Episode 290

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Microwave Beef

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Nerdist Podcast: Microwave Beef

Fill up on your hostful for the week! Chris, Matt and Jonah talk about movies they have recently seen and play DJ with their iPods, and Matt makes up an excuse for why he missed Chris’s birthday party!

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  • I was amused by the “lazy eye” bit. I have a lazy eye, as well as glaucoma and nystagmus. All of this means I cannot watch 3D movies or drive a car. I like the idea of telling everyone my eye is normal and the other one is just “really peppy”. :)

  • I don’t mean to rant here but I am sick and tired of listening to this podcast and finding it so hilarious that I end up laughing out loud at work like some sort of escaped mental patient. Can you guys tone down the funny for once? Sheesh. Buncha assholes.

  • @Team Nerdist – Yippee! Another Hostful! I hope these become a regular Friday thing! Please? Pretty please?

    I gather from the title you guys discuss what Matt did on “Attack of the Show” recently (the link for which I cannot find), but before I listen I have a question. What snail mail address should Nerdist Industries fans use to send gifts and birthday cards? I just used the Meltdown Comics address to mail a box to you three (nice post office worker said it should arrive on Friday), but I use that only because I can’t think of any other physical space used by the gang. Is there a Nerdist Industries post office box or some such thing we should use instead?

  • I agree with Chris. In most cases, diarrhea is better than vomiting. With vomiting, your whole body clenches when you retch, which, after a while, hurts. Then come the dry heaves, which are a horror in and of themselves. Eventually, the only thing you can vomit is bile, which tastes horrendous, even worse than the puke. The worst part of diarrhea is the cleanup (potentially of both yourself and the environment around the anal spray), which can be mitigated slightly with wet wipes…

    I could write a thesis on this :-D

  • Infomania was one my favorite shows when it was on. Watched it every Thursday. I think it’s funny how many changes current went through in it’s first decade. I liked it better back then. I don’t even watch the channel anymore. Also, I heart Brett Erlich. VVFS!

  • Clearly a gauntlet has been thrown down after this episode by Mr. Matt Mira and a one “Jonah Ray” (Clearly a pseudonym).

    The leader Christopher Ryan “Chris” Hardwick seems to have lost control of this group of internet terrorists (Codename: Sisterwives) to independent splinter cells.

    Distraught over the loss of his job from the Cable Television Channel “G4″, Matt Mira has created his own group of internet nihilists entitled the “Matt Mirights”. Fortunately for us, they spend all of their time listening to the Dave Matthews Band and planning trips to Gordon Ramsay restaurants while dressed as James Bond. We have reason to believe, however, that Mira has made associations with another podcaster codenamed “Beard”

    Jonah Ray (Real Name: Jonah Ray Rodrigues) has garnered power recently with his growing army of “Jonah Raycists”. As leader he has appointed Cash Hartzell as his general and Neil Mahoney as his muscle/flunky. They seem to encourage the advent of anti-establishment, or “Punk”, music and are currently trying to indoctrinate the nation’s youth into their cult-like mindset.

    The bottom line is that the Matt Mirights and Jonah Raycists must be stopped. Nerd HQ needs to maintain their hold on the Sisterwives and their ventures, otherwise the number of people who experience a celebratory time with their latin-themed wrapped dish will be subject to an extreme drop off.*

    *Note: None of this is true.

  • You know what, I’m fucking hopping mad! Mad at how funny this episode was! Fuck you guys!

    *Looks at show notes*

    First off, that “I love you” at the beginning was way too awkward. How DARE you speak to me in such a warm manner! :-x

    Then, I remembered a terrible Thanksgiving joke:
    What sound does a space turkey make?
    Hubble, Hubble, Hubble!

    Let’s see… Best Wipes (front to back), Flock of Segals, “Tomorrow Never Dies” (best Bond songs)….

    Xanadu! Goddammit, I saw that in the theater! I had the soundtrack! Fuck you for flooding my mind with early 80′s ELO/ONJ. That movie is a guilty pleasure that makes people question my heterosexuality. Thank God I had such a crush on ONJ that it doesn’t matter how gay that movie is.

    Now I have to get Stimulator’s cover of “Magic” and NOT go roller skating!

    (I loaf ♥)