Episode 192

Nerdist Podcast

Jim Gaffigan

Nerdist Podcast: Jim Gaffigan

The hilarious and brilliant Jim Gaffigan returns to the show to talk about his new special, Mr. Universe, the growth of comedy over the years and eating healthy!

Buy Jim’s special, Mr, Universe, out TODAY on!

Artwork by Levi McGranahan

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  • this will be the 100th Nerdist Podcast that i’ve listened too (i only listen to the ones where i’m familiar with the guests and the hostfuls/live shows). i’ve really enjoyed listening. here’s to another 100! :D

  • I clicked, even though I don’t need anything from Amazon at the moment. THERE ARE YOU HAPPY YOUR CORPORATE SELL OUT FATCATS? HOLLYWOOD ELITE? Or…uhm…uh…yeah.

  • I’m thinking the Albuquerque hint has something to do with ‘Breaking Bad’ (I think they’re starting to film Season 5 right around then). Maybe they’re doing a ‘Talking Bad’ thing or something?

    I hope I’m right — Breaking Bad owns.

  • Chris,
    I wonder if you can self release and sell for $5 what is stopping folks like Jim, Louis, Aziz, or your from self releasing and give it away for free and sell their/your own advertising.

  • .
    (a 3ToF repost from another nerdist thread)….

    Thanks nerdist for the heads up on Jims new special!! i didnt know about it. i am STOKED by the business model that Louis CK and now Jim G have adopted. Im downloading “Mr Universe” as i type this. 5 bones is beyond fair for a shit-ton of laughs from a favorite comedian. By cutting out the middle man (im looking at you itunes) and other typical models ($>$20 dvd), our fav comedians can deliver their stuff for a great price and make a living. And i dont care what your stance is on illegal downloading, no one can say that $5 isnt a fair is. I hope this works as well for Jim as it did for Louis and we see more and more artists adopting this model. Its win-win.

    Thanks again nerdist for the heads up…i gots me some comedy to watch tonite thanx to y’all!!

    Peace .n. Beyond the Paleontologist.


  • Oh Jim, you had me at $5. It sounded like he was apologizing for doing a smart thing. Most people know that this new model is beneficial for everyone except no talent shit heels who just happen to have money (producers).

  • The same people that laugh and scoff at the stupid Obama e-mails that keep going around are the same people who feverishly forwarded the e-mails claiming that W. & Cheney planned 9/11 while eating Jewish babies.

    And Jim, I love that you question Fox News’ objectivity, but leave out the fact that channels like MSNBC & CNN are shills for the Democrats. Fox News does what they do because there are channels like MSNBC & CNN. Face it, you’re all just pissed that the libs media saturation is dwindling. The reason that you guys target and ridicule Fox News is because they dominate the ratings and you can’t have that. The reason that they dominate the ratings is because “right wingers” are the majority in this country, contrary to popular Los Angeles belief.

    Just bury your hive-minded heads in your iphones as California and the rest of the country gets flushed down the toilet. Do we even know what true freedom looks like anymore?

  • Jim Gaffigan is one of those comedians I not only find incredibly amusing but one for which I feel a genuine desire to show support. In regards to the Nerdist Revolution, I think the Nerdist Network and YouTube channel will blow network executive brains out of network executive assholes. Pretty sure. Geek and Sundry, too, of course.