Episode 215

Nerdist Podcast

Patrick Roadhouse

Nerdist Podcast: Patrick Roadhouse

Another fun filled hostful episode! Matt got a new guitar and plays some songs, Jonah and Chris sing along, and Jonah talks about a recent movie he saw!

artist credit: Jeff Jenkins: site I vimeo



  • Seriously, why would anyone go up to Jonah like that? If you listen closely to the podcast, he is joking 95% of the time. I’m sad when he isn’t on the show.He seems like one of the most sincere and funny people in comedy. And the story at the end of the show proves it. There should not be a Team Jonah, Matt or Chris. There should only be Team Nerdist!

  • That cake vodka was probably Pinnacle Vodka. They have like 30 different flavors marshmallow, cookie dough, cotton candy, whipped cream, and Swedish fish. An alcoholics dream!

  • I remember a time when people (okay, me) were skeptical about episodes without guests. Now I love them so much, I look forward to them more than the others. It’s basically a bull session I would love to be in on. Thanks, guys.

  • I shouldn’t read the comments before listening to the podcast, because it seems that Jonay is announcing his retirement from the Nerdist podcast. I rather hope that is not the case because it was awesome to meet him in Minneapolis!

  • I feel like I was one of the people complaining about the no hostful thing. I just want to say it was all out of love, and I completely understood that you guys were uber busy.

    p.s. love ya Jonah, don’t ever change.

  • How about Dane? Are you a Dane, @Matt Grandis? Hmmm… maybe a Dutchman? An Amsterdanian? My guess? Tried and true, born and raised, cool as anything, soccer playing, hiphop loving, tech savvy West Berliner. That’s how I imagined you at least.

    Holy shit. I turn my back for one second and it’s like the whole world has gone upside down! I swear, this site is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. What do I mean, “biblical”? you ask? What I means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling. Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes… The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, Fantas! and Doc making up, dogs and cats living together – MASS HYSTERIA!

    I think Barry White said something like, “It’s not about how hard you love, it’s about how many you love.”

    #boldfacedlie #Idon’tknowanyBarryWhitequotes

    Anyway, feelin’ the love! Great episode too! I laughed. I cried. I wrote poetry. And yes, I totally agree that Jonah you are just as awesome as Matt and Chris! You guys rock. Keep up the great work!

    Wait, are hashtags supposed to only go at the end?

  • Please tell me you were joking when you said some band wrote “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”. That nonsense song has been inflicted on children for several generations now; when it was used in classic WB ‘toons in the ’30s-’60s, it was already an old joke(because they had no budget, Carl Stalling could only use public domain music or songs owned by WB–and he did so over & over again, to save time. Thus, whenever someone’s eating, you hear “A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich and You”, any horse that isn’t a thoroughbred cues “The Old Grey Mare”, and a bear gets “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”, which is the same tune as “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”–or did you assume that there was some obscure joke in playing the latter while someone’s being chased by a grizzly?).

  • @Ross What’s up That Guy?

    I don’t think Jonah said that Green Jelly wrote the song, just that it was on their album. I verified this with a quick Google search. The album 333 by Green Jelly does, in fact, have a metal version of the bear song (entitled “The Bear Song”).

  • Jonah, don’t worry if some people are scared of you. Some people (especially geeky people) just can’t understand good-natured teasing.

    Matt knows you aren’t being mean, and so do the rest of us.

  • @Doc: Holy crap @Ross is ‘That Guy’?! You think maybe he knows the ‘she’ from ‘that’s what she said’? As in, “the bear came over the mountain … that’s what SHE said!”

  • Oh, dear. I open the page and the first thing I see looks, um, “yonic.” Took me a full three seconds to realize I was looking at the Nerdist logo surrounded by wiring. I…need coffee or some such thing…

  • I just want to say Chris,I busted out laughing at the part where you started singing the Oasis song when Jonah played the water sound effect. You’re so damn quick…..jeez.

  • Greetings! Enjoyed the podcast! Wanted to reach in and give hugs when talk turned to relationships gone wrong, so :HUGS: ! And now I must see if my radio station has Green Jello/Jelly’s “333” or the “Dumb and Dumber” soundtrack so I can play “The Bear Song” tomorrow night. If we don’t have it…um…anyone can call the station (216-368-2208) Friday night starting at 9:00 (EST) and I’ll see what I can scare up. Or e-mail me at and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Jonah pay no credence to the drunk bastard at the club nokia show. i had the dreadful luck of sitting close enough to him and his cohort to know he should be ignored explicitly. Instead of focusing on those assholes who say you should quit, think about this. I never leave my house for anything since most things don’t seem worthwhile. Yesterday 06/06/2012 I took two buses and two trains worth 2 1/2 hours of travel time to get to meltdown just to see your and kumail’s show. I also purchased a physical copy of hello mr. magic plane person hello the saturday before the tuesday release!. i know this may seem trivial to most but seeing as i don’t usually pay for any of the media I consume. It’s safe to say you got supporters out the brother. Do your thing and don’t worry about the haters.

  • I gotta admit I thought Jonah was a bit of an ass to Matt when Nerdist started. But I think it was more Matt not saying shit back. Now that Matt actually speaks and seems comfortable on the show, I realize Jonah is just effin with Matt. so whiners about Jonah need to just get over themselves. Shows the best when all 3 guys are on.

    And Matt is the funniest em effer……


  • I know Lars Ulrich has turned into a pussy, but goddamn to I love Metallica. Thanks for the homage.

    And you guys are the best. Jonah! That guy who said you should be kicked off the show is a jerk and wrong. You’re so great! I saw you guys live in Boston, and it was so great to find out just how warm a personality you have. You’re good people.


  • @Josh
    My theory is that the “That Guy” thing is a developmental step that all nerds must go through on their nerdy life path, like zits or attempting to set nursing homes on fire in the dead of night. (You guys all went through that too, right?) Some of us just take longer to grow out of these things than others, but one day we all have that epiphany in which we realize that the people on the receiving end of our bullshit probably have feelings like we do and, like us, they might not like the way it feels to have every foible and fuckup they make put under a microscope. Thus Ross may have been That Guy today, but yesterday it was somebody else, and before that it was you and me. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

  • @That Guy – Nicely put. I feel the need to respond with “So say we all.”

    BTW, I *DO* like Jeff Jenkins’ creation at the top of the page (it kinda looks like a Christmas tree ornament now), I just perceived something…weird before I had my first coffee of the day.

  • @Patty: @That Guy IS @Doctor Quemmento! (pulls off wig) And he’s a MAN, baby! You may have changed your name, @Doc, but we can pick your intellect out of a line-up a million miles away! Oh, and also the picture is the same.

    I totally agree, @That Doc! And I like that theory! I sometimes wonder if I’m “That Guy” to somebody every moment of my life. I feel like I piss at least one person off a day. But then I think, huh, maybe that just what it is to live in New York. What was that line about asking for the time in New York City? “Excuse me, sir, but would you mind telling me what time it is? Or, should I just go ahead and fuck myself?” Crazy New Yorkers. I guess what I’m saying is that I mostly don’t feel like “That Guy” now, but when I WAS ‘That Guy’ — like, in my awkward teenage years — I think I was really, really, REALLY ‘THAT Guy’!

    @Ross, you’re totally awesome to know the things you know, brother! Just don’t, you know, don’t be that guy.

    P.S.: The following sentence is grammatically correct: “Class, did you notice that ‘that’ that, that that student used incorrectly?” the teacher asked.

    Don’t be that that that that that guy!

  • Oh, and also, @Patty, I totally love the artwork above, and I also saw what you saw at first. So, you know, no rush to call a psychoanalyst. There is certainly something Borg Georgia O’keeffe-y about it! I’d love to know about the medium. Is it installation art? Computer graphics? Good old fashioned paint? It’s awesome, however it was made.

    BTW, What WOULD Georgia O’Keeffe’s Borg name be?