Episode 333

Nerdist Podcast

Patrick Warburton

Nerdist Podcast: Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton comes on the show and talks to Chris and Jonah about his favorite band, collecting coins, and doing voice-over work!

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  • As a man who has bared it all for his craft (No really he does a full frontal in one of his movies) I’ve got to say he is fantastic at getting people to pay him for being himself. Thanks for bringing on one of my favorite people.

  • Thanks a friggin’ bunch. Just played this for fifteen minutes in the car – and Patrick’s blown the low-end in my sound system. Perfect, just… perfect. [sigh]

  • Awesome awesome awesome! 3 favorite things in one episode.

    But ehhhh, wtf mates? Not a single mention of Venture Bros in 300+ episodes, and now you have no other than one of the greatest animated characters of all time, the swedish murder machine himself, Brock F*king Sampson on, and… nothing?

    Your license to nerd ought be suspended til you get through at least the first three seasons.

    Thanks though, great podcast anyway. Definitely enjoyed it.

  • I should boycott this episode due to no mention Venture Bros. But I already downloaded. It would be one hell of an episode if the creators of the Venture Bros. were on the podcast.

    What that smell? I smell a youtube video or Facebook campaign.

  • Oh I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention the Venture Bros. I would of love to hear what Patrick thinks about that show and the writers. Good podcast anyway and a great bargain!

  • @CHRIS – This may sound like a strange request, I admit that. And who am I to tell you what to do with you’re podcast. But, next time when you’re in New York, could you please sit down with composer Alan Menken and talk about his career and life for a few hours? Please?

    I wouldn’t call him so much of an idol, since I’m more on the lyric / book-writing side of things, but I admire his work so much, as do alot of people. Just look at his credits! The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Enchanted, Tangled- Add on top of that Little Shop of Horrors, the greatest musical ever written? My god! He’s been a major part in my generations childhood and is a musical icon!

    Now, there have been a couple extended interviews with him, but they’re just that. Interviews. They never dig too deep and they seem rushed. I would love it if you could just sit with him, in front of a piano, for three and four hours and just talk to him, and release the final podcast as a three-parter over a week. It’s something, honestly, that I would pay for.

  • Hey, Chris, Matt, Jonah, Katie,
    No snarky words or twisted questions, just wanted to say good job and thanks for all the interesting interviews. I discovered podcasts through your show and now they are my prime source of entertainment. I’ve read your book and its insightful, common sense (to nerds) advice is helpful. I discovered you through Craig Ferguson, so thanks to him as well. Maybe the most thanks should go to Geoff Peterson, because he is the funniest sidekick in television talk show history and the main reason I watch Craig. But, come to think of it, thanks to Grant Imahara for building Geoff. And thanks to Jaime and Adam for hiring Grant. Thanks also to the Discovery Channel for the Mythbusters. Thanks to Comcast for adding Discovery Channel to their roster. Thanks to the government for the deregulation that allows the cable conglomerates to flourish. Thank you founding fathers, for the US of A. And on it goes until, ultimately, we have King John to thank for signing the Magna Carta. Thanks, King John! Because of you, I get to hear nerds make poop and dick jokes in my ear all day at work. (sigh) Ain’t the world amazing? Peace.

  • Oh, Chris, Chris. I wanted to cry over the lost opportunity here. Patrick telling you about being little and being bullied and collecting coins and being Catholic — what was it going to take to get you to really talk? Maybe sometimes you overshare a bit, but you gotta give a little to get a little! This was not the time to practice restraint. It’s like he was BEGGING you! You’re usually better at negotiating the talk thing, much like negotiating the sex thing, which we KNOW you are good at. Wha’ happened?

  • 1:15 with Patrick Warburton and not a single mention that he plays the role of the forest ranger in a “Smokey Bear” radio ad campaign sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council?

    Lame. :roll:

  • Oh no. You record a great episode and Patrick promotes St Jude’s and an upcoming event… And the episode drops after the event.

    By the way, I like how you called how everyone would say Seth was the worst Oscars host ever.

  • @ChairFacechip – My Sweet Cthulu, good sir or madame, you are a GENIUS!! If a “Veronica Mars” movie could raise $2.5M Kickstarter bucks in one day, why couldn’t a Tick movie do the same?!?!

    As for the lack of any Venture Brothers mention…eh, it’s an excuse to bring Patrick Warburton back! I just loved how he spent nearly a quarter of the podcast fan-boy-ing out about his favorite band. There’s something sweet in that!

    And since we’re making requests, here’s my 3,913rd one for Tom Lehrer to be on the podcast. He’s 84-years-old, Hardwick – HURRY!!!

  • Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder obsession? Check.

    Started playing the Ukulele because EV does? Check.

    Family-focused guy who just wants to hang out with his kids forever and have fun? Check.

    I want Patrick to be my new best friend. :)


  • Man, now you need to get Crispin Glover on the podcast. That would blow my mind. Check out out the movie “Twister” (not the Bill Paxton one). One of his many incredible roles. So weird…

  • Why no mention of Brock Samson, or Venture bros? They must have had like a solid half hour of Family Guy/Seth Mcfarlane crap in there, and no mention of a far superior, far more geek centric series.

    Warburton’s character in Family guy is sub minor, like if you listed every character and their screen time on that show, he is probably around 15th place. Brock Samson is practically #1 on venture bros, if not he is definitely top 4 and steals every scene he is in. CRIMINALS!

  • I love Patrick and all, but i hate hearing people gush over Pearl Jam like they were the first band to have a lax fan-recording policy/sell extensive collections of live albums, and sell tickets directly to their fans. The Grateful Dead was doing that stuff when Eddie Vedder was a child. Sure, they were probably the most popular band up to that point in time to do that. Because they were surely more popular than The Dead, but its not like the idea of rejecting mainstream music business was so revelatory when they did it.

    Besides that pet peeve of mine, it was another great episode with a great guest who i always enjoy hearing from.

  • So… this episode of the podcast was a strange place for a while. I’m with amysrevenge. Things really improved by the last third of the podcast. In spite of his claims to the contrary, I think his voice work is actually noticeably different from his regular speaking voice. It was slightly unsettling at first but I eventually got used to it.