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Josh Groban

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Nerdist Podcast: Josh Groban

The extremely delightful and hilarious Josh Groban sits down with the guys to talk about how he realized he was a talented singer and finding himself onstage with Celine Dion, and they listen to some songs!

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  • Well, FUCK me with a fucking fuck stick! This comment thread is fucking engaging!

    @Linda m – I’m a big fan of everyone playing nice, and I even encourage it on comment threads (yeah, I know, it’s a quixotic desire). That’s why I found Connie’s post a little off-putting. I don’t expect everyone to “like” swearing, but for her to come into a discussion – either in real life or on the internet – and lecture other adults who she’s never met and who have never done her harm how they should talk was just rude and condescending. Someone would have to be an internet virgin NOT to expect the occasional f-bomb in a comment thread or blog post o some such thing – it’s not as if the FCC will fine people for saying something naughty during daytime hours (shakes tiny DJ fist at the feds).

    And THEN Connie ends her post with the snotty “I’ll just take my ball and go” comment? Really? What was the point to doing that BUT to stomp her feet and make sure others knew she was terribly, terribly disappointed with them…instead of just, you know, going away without posting?

    Again, no one in their right mind should “expect” Connie or anyone else to be 100% okay with swearing, but her post was really uncalled for.

    Patty with the Voluminous Vocabulary

  • I discovered how much fun, at least as a show guest, Mr Groban was upon seeing him on Graham Norton’s show. Very charming, indeed. Great conversation.
    And he’s right about “post-sober” live shows; I saw Greg Allman and Stevie Ray Vaughan after they both got straight(we referred to it as “The Lean & Clean Tour”,a couple years before SRV died), and they were astounding.
    Merry Clayton: a big reason so many classic songs of the late ’60s/early ’70s are classics.
    And that’s not a pan flute; that’s just a flute played w/o the breath being focused to produce a pure note. Ian Anderson made a career of playing in that style(it’s the closest a flute can get to a horn player or singer “growling ” the note.)
    BTW, if you want to see Murray Head’s acting chops, find his 1973 “Gawain and the Green Knight”(w/the wonderful Nigel Green as The Green Knight). And, to bring it full circle, I just saw the “Warehouse 13″ episode that introduces Anthony Head as this season’s big bad(w/James Marsters doing another funny immortal Brit character, just not undead this time).

  • @Violet
    It isn’t that we only know one word, nor is it that we’re illiterate. We know a plethora, a smorgasbord, a veritable cornucopia of words. We see beauty, not always in flowery prose or poetic dictation, but rather in aptness, when form follows function. To you a word is dirtiest when it falls into the arbitrarily annexed zone of “profanity”, but to us a word is cleanest when it perfectly expresses an emotion or describes an idea. We don’t always use the prettiest words, but we most certainly always use the correct words. We spin our ideas into words, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, like weavers at a loom crafting the most luxuriant of garments to adorn the naked shapes of our characters. We are horse tamers and words are our spirited mounts, transporting us swiftly and efficiently to our intended destinations. We are royalty and words are our brave and loyal subjects, carrying out our bidding and charging headlong into war at our command in service of whatever cause to which we choose to rally them. When we say “fuck”, it isn’t a desperate cry for attention or a petulant defiance of propriety. When we say “fuck” it’s because we FEEL “fuck”. Do you grok?

    Ordinarily I would agree with you, Linda, but look at Connie’s post. A little bit condescending and rude, don’t you think? And which is in poorer taste, a friendly conversation containing the word “fuck” or a cleanly worded, but vitriolic and undeserved, finger-wag in someone’s face? Given that she made the first strike I don’t think a little bit of fun-poking is altogether uncalled for, do you? ;) Happy 4th!

  • I think it would be reasonable, when sharing links to anything, to warn people that the content may offend some people, then they can choose whether to follow it or not.
    Is there a nifty little acronym or symbol? Keep it clean! But please, there is no need to be rude or mock other people guys. I swear like a trooper myself…. But not when I’m teaching or round elderly relatives or in places of worship… And I’m not religious! .. But I have no wish to make other people uncomfortable.
    It’s the 4 th July, it is possible to have fun and yet not offend each other. Have a lovely day.

  • My mom’s a huge Groban fan so I knew of him, liked his voice the little I heard of it, but attributed him as ‘music my mom listens to’. So this was a really funny and pleasant surprise that I laughed so hard during it and now am torn if I introduce my mom to this particular podcast. Even though it’s ‘something my daughter listens to’ (in my mom’s voice).


  • So great; a simply wonderful session! Almost like my biggest fantasy dream of being a mouse backstage coming true – Josh is so funny and it’s so nice that more people are now discovering this. He makes me cry and he makes me laugh! You rock, Josh! See you in August in Ohio!

  • Fucking hilarious. I don’t know why anyone is surprised that Groban is funny–humor can be found anywhere, Albert Einstein was a stitch–but it’s amazing that he can be as funny as he is without ever denigrating anyone. He’s an astonishing talent all the way around.

  • I don’t listen to Josh Groban, though I’ve heard his name from time to time, and this is easily my favorite podcast released so far this year.

  • @Ethan
    Now that was just unfucking called for. I feel bad for Connie. She probably idolizes Josh Groban. For her, finding out he says the “fuck” word occasionally probably feels equivalent to the rest of us finding out Hardwick runs a drug cartel or something.

    Cut poor Connie some fucking slack folks.

  • @Chris
    So I have a humble Nerdist Podcast guest request – Sara Bareillies. Since you’ve already had Ben Folds and Josh Groban, why not round out your collection by getting the third in the trio of musicians who make unbelievably emotional music, but are fucking hilarious on Twitter and elsewhere? (Sorry Connie. It’s fucking true though. They’re very fucking funny.)

  • @connie – “I was always told that if you can’t express yourself you use profanity, doesn’t take any brains to use profanity….I am sure you don’t care one way or the other but I won’t be visiting your website every again.”

    Meh, fuck it.

    Patty, who has two college degrees and a 137 I.Q.

  • So… I was the person Chris and Josh talked about at the end of the podcast. I’m mortified not only that the conversation was so uncomfortable for both Chris and Josh, but that they remembered it enough to talk about it on the podcast six months later.

    When I met Josh at the party in December, I was trying to find a funny way to tell him how much my wife enjoyed his music. Our first dace together at our wedding was to one of his songs. I was nervous while talking to him and I made a joke that was clearly only funny to me and I made things weird, both for Josh and for Chris.

    Chris, I’m really sorry for that moment. You and I see each other around Meltdown every now and then and I’m just starting to get to know Chloe better as well. I hate the thought that this interaction has been sitting in the back of your mind for six months. I’m fighting being super resentful that it made it onto the podcast, but that’s probably ego more than anything else. I’m the one that made things awkward and I’m clearly the bad guy in this story.

    So again, Chris, I’m really, really sorry that this happened. I wish I’d known either then or anytime since then that my interpretation of that conversation was horribly inaccurate. If you speak to Josh any time soon, please pass on my sincerest apologies.


  • Oh boy, I really LOVED this episode! I saw @joshgroban tweet about it a few days ago and was thrilled, as I am a big fan of both the podcast and Josh. I expected it to go up much later, so this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you!

    P.S I adored the call to Chris’s mom, as I heard on an earlier podcast she is a big fan. She also sounds like an awesome lady.

  • why is it necessary to have a trash mouth? I was always told that if you can’t express yourself you use profanity, doesn’t take any brains to use profanity.

    Josh is funny and talented without you debasing the interview and making it very offensive, I also did not appreciate Josh’s use of the f word either, It is actually very offensive to me.

    I am sure you don’t care one way or the other but I won’t be visiting your website every again.