Matt, and Jonah!