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Nerdist Podcast: Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche

Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche are LEGENDS of the voice over world. Between the two, you’ve heard them in Animaniacs, Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron, The Simpsons, Back at the Barnyard, Justice League, Dexter’s Lab, Ultimate Spiderman, Futurama, Looney Tunes, Toucan Sam, Harvey Birdman, Johnny Bravo, and together as PINKY AND THE BRAIN. I love these guys so much and how they play off one another that I had them on together. “Countries of the World” and Orson Welles are GUARANTEED in this episode. I promise it will make you happy on a deep, deep level. Language alert for tiny ears! There’s a bit of swearing (when is there NOT on this show?) but lots of fun and hugs, too!

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  • Just a thought but if these two hilarious guys want to bring more attention to the value of good voice actors, they could host a regular podcast for Nerdist focusing on the subject. They have the creativity to use the web to highlight the field and probably make a few bucks along the way.

  • I’ve listened to this particular episode of Nerdist 6 times now, and I’m still laughing. I want the “Countries of the World” ringtone. If I set it for my ex wife I can finally be happy she calls me!

  • Thank you Chris for continually fulfilling nerd fantasies I didn’t know I had… Like hearing Pinky and the Brain cuss..#nerd-boner. All the best to you Matt and Jonah -Ryan

  • This was the most DELIGHTFUL Nerdist podcast so far! I will be listening to this one again because I was laughing so much I couldn’t possibly have heard all the gems… (And I LOVE that Rob kept calling Chris “Chris-ey”!) Well done. #NARF! PS Can’t wait to see you all live in Boston next month :)

  • Ok, this is seriously the best episode. I could not stop laughing and am sharing this one with all my friends who have been hesitant to get into podcasts.

  • When I got home from Emerald City Comicon on friday I popped on here to see what was new. And you had this gem up. Listened, delighted the whole time, and then got to see them live on Saturday at the con. Just added to a fantastic weekend.

    P.S. Rob pulled off the Countries song again, with only one trip up.

  • I loved this episode! So funny, and so much fun! Rob and Maurice were so great. It was educational, too. I learned so much more about both gentlemen from this episode. Pinky and the Brain swearing – totally worth hearing. Chris, please don’t ever do a Bjork impression again. That’s nightmare fuel right there. So adorbs how Rob called you “Chrissy”. Aww! <3 Thanks so much for having these two brilliant men on your podcast.

  • This may be the best episode you’ve ever done. You’re our generation’s (I’m actually a bit older) best chat host.

    I’ve never met you but I’m proud of you; it’s like one of “us” made it.

    Take care

  • This was so amazing. I’m going to link this to all my nerd friends who love Futurama.
    Maurice is such an awesome guy. I can’t believe he did the whole Shatner “Sabatage” bit. Freaking awesome.

    Burrito enjoyed my friends. Amaze-balls indeed.

  • My earballs are SO FUCKING HAPPY! Thank you for this episode! Hearing the “Countries Of The World” song live made me 12 again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • My favourite episode. Always great to hear Derek and Clive when Im not expecting it hope people check them out on youtube and Rob Paulsen’s Podcast is great, reminds me of Paul Gilmartin’s for some reason

  • I still think the NdGT episode is the #1 episode but this is a VERY close second. Pinky & The Brain go blue?! This is such a fun episode because of all the voice play. Thank you!

  • This is by far my favorite episode of Nerdist! It sounds corny but to hear Rob Paulsen recite ‘Nations of the World” a capella style actually brought little tears of joy to my face. Maurice Lamarche is a freakin genius voice actor and a LEGEND and I cant tell you how cool it was to hear him speak about his carer and the Rodney stories had me laughing out my face hole! This was a REAL treat! Thank you for this!

  • This was an amazing episode. I’ve loved Rob and Maurice for years, and it is always great to hear voice actors get their time in the spotlight. I enjoyed every second of this.

  • I am at a loss for words with joy. Rob Paulsen is my favorite voice actor. In fact I like him so much I should probably just say he’s my favorite actor actor.

    My heart is a flutter. I should probably see a doctor about that. Who doesn’t love Morte from Planescape: Torment?

    Fools, that’s who.


  • This was one of the funniest episodes I’ve heard thus far! The chemistry between these two was amazing, and hearing them riff in and out of character was so hilarious. I even recommended this episode to my sister because she was a huge Animaniacs/Pinky & the Brain fan.

  • Such a great episode! Easily one of the best so far, and now I can check “Hear the Brain drop an F-bomb” off my wish list. Thank you for making my work days more bearable with your delightful ear candy.

  • Gordon Pincent is an actor. It was Gordon Sinclair who did that radio address. I remember his name because his Andy Rooney-esque stick in the mud son ran the newsroom on CJAD for years.

  • This was flat-out one of the best things I have ever heard. I listen to the podcasts in the car on my very long commute and I am sure that the other drivers must have thought I was demented. I laughed out loud. I was clapping and cheering. The “Nations of the World” song was in my head for the REST. OF. THE. DAY.

    I nearly had to pull over at the “Enjoy Your Burrito” sign off.

    These two guys were such a huge part of my teen years. I would watch Animaniacs every day after school in just the hour or so that I would have between my many extracirriculars and when it was time for dinner and then homework. They were the guys that meant I was home and I could relax for a bit.

    Thanks for this amazing interview!

  • Really great episode, the Nations of the World blew me away.

    There were so many great bits in this interview but I must say I was hoping for a little more Futurama, maybe a ‘Morbo agrees!’ to push it to a perfect episode.

  • I’ve never commented or even looked for a reason to comment before, but thank you so much for this episode. I had no idea that Pinky and the Brain were such interesting people, but now I’m hooked!

  • This is my new favorite episode. My co-workers think I’m insane now, because every few minutes, I would start laughing so hard I couldn’t type.

  • I know everyone has been saying it but just let me echo it once more: Best. Episode. Ever.
    The only other episode that comes close is Billy West. Seriously, more voice actors. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia that likes this episode but I don’t care. Constant eargasms.

    I believe that Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche should have their own podcast on the Nerdist Network. I don’t care what they talk about, they are just fantastic to listen to.

    Do it!

  • just stopping by to pile on more praise for this ep. so fecking good. great job by all. ive listened to this four or five times now and have no plans of stopping.


  • What a great podcast. Only discovered it two weeks ago and now need to go through your entire back catalogue. But this episode…..dude….$%#&ing awesome (I now also have to go through Rob Paulsons back catalogue – not nearly as long as yours though). Thank you so much.

  • This was an awesome podcast – These’s guys voiced my childhood (I’m about Matt and Jonah’s age). A friend and I used to leave answering machine messages of pinky and the brain “are you pondering what I’m pondering…” to each other, and I have a Dot toy on my desk :)
    Also… Chris saying ‘narf’ makes me smile