Episode 285

Nerdist Podcast

Jimmy Kimmel

Nerdist Podcast: Jimmy Kimmel

The hilarious Jimmy Kimmel is on the show! He sits down with Chris to reminisce about their glamorous days at KROQ, almost getting killed on the job, and making his mark in the late night world!

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  • This was a really funny interview – I love when Chris gets people he’s known for a long time. I just makes the conversation flow so well.

    Also Win Ben Stein’s Money needs to come back because that show was my *jam*

  • I distinctly remember Chris talking on the podcast about asking Jimmy to do it once. Jimmy replied something along the lines of “If I do every little podcast someone I used to know has, I’d have to do them all.” Then Chris said that it was when he realized that Jimmy wasn’t actually a friend. Wonder what happened?

  • @Jamie: YOU ARE INSANE. That is insane. Will someone please tell him/her (name could be either!) that that is a ridiculous statement? Really? Jimmy didn’t get a word in??? What show were YOU listening to? Pay attention more! Take the butt plugs outta your ears! Stay off the drugs!

    Good day.

  • Chris I’m really offended by your buttplug in the ears comment. My wife has sleep apnea the only way I can sleep through the night is by using (smaller sized) buttplugs in my ears. Before anyone asks I tried regular foam earplugs they don’t work! Oh and Jimmy had lots to say.

  • @Chuck
    Oh, no you misunderstood. He had to put down the massive bong he was doing rips off of while he was driving. And throw a blanket over the corpse in the back seat. And hop out and switch out the license plates of the stolen car he was driving in the first place. And quickly tear off the “Fuck the Police” bumper sticker.

  • @DoctorQuemmento ROFL. too true. The corpse should be in the trunk unless there was an overflow. CH is know to kick ass and take names. Since he’s such a busy man there isn’t always time to name taking….

    @Jamie that that is a ridiculous statement….because it’s true not because CH wills it to be true. This was more of a conversation vs. an interview.

  • I could be giving the commenter way more credit than they deserve, but wasn’t Jamie referring to the bit in the podcast where you said interviewers know innately how much someone wants to talk about something?

  • HA! I work at a radio station and you are so right about the people. And not that I expect EVERY historical or social reference to appear in your podcasts, but you could have mentioned; WKRP and NewsRadio. They both ridiculously close to reality on some days.

  • I’d like to have been a passer-by when Chris was recording the intro. It probably looked entertaining as hell from another driver’s perspective.

    Just to be around any of those random spots he picks for these intros would be fun to watch.

  • Shoot, I’m torn. On the one hand, trolls coming in here to drop hate bombs suck. On the other hand, I love reading the things of beauty Doctor Quemmento and JetpackBlues and now filthy have come up with to deal with them. What’s a girl to do?

    @Neo – To answer your question…Jimmy came around? He beheld the awesomeness that is the Nerdist podcast and saw that it was good?

    @Chris Hardwick – First of all, I really hope those weren’t USED butt plugs. Second, I keep hearing how you just stumbled into your jobs at MTV and KROQ. What would’ve been your career path had these gigs not come around?

  • Patty you are far too kind putting me on the same level of anti trollery as the Dr and Jet pack. I’m really amazed at how little trolling is done here. When Chris posted the Tom Hanks letter on Reddit I thought this place would be flooded.

  • Jamie…I completely agree. I actually turned it off mid-point. I love Chris, listened to every episode, seen the guys live, etc… But dang, dude does not stop talking!

  • @sparklepony
    You know what? You guys have got me all turned around on this. I’m with you now. I would much prefer that the host of an AUDIO podcast didn’t talk AT ALL. Can you recommend a few? No? In fact I was actually thinking of starting my own goddam podcast where I would speak to my listeners purely in sign language. Or I could do an interview based podcast in which I just stare creepily at the guests until they get uncomfortable and leave, backing away slowly until they make it through the exit door at which point they book it as quickly as they can to their cars because they’re convinced that I’m a fucking psychopath. The way I figure it I would also save myself a shit ton of cash with that format because I wouldn’t have to buy myself a mike.

    And that’s really kind of an untapped market. I mean, when you think about it, how many podcasts are there in which the host just zips his fucking trap for the duration of the recording? Fucking none, that’s how many. Wonder why that is. Seeing your posts there’s clearly a demand for such a thing, so I expect that when I DO start my fucktarded silent podcast I see AT LEAST a download a piece from the pair of ya.

    Different blokes for different folks, I suppose.

  • @Quemmento
    Screw you man. I’ll be the 4th download and then I’m gonna troll the hell outtta your message board about how little you talk. Yeah, I’m trolling a podcast before it’s really a podcast. That makes me an Alpha Troll! SO the rest of you little trolls in here best clear out , cause I’m the Alpha, I’m tough, I can type words and feel self-important and bitch about free entertainment cause I’m hollow and sad and……I’M THE ALPHA TROLL BLARGLE, BLARGLE, BLARGLE.

  • Achievement Unlocked! My first troll!

    You seem a worthy adversary, Sir Alpha of Troll. I shall enjoy devouring your digital heart, mounting your avatar’s head on a pike at my homepage, and dragging its ruined carcass through the streets of my website behind a golden internet chariot of victory. En garde!

  • Guess I’m a bit late to the game on this one. I’ve had this on my USB drive for a while, but just listened to it today. Listening to Jimmy Kimmel as the Sports Guy on KROQ was nostalgic as hell. Back in those days I think was around the time he was leaving to do bigger and better things like girls jumping on trampolines. But man. This podcast brought up some shitty memories. As do most of these podcasts where you talk about living in Westwood. Maybe shitty’s a shitty word, but what other way is there to say unpleasantly nostalgic? I lived there while going to SMC and UCLA. Ah. The shitty and/or unpleasantly nostalgic life of being broke with an asshole of bills and not a gaggle of dudes named William mind you. But then you said enjoy your burritos. Not burrito, but pluralized it. And it took me to a time and place in my memory where I worked on a lot of my creative stuff at a joint called Jose Bernstein’s where I would (much like Jonah) decide to spend the remainder of my paycheck on an order of chorizo and cheese burrito, beef casadilla and bottomless fountain drinks knowing I’d be broke for another 10 days. So, while I worked on my scripts and watched the latest Sandra Bullock premiere (of which there were many in those days) clot up the arterial flow of fame of Broxton all I gave a shit about was my Jose Bernstein’s. And then I would get depressed when I’d leave and see over the crowd of screaming fans Sandra Bullock’s head go by. But hey, at least I had a nice bowel movement when I got home. Too bad I ran out of toilet paper.