Episode 387

Nerdist Podcast

Live from SDCC 2013!

Nerdist Podcast: Live from SDCC 2013!

It’s the Nerdist live from the Balboa Theater in San Diego again! The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, is the special guest, audience members get their quemments answered, and one guy has a surprise for his girlfriend!

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  • Mira was just a little too enthusiastic- he’s solidly funny
    but still ironing out the professional edges.
    I will say – that it’s true no one cares about Bargain Hunt
    it really shouldn’t be one of his comedy tent poles.

  • MATT SMITH IN EPISODE VII!!!!!!! that would would make me orgasm till my brain exploded cadbury easter egg all over the room….. oh and stop trashing Mira you dicks

  • A little sick of the american bashing- Hardwick you can be an anglophile without the over the top american criticism-
    You don’t need to be such an apologist.
    I have done a lot of traveling and Americans are at least mid way down the list of obnoxious and noisy- Australians- Germans- french
    I mean these are generalities- but no more than the “ugly american” as a traveler.
    Come on
    And- listen not Every show is better in a 6 episode format.
    Love English things- but it doesn’t mean you have to offer a damnation of something American.
    Good and bad man.

  • Im going to offer my criticism of your free podcast. Since I dont have any friends or anyone to talk to, I come to message boards and complain about a free podcast I chose to listen to. Also DERRRRRRRRRRR

  • It’s an ongoing – valid point
    backed by verifiable history.
    And jumping to defend someone from a perceived but not Actual
    attack does not make him Your friend.
    You’re here at this msg board commenting so- sorry to dissapoint
    you won’t be having bruch with Chris this week

    and if you think this is a free podcast- guess what
    Jaguars don’t buy themselves don’t be so naive.

  • What was with the guy who was being a dick about wanting to be the next doctor? Maybe I should relisten to that bit, but he was seemed so douchey about some silly jokes. And he thinks he’s going to land a major role on a huge show without an agent or equity card? I am confused. Was that what happened? Did I zone out?

    fun show, guys. Lay off Matt Mira, pissy commenters — he really loves Bargain Hunt and wants to drunk dial it. the show. The entire show.

  • @ericmci: I’ll have brunch with the doyyyy version of you! firstly, always try to remind yourself “it’s a comedy podcast, not a lecture…it’s a comedy podcast, not a lecture…” I love America, I love Americans. I tease it like a family member. Yes of course you can find other examples of obnoxious people in other cultures, but it’s the trap of trying to get all academic on a comedy premise. It’s not worth it. Finally, the Jaguar came from tv money, not podcast money. :) The point that fake ericmci was making is, it’s free for YOU. Ok carry on, Mr. Man!

    SIDENOTE: If any of you came to the show, I cannot THANK YOU enough!! Hope you had a great SDCC!!

  • I don’t want to say Mira ruined this podcast… but I’m 19 minutes in and he’s ruinING the podcast so far. Hopefully he picks up the ‘take it easy Mira’ hints from Chris here at some point…

  • Aw, Chris, I feel bad that you had to come on here and defend yourself against stupid. Anyone who takes the time to listen to the whole show and then come on a website to whine about things obviously doesn’t have enough to do in their life.
    Thank you for providing a FREE TO THE LISTENER podcast that’s filled with hysterical awesomeness and insight into the stuff that we love so much. Any 2 hour show with the Doctor is a BLESSING. Much love to all y’all & Chloe!

  • Chris- I jam ust comment with my opinion right?
    I work in online advertising so I know that we pay in views and clicks
    That generates revenue. So maybe that’s where the public sense of “ownershitp” comes from.
    Although the Jaguar comment came off more dickish than humorous- as it was intended.
    Not that I don’t appreciate the work- I leave more “praise” than criticism by far.
    I will say that I “feel” you just take the ugly American thing a bit too far with the Brits- to make them feel- comfortable?
    It seems like that’s pretty important to you and making people feel comfortable is admirable- I think you go a bit too far to a disingenuous point with it. Sometimes.
    But hey- opinion.
    We’re all complex people – our opinions should be full of different influences.

    Seriously- keep up the good work.
    I listen regularly for a reason.

  • .
    a few quickie comments:

    * wonderful show! thanks team nerdist!! Doctor Who-rific!!

    * Mira did great..he was enthusiastic and funny and riffing. the exchanges that resulted were fun. part of the ‘goodness’ of nerdist is the dynamic of the interaction of its hosts. said dynamic changes from show to show and thats a great thing. keep it up!

    * I was concerned and going to comment about the amount of negative talkbackers on this thread…but my concern has shifted to a bigger issue…based on the recent posts and confirmation from Chris, his passion for collection bugs has escalated…big time. It appears Chris is now collecting wild dangerous animals. Is no one worried that he’s taken “tv money” and purchased an actual jaguar??? They cant be tamed! Trust me i know…i had a similar addiction a few years ago..on a much smaller scale…and it cost me dearly. Yup..i was a Platypus horder. Cost me my job, wife, and respect of my family. Things were going fine until the day they turned on me…and….{sniff}…i cant really talk about it…other than to say that platypus bill scars never go away…emotionally…and physically. Chris…get some help and get rid of the jaguar before its too late. Also, be warned, Chai Tea has the same herbal base as cat nip…if that jaguar gets a whiff, you’re done for!!



  • Christy-
    So if it’s not a total declaration of admiration and support
    It equals = Stupid.
    Eloquently put.

    Being positive is great- being the Positive police is obnoxious.

    Criticism does Not always equal-Attack.
    Especially when it is paired with support.
    There should be room to express both here.
    Not everything needs to be co*k suck.

    (Retiring from this thread.)

  • @ericmci
    Speaking for myself I’ll say that I don’t think that criticism is necessarily stupid, but a shallow, one-sided, nit-picky criticism is. You can talk about the things you didn’t like about a thing while still showing respect and appreciation for how much hard work and talent went into its making. Your tone is dismissive and brash which is why you seem arrogant and oafish; you come off as a person who can only see things from his own perspective, and that will paint you stupid in any situation.

    But this is just my criticism of your criticism. YMMV

  • Timber
    So you found my comments to be clumsy and inarticulate?
    One sided?
    Did you read my previous comment supporting Mira and offering a defense of his comedy by example?
    If anything I am offering a Yes-But
    One sided- show me where.
    And if even- where do you stand on shallow- one sided compliments?
    The problem here and it’s the Same problem every time in msg boards and this one is by far the rule and not the exception.
    Is that people feel like it’s a personal attack like I said your mom isn’t pretty.

    It’s ridiculous – and if not oafish- it’s simple.
    Just tired of this.
    No dissent will be brooked here.
    It’s fucking tiresome.

  • .
    Howdy All,

    If you are looking for me i will be busy during the next couple days.
    I just bought a great new book called “How Matt Mira Ruined the Podcast for Me”.


    The Internet.



  • No, ericmci, I didn’t mean that there needed to be Stepford-like worship of everything. And thank you for insinuating that I’m trying to c*ck-suck Chris. ‘Preciate that a lot.
    I’m simply tired of people getting free (and I don’t care HOW much money nerdist is making off the podcast, the fact remains that they’re charging us nothing) entertainment and then complaining about it. Of course you don’t have to just love everything and have no criticism at all. But when someone works hard to bring you entertainment you enjoy featuring topics & people you’re interested in, it’s rather dickish (not saying you were, specifically, just talking in general here) to tell that person they need to do things differently.
    I see it over and over on the internet. Someone does something awesome (or even mediocre) for others to enjoy and people have to come along and nitpick. Drives me crazy. If you (collectively, not singular) don’t like something, just turn it off. No need to make the person feel bad because you found a fault with it.
    I guess I’m just the type of person who would rather be encouraging instead of complaining and trying to tell people how to do their job better. Sorry for sharing my opinion that Chris shouldn’t have to take time out of his day to explain himself.

  • @ericmci

    “So you found my comments to be clumsy and inarticulate?
    One sided?”

    Not your comments, per se. Your attitude. You’re (in my opinion) overly nitpicky. What’s worse is that you give off a vibe that seems to say “My criticism of the thing you made is of equal value to the thing itself.” In your comment, you don’t account for the fact that it took time and effort and talent and sweat and anxiety and straight-up balls to make it. Your tone seems to imply that having an opinion about a thing and spending 2 minutes posting said opinion on the internet automagically puts you on the same level as the people who actually made the thing you’re trashing.

    Which is fine, I guess. The guys who made this are big boys and they know how the internet works. It’s populated with people just like you who get some sort of ego boost by feeling the need to share their knee-jerk reactions to everything and then when people point out that you’re being kind of a blowhard your response is “What I’m not allowed to have an opinion? I thought the internet is all about opinions man.”

    I dunno. Maybe I’m the only one that’s bugged by it. Like I said…YMMV.

    • The number of assumptions you are making about me is embarrassing- to you.
      If you’re such a personality detective you would have deduced that I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have at least a degree of respect and interest in what they do here.
      You would also have a better case history of my comments to draw a more complete picture oh who I am and what I stand for.
      But you seem preeettty confident you’ve cracked the code.
      You my “friend” are a very poor investigator.
      Perhaps more episodes of Sherlock- Sherlock.

  • @jim. I hope you lose the ability to hear only the frequencys with which your iPod plays back podcasts. You don’t deserve them. But you do deserve to hear the rest of life. I don’t want you to be deaf. That’s just mean.

  • I didn’t get tickets this year for this podcast, though I went last year and sat second row aisle… so close that Barrowman could have molested me, as he did several of the people who bravely stepped up with quemments to the mic he held between his legs like a giant phallus. My girlfriend went, however. She had a good time. But I would like to make a humble request… This is three years running now that the guests were all Doctor Who-related (Matt Smith pulling two of the three years total). I am a fan of Doctor Who… just not an uber-fan. It’s part of the reason I didn’t recklessly buy my tickets before the guest was announced like I did last year. I’m asking that next year we possibly move on to something else? I would really love to see some love being spread around to the hundreds of other great nerdy guests that could be on. Just my thoughts.

    Also, strangely I did not see any of the Nerdist guys anywhere this year. Last year I randomly ran into Jonah (twice), Jordan Morris (not Nerdist, but might as well be with how much he is on IK), Emily and Kumail… hell, I even saw Katie Levine.

    This year I had to settle with running into Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Nick Krull, Will Sasso, Phil LaMarr, and getting a photo with Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones at a bar. No one’s life is worse than mine…

    Is that how a humble brag works? Hope I did it correctly.

  • I don’t get people who waste their time just trolling/insulting/arguing and stuff on the internet. If I like something, I say so, so that the people who made it know that they are appreciated. If I don’t, then I just keep it to myself. Wish more people felt that way.

    And this was a really fun podcast, and yes, Matt was loud but he was also pretty damn funny.

  • Christy-

    I appreciate you breaking your comment down like that.
    I really am all for being positive and supportive.
    I just don’t see criticism as inherently negative.
    I think we all get polarized by msg board experiences.
    I think the sure sign that Nerdist is doing something right is that
    it engenders such interest and passion for whatever they do here.
    So hopefully we can all get behind that and be open to a little debate
    and try and offer each other some latitude without declaring civil war.
    Anyway- thanks again for responding it a thoughtful way.

  • “gndmpnk on July 26, 2013 at 10:32 am said:
    Ya sorry Matt Mira, you were just a little to enthusiastic… Maybe less drinks next time.”

    It’s “Too” not “to” and I had 3 drinks on stage and 2 of those were waters.

    I’ll be sure to STFU next time.

    Thanks for listening.


  • @Matt Mira…you were awesome, man. Sincerely. Trust and believe. You made the show for me. Don’t let these gross little internet attention whores give you mood VD. (Did that analogy work? I think that analogy worked.)