Episode 560

Nerdist Podcast

Nathan Fielder

Nerdist Podcast: Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder chats with Chris about getting his start creating videos in Canada, choosing people and businesses for his show Nathan For You, whether anyone is still implementing his ideas for their business, and how the idea of Dumb Starbucks came alive!

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Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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    • I would like amend my previous comment: Nathan for EVERYBODY!!! (i got it to work) Thank you for all the great things you all do. Listening to your podcasts somehow make working for yarn selling website actually bearable. You guys are the best!

  • Nathan For You is HILARIOUS… I’m new to the Nerdist community, but I am loving everything it all. Nathan Fielder is just as awkward and funny as he is on the show and now you get to know the genius behind the comedy… Great Podcast!

  • Even though Chris hasnt been as funny since he became a legendary sellout devoted to creating the lowest common denominator of “omg lol internet” television, in order to appeal to the widest audience possible, he is still a pretty cool guy. Just really really rich and really really boring. Meh, I guess I would give up more for my own TV show as well. 

    • The comment board hipster has got to be the lowest form of hipster there is.  Yes cool story bro you were into Chris before it was cool but now you’re over it.

    • So just so we are all clear on this;  you listen to his amazing pod casts and watch his amazing show and then take time out of your day to bash him on a comment board?  I am not going to go for low hanging fruit and assume you live with your mom and have cankles,  I will however say you are a moron and should stick to making my cinnabunz.  Chris does more by noon than you do in a week

      • settle down little buddy, everything is going to be ok. Putting your 12 year old ad hominem insults aside, I dont really see why you are upset? Im not ‘bashing’ him, I just saying in my opinion he is probably a better host than comedian and in general his content is just not that creative anymore. But its fine, creative doesnt get as many viewers as twitter games and “OMG LOL MEMES RITE GUYS?” type of stuff so more power to it. Chris has sure worked this demographic harder than anyone and it paid off big time. 

        • Ugh…and I didn’t even get to comment on how truly great this show and Nathan is.   This was a great ep and Nathan is always entertaining. 

        • Colin, you must realize how ridiculous you are.  Chris doesn’t need our help to defend him but I’m just going to point out a couple things you may have glanced over.  So….you didn’t “bash” him?  I think saying a professional comedian isn’t as funny as they used to be is “bashing” 101.  That point is pretty hard to argue.   Second, you do know what audience you are commenting to, right?  We are here because we enjoy this product and the people who make it.  You made the FIRST and THIRD comment on a message board that isn’t easy to find or to just randomly stumble across.  You are even somewhat knowledgeable enough about his career to “comment” on it.  Wouldn’t you agree that leaving negative comments is not a good reflection on you?  What type of person do you consider yourself to be?  I don’t know you and I’m not going to start calling names, but I have a sense you know better.

    • CC shows have been getting progressively better.  I think their current line-up is possibly their strongest ever.  Nathan For You, Meltdown, @Midnight, Broad City, Tosh.0, Drunk History, Kroll Show, Work-a-holics.  Actually, with the exception of Amy Schumer’s show, I can’t think of a current CC show I do not like.