Episode 283

Nerdist Podcast

Max Landis

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Nerdist Podcast: Max Landis

Screenwriter Max Landis sits down with Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about the realms of sanity and the different stages of writing and pitching scripts, and they discuss how falling in love and having to use the bathroom can feel similar!

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  • Had to turn it off after 30min. I’m kind of bummed that the first cast in a while that has all three of the boys has to be with this guy. Maybe I’ll get back to it, but I’ve got other podcasts to listen to.

  • Hahaha holy shit. Max doing a callback to Jonah ‘s story of him trying to get in nerd hq was kind of funny. Does anyone remember which nerdist ep that was? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a hostful.

  • Oh…and Max’s idea about James Bond being a codename assigned to different successive agents is a very old internet meme around since the days of Goldeneye. I like better that they’re cherry-picking various Flemming story elements from the novels that weren’t used in the previous movies…still waiting for that Japanese suicide island and a villain in a suit of armor.

  • Back when Goldeneye was announced I came up with a similar Bond premise: Dalton-Bond, assumed killed in action, comes back for revenge against Brosnan-Bond, the agent he blames for his downfall and who he believes stole his life. I would have called it, simply, “007”. More of a straight forward Bond film, Dalton-Bond would’ve been one of Brosnan-Bond’s qualifying “kills” and was sent to dispatch his predecessor who’d gone rogue one too many times.

    Oh, and this is my meme:

  • Really liked the episode. Had to admit that I didn’t know much about this dude, other than the Superman YouTube video, and didn’t quite like his attitude at the start, but everything got so fun as the show went on. Fave pitch was def the James Bond one. And rolled over laughing when the boys started talking about how icky sex can be. (FYI, take it from a lady, if sex–like the actual act of sex–lasts more than 45 mins, girls kinda just want it to stop.)

  • Holy fuck I want those movies. I want them so bad.

    That being said, at first I thought Max was kinda grating but then I grew to love his excited nature throughout it. I think he’s found a way to make his issues into something good and I’m excited to see what else he comes out with next.

    But seriously, that first movie pitch he gave was fucking AMAZING.

  • Wow, that really was an important podcast. I have to admit I did think Max was just a spoiled Hollywood brat, it’s great to have been proven wrong. And great to hear that he seems to have found a way to cope with that really shitty card he has been dealt.

    BUT I also have to admit that I cheered a bit when Jonah called him out on his contradictory remarks about what he perceived as nerds and his own social awkwardness. I think I understand how he interprets the label “nerd” but I think it’s not very coherent and a bit contradictory. Anyway, interesting to see how this label changed from “our generation” (I’m with Chris about “taking back the other n-word”) to the next which grew up in a totally different environment concerning “nerdy” things.

    Enlightening all the way. Really, really great podcast, this.