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Nerdist Podcast: Macklemore

The very musically talented Macklemore sits down with Chris to talk about the extreme success of his song “Thrift Shop,” living outside of your comfort zone, and doing laundry!

Watch the music video for “Thrift Shop”!:

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  • Fred, definitely not a one hit all. Love your ignorance.

    My Oh My, Same Love, Otherside, Wings, Can’t Hold Us… among some of my favorites. Macklemore is a great MUSICIAN..not just a rapper. He’s legit. Im glad he’s on this podcast…

  • @Eddy quit being a fucking troll and keep out of the comments. There’s this thing called fast-forward – been around a while – you can skip the intros if you don’t like them. There is no need to be rude. Cockweasel.

    p.s. Still two episode behind, but I’m looking forward to this one; Thrift Shop is my JAM!

  • @Eddy what is your problem? Don’t you know where the fast forward button is? Do you realize how mean that is? Life is difficult enough without doing mean stuff like that. You should be ashamed. We should be supporting our fellow nerds not making them feel like shit about themselves.

  • I went in on the fence about this guy only seeing theThrift shop video but after listening to the podcast he seems like a totally chill and smart guy. Sounds much more humble than you would expect from the guy who is top of the charts after Thrift shop I’m now a fan.

  • @Eddy: it’s sweet that everyone rushed to our defense but I assure you that Chloe and I both think that’s hilarious. The “women’s issues” tag was the capper. Do you think Obama will address this???

    I can’t speak for Kyle because we haven’t dated. YET.

  • I have never heard of Macklemore before and after liseting to a couple of his songs the best thing I can say about his music is that he he sounds like a really nice guy in this podcast.

  • I don’t know if POTUS will address it but POTNP sure did and I think that’s all Eddy was really going for.

    Congrats on cracking the code Eddy. May your BS reward you as richly every day as it has today.

  • Great interview, I was one of those that only saw Macklemore as that thrift shop guy but he seems like a cool down to earth person. I’ll be sure to check out more of his stuff.

    and @Eddy I actually like Chloe she and even wouldn’t mind if she became more of a part of the podcast. The same goes for Kyle.

    Why have 3 nerd host when you can have 5?

  • If anyone is going to be added to the Nerdly Trinity, it has to be Nick. He has been there since… well he’s been there for a while.

    Whenever they address Nick’s job, I like to think of him sitting in front of a wall of TVs. All of them on different channels. Typing away at a computer he’s not looking at. All this while not blinking. I don’t know something akin to The Architect from Matrix.

  • .
    Well @Eddy…your petition has helped show me the error of my ways. Ive been a long supporter of the Chriloe (aka Dykstwick) opener to the podcast. However your official White-House endorsed petition has made me change my mind…yup…3ToF is flip-flopping on the Intro Initiative. We gotta get Chloe out.

    That being said…i dont think a petition is enough…we need to rally our allies and do a formal march…a protest!…to Washington DC. We could have cool signs like “Chloe Intro!? Hell No-ey!” or “We want Dykstruck from the Podcast!” or “No girls allowed…enjoy your boyritto!”. To get press attention i say that we make sure all protestors dress up like they were going to a Con. Why heck…we might end up on an episode of Just Cos!!!…oh wait…that show is hosted by our enemy…shit…but i dig it…..sigh…ive just flip-flopped back. Im all for keeping Chloe in the intro!!

    Peace .n. Political Nerdery

    3ToF, twinkee lobbyist

  • @Eddy

    “You aren’t being paid a lot of money for what you do, you are being paid a lot of money for putting up with all the crap because of what you do”.

    Thank you for proving that point

  • I second @Roberto’s suggestion. I would like a full blown hostful/episode with Nick. His Casey Kasem impression made me laugh a lot so many episodes ago. And his tales of life experience are always interesting.