Episode 207

Nerdist Podcast

Michael Emerson

Nerdist Podcast: Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson endures much LOST-nerding from Chris and Jonah. The conversation drifts into intense character acting, potentially casting Michael as a sentient house, and fond Hawaiian memories.

Person Of Interest has its season finale on CBS Thursday May 17th at 9/8c!

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  • I didn’t come to a brothel, Hardwick! I don’t like this filth and disgust on one week. I mean, two instantaneous nerdgasms in a week and it’s only wednesday, Come ON!!!!

    Awesome get Our Lord and Master, Hardwick. :D Listening commence!!!!

  • Fabulous interview.

    But Chris, it made me so sad when you mentioned your dog, and him not getting to live with you anymore. I hope you get to see him sometimes. Steve, right? (I seem to remember acute video of Steve being completely in love with a visiting dog, or something like that). Anyway… hope you get to have a lifestyle where you can have a pet again at some point (if you want that, of course).

  • Just finished listening and, yeah, I can see what Emerson means about doing the opposite of what a scene would call for to create a sinister undertone. That sort of thing works with music, like that really discordant carousel song on “The Lost Boys” soundtrack – instead of being a happy little tune, this one makes you want to GTFO of the area (listen here: ). And between his cold and Scott the Dog’s absence, I wanted to reach into the computer and give Chris a hug and some hot cocoa! Take a day off and just veg with some orange juice and chicken broth!

  • I almost never comment on the podcasts, I love them all so much. Michael Emerson? This is a man who’s acting I love so much that I commented on it on live radio a couple times. Such a sweet man, and such an amazing actor.. Kudos, Chris, for having him on…

  • I just watched The Descendants a couple weeks ago, and I loved all the talk about Hawaii. Especially Jonah. I’ve never been, and even if I do go, I’ll be there as a tourist, so it’s very cool to hear people who’ve spent so much time there talking about such an interesting place.

    For me, Chris talking about bowling, Jonah talking about Hawaii, and Matt talking about the funeral home–super interesting, surprising stuff that I love on this podcast.

  • Great episode, best since Maron or TMBG. I’ve got a huge crush on Michael Emerson. Benjamin Linus was my absolute favorite character in LOST, such a complex, fascinating character portrayed by a brilliant actor (doubly brilliant in scenes with Terry O’Quinn, Holy shit balls those two are awesome!). I loved the part about approaching acting like a musical instrument and playing the opposite of what the scene appears to demand with abstract interpretations of characters and situations, super-interesting stuff.

    Scott S – YES! I’ve always thought his voice was similar to Tom Lehrer’s!

  • So it turns out Michael Emerson and I have the exact same philosophy on work even though I’m a graphic designer. I’ve literally used the same ‘tradesmen’ ‘problem-solving’ metaphor. Maybe cause I was also an illustration major and am from the Midwest.

    God I love Michael Emerson even more now.

  • Man, do I ever have a crush on Michael Emerson, and I’m so proud that he’s from my native Iowa (so I wonder where he got that Tom Lehrer accent? Maybe that’s just how they talk in the sophisticated metropolis of Cedar Rapids). Great interview.

  • That was a good interview.

    “Kids will make you tender; Dogs will make you tender.”

    Not the kids and dogs I’ve come across. I used to feel more tender towards people and dogs, but after years of being bullied by children and chased down the street by people’s barking dogs, I’m not too fond of them, anymore.

    I suppose I’d feel differently if I’d lived around upper class people who’d taught their children to not be rude to people and bothered to spend money to train their dogs not to bark and chase people.

  • Michael has rare integrity and ability to immerse himself in a character. I wish he had a more sympathetic DP in Person of Interest. In LOST he was lighted to be much more handsome!

    Person of Interest has been super for me, I think the most intelligent, coherent and creative offspring of the writers of LOST. By gosh, it’s almost about something actual and real in our lives.