Episode 222

Nerdist Podcast

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Nerdist Podcast: Mary Lynn Rajskub

The hilarious and wonderful Mary Lynn Rajskub comes on the show! She catches up on her friendship with Chris, tells stories from her waitress days at The Hard Rock Cafe, and sings a little song!

Follow @Rajskub on Twitter and watch her show “Dirty Work”!

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  • Hey, I’d listen to a podcast about celebrity parenting. (I’m a mom, I’d click that link!)
    I’d also listen to a podcast called “Kickin’ it Mary Lynn Style”.

  • You guys were joking a lot about Kicking it Mary Lynn Style, but it is a serious issue. Too many kids these days are Kicking it Mary Lynn Style causing unplanned pregnancies and life threatening diseases. KIMLS shouldn’t be made light of when so many are uneducated globally about this issue and the population of the world is reaching a dangerous level.

    Next time you laugh about KIMLS, just remember that people’s lives are ruined by Mary Lynn and her reckless style.

  • @Jeff: This is a good point, but I think it is incumbent on parents to teach safe Kicking It Mary Lynn style to their kids. Some cultural norms turn a blind eye to KIMLS, and hope that kids will wait until marriage, but practical data tells us otherwise. In short, Wrap It and then Kick It Mary Lynn Style.

  • The late, lamented Girls’ Guitar Club, yay! I was hoping there would be some chatty-chat about those days. To this day I will still wander into a vintage store looking for baby coffins.

  • Chris? Now that you’ve survived the uncomfortableness of having Mary Lynn on the show, maybe the time is ripe to ask her “Gilmore Girls” co-worker — and your acquaintance — Lauren Graham to come on the podcast. Unless … you didn’t drunk-hit on her, too?

  • Finding out Mary Lynn did stand-up after watching several seasons of 24, it suddenly made sense to me why Janeane Garofalo was in season 7. And I wondered why their characters were so catty, presuming they knew each other off-set. I can only imagine what zaney insanity took place before ‘action’ and after ‘cut’ between the two of them.

    @Jeff MacDonald – Food for thought, but when MLR was KIMLS she only had one child, and it was as an adult and a professional actress/comedian. The Skeeters and Jo-Anne Trailerparks of the world, turning out their own 6-person bobsled team by the time they’re 21, are who you should be referring to as reckless.

    Either that or I missed your point entirely because this site doesn’t provide for snark and sarcasm fonts.

  • Oh, and great ep, by the way! MORE has been all over nerdist recently, and just great everywhere I’ve had a chance to listen.

    @JetpackBlues dude you’re funny! How much do I wish there was a snark font!

  • @JetpackBlues: Ha! Yup, people do hate that comic sans! Remember wingdings? Wingdings were fun, and pointless. Btw, is it hard to play sad, soulful blues guitar while zooming around the sky at hundreds of miles an hour?

  • Holy shit! You HAD that whole get up once???? Wow, that’s just about the coolest effing thing I’ve ever seen. Yep, I’d have turned into a supersonic Leadbelly if I once had that stuff too! Better to have flown and lost than not flown at all?

    Of course, now we all have to wonder where QuasarSniffer got his name. I’d be scared to see that picture. (c:

  • Not trying to be an attention whore here, but yep, that was mine. Seven years of networking and leeching produced that. Except the pack was more than I could handle as a ‘builder’.

    Better people have picked up where I left off and turned out even more accurate versions of this iconic costume.

    Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled podcast.

  • Random question – I’m trying to find the “Mash Up” bit where (I think) CH becomes a sentient hotel room sheet (yeah, not sure I’m remembering that correctly). Has that aired yet? Is it available on line? Any help would be appreciated as my Google-fu seems weak.

  • You guys touched briefly upon an issue I think many 20’somethings are encountering which is the conscious decision of never having children.

    Coincidentally I found this thread on it today, and in it you will see the condescension from some people giving the tired “you will change your mind when you get older” argument. It would be interesting to have a dialogue about it on one of the podcasts on your site. If the aforementioned podcast materializes, maybe it could be on an episode of Kickin’ It Mary-Lynn Style with someone in show-business who has made that choice.

  • Jonah – please start a band with Matt Braunger called Jonah & the Whales. Album title: “Whatever Doesn’t Krill You Makes you Braunger”

    Also, did I hear Bill Nye is going to be doing a podcast?!