Episode 391

Nerdist Podcast

Michael C. Hall

Nerdist Podcast: Michael C. Hall

The extremely talented (and whom we also discovered is hilarious) Michael C. Hall joins Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about playing characters surrounded by dead people, his battle with cancer, and whatever happened to the old organ stores from malls!

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  • Nooo! I can’t listen, cuz I’m nowhere near caught up on Dexter, and I can’t risk any spoilers!! *hangs head in shame!*

    Stay where you are, Michael C. Hall episode! No matter what it takes, no matter how far, I will get caught up, and I will find you and listen to you!

    *little bit o’ Last of the Mohicans there* :)

  • As someone who is caught up with Dexter, I can’t recall anything that was too spoiler-ish from the last season or so. They do talk about the show, and dance around some of the themes from the current season (Deb and Dexter’s relationship), but nothing specific.

    The AVClub communally hate-watches Dexter, but I think Michael would get a laugh out of some of the stuff on there if he does venture out to find people insulting him like Mira.

    Really great episode. I really hope we do get to see Michael in some silly stuff in the future, because he is hilarious.

  • I hope he is cast in the Batman Vs. Superman movie, either as the Batman or as Lex Luthor…if he wants it.

    It’s great to hear an actor or really any artist that appears really focused and busy (Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale) open up. Plus, him and Ben Schwartz on AOTS was hilarious.

    I’m sure there are countless directors and producers with a giddy smile on there face now that MCH’s schedule is more open for movies.