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Nerdist Podcast: Neko Case

Neko Case had such a good time on the Nerdist, she didn’t want to leave! She and Matt find out they have a lot in common, and Neko talks about life on tour and her new album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I fight, The More I Love You!

Get her new album here!

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  • And this will be the third podcast thread that I’ll skip posting in due to the string of super-douchery around here lately. Although Chris has been knocking down the troll-bowl 7/10 split with aplomb.

    Wait, did I just type that out loud?

    Time to listen, enjoy, and repeat on Wednesday.

  • HEY! I’ve followed her on Twitter for months now! Nice to see that she’s on the podcast! Feels a teeny bit like someone I’ve known (of) for ages “making it.”

    Should I get to this today or listen to the three week backlog of episodes in order first? I feel like if I do the former, I might miss out on an inside joke or some such thing.

  • Musician episodes are always 50/50 for me because you either get someone who solely talks about music (and I’m not really interested in the in-depth stuff) or you get someone who’s willing to talk about anything and is pretty funny while doing it.

    Case in point, Rogue Wave and The National were just ok and Gerard Way and Neko Case were great because you got a sense of who they were beyond the music. I would definitely listen to Neko again because it sounded a whole lot like a Hostful (which we’re overdue for, btw).

  • I loved this episode – I’ve liked Neko Case’s music for ages, but had never really chased down interviews with her, but this was one of the best Nerdists in the category of non-Hostful/non-friends of the hosts.

    Matt giving shit to Chris about not being able to come up with some ‘generic standup’ was just the laugh I needed first thing this morning.

  • completely on a different subject , i was wondering @chrishardwick if you will have anyone from ”we’re alive” on the podcast? i think it would be great! creator or cast members! …that is all,thanks for all kinds of free awesome

  • This was a great episode, thanks Nerdist. Neko is really funny, I mean, like, I was totally surprised this was a musical artist podcast. Like, she should probably just pop in every once in a while and describe making dicks with duct tape and meat to you guys every once in a while, I bet you crack up every time you hear that part Chris :D

  • AnnCoultersAdamsApple: “I’m a huge Radiohead fan [OMG, 'nuf said!] but I could only make it through fifteen minutes of Thom Yorke’s WTF interview. ”
    Well, duh. That suicide-inducing navel-gazer with the painful rectal itch of a voice. Who would or could listen to an interview with Yorke? THAT’s the example that turns you off listening to musicians’ interviews?

    And not for nuthin’, but WTF? Did Mark Marin need a reason to feel cheery and magical by comparison?

  • .
    @anncoultersadamapple…i was all set to agree with your inarguable stance that ALL musicians talking about their music “take themselves too seriously”. Its that kind of forward thinking and wide-spread generalization based on a category/identity which makes this country great. I was all set to boycot this podcast too.

    But then i read Chris’ recent comment, the one where he says that Neko started in with the whole “musician taking herself seriously” talking about touring…but then ended up “making a baby with Matt Mira”. That kind of on-air-consumation warrants a listen.

    And before you jump in with “Matt Mira has had sex, during the podcast, with the last 3 guests”, if you’ll go back and listen you’ll verify it was only the last 2…it was actually Jonah that slept with Hader.

    Peace & Expanding the view of our captain and crew.


  • I have heard Neko’s name for years…I haven’t heard her music yet but after listening to her talk with you guys…I LOVE HER! She is freaking hilarious and has a high degree of self comfort. Her ability to yes and with all of you was so fun. I sat here in my office laughing out loud annoying all of the unhappy cubefarm denizens with my glee!
    Thanks Chris for bringing on such a freaking cool chick! Music made by that mind totally has to be in my wheelhouse! I can’t wait to listen to it!

  • Jesus – how crazy was this one? Loved it. I could hear multiple times how surprised Matt and especially Chris were when all the random funnies happened.

    (While my comedy tastes line up almost 1:1 with Mr. Hardwick, my music tastes definitely do not. However, when a musical guest is on and I don’t care for the episode, I quietly push stop, delete, and move on with my life. Like a grown-up.)

  • I keep meaning to listen to more or Neko’s music, and I appreciate the album recommendation from Chris before the interview.

    I liked the interview, and it felt like Neko truly enjoyed herself and just really let down her guard for 99% of the interview! I kept thinking she is just rolling with it, letting loose, and it’s sort of a positive venting for her as well. I mean how many interviews does she get to do where she can just say whatever she wants, and not have to worry about slipping up and letting a four-letter word (or 20) fly?

    Also, a friend of mine I met online about 3-4 years ago, was a big fan of Neko’s. He sadly passed away a few years ago of cancer, but I do believe he would have enjoyed listening to this interview!

  • This made my fucking day. Love this show and LOVE Neko, so this one was definitely exponetial wins. For those on the fence because they don’t know Neko or might not be into her music, fear not and cannonball in. You will be THOROUGHLY entertained regardless, I promise. SO hilarious. Definitely “Hostful”-esque and I hope the boys have her as a guest again. @Chris – make sure to try and get Neko’s pal Kelly Hogan on as well, with or without Neko. Equally talented and ridiculously funny as well. In fact, the Nerdist lineup would benefit greatly if you could get the two of them to do a regular ‘cast here. While they’re on tour they could get plenty of their famous fans to come on (Katey Sagall could be their first guest!), although their version of a “hostful” would cause me permanent bladder and brain damage.

    I like boobies.

  • To the people who shit on guests that they themselves don’t know of or have no interest in – you can eat all the proverbial dicks. I had no idea who Neko Case was before this ‘cast and now I need to find out all about her music. It turns out her music is so up my alley. And how can you not love a personality like that?

    You guys really shine when you have guests that aren’t just there to plug their shit only and you guys just shoot the shit together. *slow clap*

  • You guys touched on “dick audiences” in this show…

    I’m really wanting to hear a hostful discussion of what happened with Dave Chappelle in Hartford. Or see if you can get Dave on the show to talk about it, eh?

  • Love Neko Case. I’ve been a big fan since I first heard Fox Confessor. She is the only music act that when I tell someone to listen to the immediately become fans. One of my favorite voices.

    Great podcast. She seems like a delight to hang out with. I’ve read interviews with her but have never heard her actually speak. It’s nice to know that she is down to earth. She is on my list of people I want to meet someday.

  • If you skip this podcast because she’s a musician you’re really missing out on a really funny conversation. She’s a more entertaining guest than some “big” celebrities. Also, I’m pretty sure Frasier is talked about more than music.

  • So Neko and Matt are totes fucking now, right? That sounded like some kind of love connection.

    More seriously, though: great show. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  • I am also a ball of unprecedented rage, fear and sadness… But I still managed to love this episode. And every other Nerdist podcast. I’m really looking forward to Katey Segal- and on another note, I would like to say that this years podcasts have been really awesome and charming. Thank you so much, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira and Katie Levine.

  • I lost it when she said “suck my dick”. i had been saying that for years. instantly i felt a connection to her. but i loved the relaxed atmosphere and almost “hostful” feel to this interview.
    Loved it!
    and i caught that Tangina quote that was so soft and talked over, “all are welcome”… thanks for that too. smiley kitty winky face.

  • I was just bombing in to leave a message and then there was this bummer thread of comments at the top :-(

    Anywhoo, I just wanted to say I am such a terrible nerd that I don’t always know who the guest is but I usually listen to them anyway. I was really impressed with Neko she seemed funny, interesting and kind. I found the stuff you guys talked about really relatable and it makes me want to find out more about Neko’s work. Thanks for another great podcast.

  • Ah, fuck whatshisface. He’s missing out. For the most part, he’s not wrong about musicians being interviewed in that they are rarely funny, but in this case He’s dead damn wrong.
    I didn’t know I could love her any more than I already do, but it happened.

  • Catagory: Things that are cool when done by a group, but suck out loud when done by an individual:
    1) Mention your own name during a song. Black Company does it, it’s cool. Any solo artist of any genre of music does it in any way, shape, or form – instant loss of all credibility.

  • One of my favorite Nerdist podcasts of all time! I love when you meet people from non-comedy backgrounds that can riff with the best of them. One of the coolest people you’ve had on.

    On a side note, how could you not guess Byork as the hissing musician in question? I feel like that would be one of her standard responses to any question. It might even be her “out of office” message for her email. And totally multi-lingual.

  • This was really such a great podcast. I really didn’t know about Neko Case and am planning to check out her music soon. She was really so hilarious and I hope she and Matt are very happy together. :)

  • I’ve loved Neko Case since Blacklisted. I’ve seen her numerous times because the combination of disgustingly raw talent, murder ballads and ballsy, hilarious banter always keep me coming back. This was just a beautifully elaborate extension of that on-stage banter for me. It was 100 percent Neko concentrate. And I definitely agree with all the suggestions to have Kelly Hogan on. She’s one bad mama in her own right.
    Definite one-two punch with Matt Berninger and Neko Case (I’m as big a National fan right now as I am a Neko lover). And this Neko ep in particular I reckon I’ll come back to as often as the John DiMaggio/Billy West episode (best thing ever for road trips). So kudos to you, sir!