Episode 344

Nerdist Podcast

Jonah's Wedding

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Nerdist Podcast: Jonah’s Wedding

Starting the weekend off with some hostful fun! Matt and Jonah go to the bathroom too much, they talk about dieting, and wonder how livers work!

Artwork by Kelly Korbarda



  • I feel better after listening to this podcast. I’ve had problems with overspending, overdrinking etc all my life. But never as bad as you guys! Matt you don’t need that many guitars! People in bands don’t have that many guitars!

    I think after listening to this episode I’m going to quit drinking for a while and get my shit in order.

  • @ericmci, @Steve: I’m not missing Jonah’s wedding, but you’re oversimplifying it here. I signed a contract to perform at an event before Jonah announced his wedding day. If you’ve signed a contract to appear somewhere and then don’t show up, you can be liable for a lot of money. If the venue or entity is REALLY a dick, then you will not be allowed back. It has to do with a hard-ticket event that people have already paid for and they’ve promoted. It’s not easy to back out of that stuff. Oddly, the only times I’ve had to do it before were due to a tighter contract on another work commitment that won out. Thankfully in this case Moontower was accommodating but it took a couple of weeks to find out if they could move the show. In short, get the facts, THEN judge. Revolutionary idea, I know!!! ;)

  • That is probably the case- but just like knowing when to stop drinking to excess- working to the point of excluding important events in close fiend’s lives- come on man- Tell us this was a joke.

  • Was this a bit- or is Chris seriously considering missing Jonah’s wedding – a one time in life event of which few have more meaning to do a stand up show?\?
    That would be a GIANT dick move- not something I would guess of Chris.

  • This episode was very timely for me. I am trying very hard to get sober, today is day one (again) of trying to stop drinking and smoking. I am very close to getting a PhD, and am about to be tested for work, so I am forced to stop. The discussion about the struggles with addiction helped me feel less alone today. Thanks. Wish me luck on keeping my shit together.