Episode 511

Nerdist Podcast

Rhys Darby

Nerdist Podcast: Rhys Darby

The hilarious Rhys Darby hangs out with Chris to discuss the differences between America and New Zealand, the growing comedy scene in New Zealand, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and his new show Short Poppies, available now on Netflix!

Watch Rhys’ Reasons to be Scared of the Future on the Nerdist Channel!

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  • I’m excited to listen to this. @midnight introduced me to him and he’s hilarious. I love the quirkiness (though he may have been in character both times. Either way, it was great).

  • As goofily charming as his comedy would lead you to expect him to be. Perhaps he wasn’t aware, however, that the image the rest of the world had, even a generation ago, of New Zealand/NZers was that of a rather old-fashioned, claustrophobically provincial and conservative society(despite the occasional seemingly out-of-character item, like annual nude runs by university students). I can recall articles, as late as the 1980s, warning Americans _not_ to refer to NZers as “kiwis”, because it was considered a derogatory term. of course, that was before their isolation from much of the rest of the English-speaking world was pierced by its beautiful(and surprisingly varied, given its size) scenery–a favorite of fantasy filmmakers well before LotR for the simultaneously familiar, yet strange, look–and the impact of homegrown musicians like Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the Finn Brothers. Before that, NZ was, for most Americans, the exotic, far away home of the Maori, that had the nerve to stand up to us on the issue of banning visits by nuclear-powered USN ships.

  • Love podcasts but suggestion below. Also, @midnight is my current fav show, hope with colbert leaving theyd extend it to 60minutes

    Consider short, open-ended questions like “What was that. like?” or “How did that feel” or “what did you think about …” so guests can be be the ones providing a descriptions answer, protentially story as in “It was like…” or “I felt like…” or “I thought…”.

    You instead usually ask them whether it was like one of two different, very detailed possible answer you provide. Your unlikely to nail it exactly anyway and if you do, guest just picks one rather than they themselves providing the description you already did.

    Just a thought, know it cant be easy but thought you might be unaware of doing this.

  • I know we have a saying similar to the tall poppy thing that I just can’t remember right now. It’s actually something American’s participate in quite a lot. Although we do idolize wealth, we also tend to abandon and ridicule those who attain success, particularly if they lack the appropriate amount of humility (this threshold seems to vary by region in this country, though).