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Mike Birbiglia 3peat

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Nerdist Podcast: Mike Birbiglia 3peat

Birbigs 3peats on the Nerdist Podcast to discuss his critically acclaimed new film Sleepwalk With Me. Mild but not Earth-shattering spoilers ensue, and in between jokes about using babies as camera phones, the guys actually get into some uncharacteristically heavy relationship break-up talk. Could this be considered “a very special Nerdist Podcast”??? YOU DECIDE. And then rejoice in the powers of decision you have in the universe.

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  • When asked why he decided to make a third Mike Birbiglia episode, Chris Hardwick replied “It just felt like the right time. Jonah and Matt were really itching to get some Birbilgia back in their lives. Besides, all great trilogies come in threes.”*
    -BBC Nerdmerica

    *BBC Nerdmerica takes no responsibility for the validity of any Chris Hardwick quotes.

  • Corolla was definitely the first 3-peat. I only know cuz I’ve scrolled through all the podcast names about a hundred times and it goes Adam Corolla, Adam Corolla Returns, Adam Corolla Returns Again. All hilarious. AS WAS THIS! Thanks guys :)

  • @Curtis
    Rolling Stoner Magazine called it “the Birbiggest Birbest podcasting trilogy to hit the internet since that other one. A must listen!”

    The Nerd York Times said “the 3rd installment of this epic trilogy will leave you Birbegging for more!”

  • Just so you know, former NBA basketball coach Pat Riley actually has a copyright on the term Three Peat and all its variants.

    To avoid a lawsuit I recommend changing the name of the episode to BIRBIGLIA 1 Peat + 1 Peat + 1 Peat. You can’t copyright math.

  • Well, shit, guys. So much of this resonated with me as someone who just went through one of those break-ups where no one did anything wrong. It was nice for everyone to be able to contribute to this one, too – they all had perspectives and experiences to share, unlike some of the other podcasts where one person gets shut out. Go birbigs and Nerdist team!

  • Great episode. All the relationship talk was very good and honest. I related a LOT to most of it because I went through a tough break up recently. Listening to you guys talk about it and share your thoughts and opinions on dealing with it was very helpful. Love Birbiglia!

  • Watched the movie over the weekend on VOD and thought it was very well done. I didn’t however show it to my older brother and his girl friend. Seems like one of those re-evaluate your own relationship flicks and I always had the feeling Revolutionary Road had the smallest hand in his last relationship’s demise. Look forward to listening.

  • This should be called “Mike Birbilgia Part 3: The Birbigining”

    Seriously though, great episode. Mike is always hilarious and insightful plus everyone else getting really in to real things was great.