Episode 391

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Michael C. Hall

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Nerdist Podcast: Michael C. Hall

The extremely talented (and whom we also discovered is hilarious) Michael C. Hall joins Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about playing characters surrounded by dead people, his battle with cancer, and whatever happened to the old organ stores from malls!

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  • This episode is fantastic and has made the “new nerdist” grow on me a bit. When the podcast started out it was amazing because it was mostly their friends or people in the same “scene” now they pull in bigger guest and sometimes it can be pretty boring because the guest treat it like a normal interview..But Michael C. Hall was amazing..

  • Michael C. Hall is amazing, and was fantastic in this interview, and you guys really made him feel appreciated. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over his closer… what a tribute to your collective goofiness… and then he had to quarantine his hand on the way out of the room! XD So delightful.

  • Bwhahaha I remember trying to sneak away from my parents to go play in the organ store at Metro Center Mall where they filmed Bill and Ted. Looking back those stores were so bizarre it’s hard to believe the ever existed. Who goes to the mall to buy an electric organ?

  • @Chris

    It seems like the Friday episodes are posted toward the end of the workday or later for an East Coaster like myself. Since I listen to the episodes at work, I’d prefer it if the episodes were posted earlier, like they normally are.

    I’m probably not alone here, but if I’m the only one being vocal about it, then I’ll just go ahead and fuck off.

  • @Andrew: there’s no real science to it, they go up when I have time to record the intros. My schedule is a bit nutty, so I do them when I can do them. Sometimes that’s earlier, sometimes that’s later. I always do my best!

  • I’ve had the same question as Andrew, but figured out that it was the reason that Chris gave.

    We should put together a full on Siri-style Chris Hardwick sound board so he/you don’t have to take time out to record the intros. And don’t worry, Chris. We won’t use it for anything other than recording intros.

    Nice episode. It’s nice when the guest really fits in with the vibe of the show.

  • I don’t know what it was, but something about the michael c hall episode reminded me a lot of the tom hanks cast, which was ridiculously hilarious and entertaining. I wonder how often Michael narrates his life as dexter…I ask this because I find myself doing this after watching dexter or playing max Payne. But I digress, killer show :)))

  • @Dean K
    That hate-watching shit is precisely why I stopped reading the AV Club. Some great articles on there, but boy, they do a great job of making you feel like shit for enjoying something they’ve collectively decided to hate on.
    Anyway, so excited to finally hear Michael on the Nerdist – I’ve been wishing he’d be on the podcast forever and he’s finally on! Definitely listening on my drive home.

  • I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the past few seasons of Dexter but I’ve always loved Michael C. Hall’s performance. He’s amazing and I loved this episode! Chris, Matt and Jonah were all great as well and Michael fit in perfectly and was exactly the kind of guy I hoped he’d be (awww). I would love to see him come on the show again! He was awesome!

    Good job guys!

  • Waaaay- awesome! It’s always magical whenever there’s a guest really fits in well with the guys. This was an episode that felt like a hostful- and by that, I mean that it really felt like a long form conversation more than an interview. That’s not to say that there wasn’t an interview element of course, it just played really well. Terrific episode!

    Thanks to Chris, Matt, Jonah, Katie, Kyle- and everybody else who makes this podcast happen.

  • @Lj: I’m a comedian. We’re hyper-trained to deal with hecklers–the drive is buried in our DNA! No matter how many people are laughing at a show, if someone says something shitty EVERY comic will zone in on them. Sorry if that bums you out! I am well aware that the alarming majority of comments are sweet, supportive and positive and I absolutely appreciate them. Promise! And thanks!!

  • .
    @LJ….thanks for getting Chris to spill the beans on the secret of how comedians fight hecklers. As a charter member of H.A.M. (Hecklers against Merriment), ive been trying to find their weakness for years.

    Turns out its DNA! mwhahahaha.

    This was the final piece of information our science department needed. They are now prepared to create and release nano-heckle-bots into comedian blood streams. These nanobots will barrage and distract them with microscopic heckles thus incapacitating the actual comedian from replying to our heckles during shows.


    The bots are pre-programmed with quips like “hello chris’s deoxyribonucleic acid…did you know that your polymers like women AND men..yup, they’re BIpolymers. And were you aware that your dna is stained with coffee/grass/dirt? looks like you are low on nucleoTIDEs. sorry to be so (thy)mean!”

    Peace & “Cry HAVOC! and Unleash the nanobots of heckle war!”


  • After watching the latest episode of Dexter last night, I find it kinda funny that one of the things they discussed in this episode were MCH’s lack of hobbies, and then that exact same thing came up on the show with Dexter not being able to talk to his date about his hobbies because… you know… the only one he is passionate about is killing people.

    MCH’s just happens to be acting instead of being a serial killer.

  • Maybe it’s because I don’t watch Dexter, but I started listening to this today and it took me a good 10 minutes to realize that it’s not Anthony Michael Hall.

  • @Jeff That reminds me of what happened to me yesterday.

    My girlfriend loves Dexter. She watches every episode twice because she loves it so much. When I told her that Michael C. Hall was on the Nerdist Podcast on Monday she said “Who’s Michael C. Hall?” Then she thought for a beat and said “Is he the guy from The Breakfast Club?”

    At that moment I realized she didn’t love Dexter as a show. She loved Dexter as an idea. And that on some not-too-far-off day she was going to strap me down to a steel table, stab me in a vital organ reveling in the wondrous ecstasy that comes from watching the life gradually drain from my eyes, and then dispose of my corpse in an incinerator.

    True story, bro.

  • I have never seen this show, but as soon as this podcast ends, I’m going to find & watch through it. Michael C Hall is quite a character. Great podcast.

  • I love how when they started talking about coke everyone started talking really fast. Not just when they were pretending to be coked up, but the whole time. It was hilarious, the whole episode that is.

  • NO! You had to mention him, didn’t you? As a kid, I melded Snuffleupagus and Cujo in a recurring nightmare. Watching that foaming, furry trunk drag across the ground from underneath the yellow Ford Pinto…the horror.

  • I listen to Michael C Hall, Jeselnik, Will Ferrell, Galifinakis, Adam Scott, Offerman (1st Appearance) and Patton over and over again. Never Commented on one before but I had to get the comment bitching about the sound quality off of there since i listen to THIS EPISODE every week or so. So thanks fellas. Like the show. Michael C Hall is the perfect personality for a guest on your show. Fantastic stuff