Episode 339

Nerdist Podcast

Jenna-Louise Coleman

Nerdist Podcast: Jenna-Louise Coleman

The lovely Jenna-Louise Coleman sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about weird first dates, their favorite British and American TV shows, and being the new Companion on Doctor Who!

The new Doctor Who premieres Saturday, March 30th at 8/7c as part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday, followed by Orphan Black at 9/8c and the premiere of The Nerdist TV show at 10/9c.

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  • YAY.
    Wonderful episode, guys, one of the best. Thanks so much for getting this up before the premiere. Matt and Chris, everyone at Nerdist, you are consistently amazing. Excited for more Nerdist TV!

  • Man, this girl’s hisses are so shrill, she actually whistles. I’m not going to be able to watch the show without getting a headache. Every, single, time she says an “S.”

  • @Bill: I know! Jonah’s been working on Bing, working for our NatGeo pilot and getting ready for a wedding. He’s been tough to pin down! He’ll be back though. That lovable wiener.


    That sound you just heard is thousands of Whovian boners SPRINGING up upon learning of the special TARDIS episode mentioned here.

    @Chris Hardwick – Again with the “always working.” Please slow down just a smidgen so you don’t end up with an ulcer or a brain aneurysm. Thank you.


    Gah. Jenna is so adorable I just can’t. Really great interview. I’m kind of obsessed with the story about how Matt had to remind her to react to when he pilots the TARDIS. That was awesome.

    @Patty re: TARDIS centric explore-y episode. Yup. I died.

    “The Boston accent barks at you.” hey wait no it- yes. yes. it does. I don’t know why I even pretend to not acknowledge that the rest of the US knows we’re dicks.

  • Jenna Wade on Dallas was the character played by Priscilla Presley. You may know her from such things as Naked Gun and being married to Elvis somebody.

  • You know, there are some pretty awesome nerds here in Las Vegas. We even had our very first comic con last year and we’re having another this summer. There’s an awesome arcade downtown (Insert Coins) across from one of the best hole-in-the-wall Thai places in the world (Le Thai). And now that we have the Smith Center, we can see some amazing concerts and broadway shows without having to go to one of the big casinos. We also have CES which further bolsters our nerd cred.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the impression that people have of Las Vegas when the Strip is their only real experience here. But the Las Vegas strip is only 4 miles of a city with 1/2 a million people. When you live here, you experience something totally different. It’s just like any other city (with the exception of video poker machines in the grocery stores and gas stations). And when you see all those people behaving badly on the Strip, you have to remember those are people from everywhere ELSE. Those are tourists that come here with the sole purpose of getting as drunk as possible without dying while throwing around money they don’t have and pretending to be cooler than they are (and not fooling anyone).

    Should you ever require proof, you could always come here and do a live podcast and let the nerds of Las Vegas show you a whole other side to the city!

    Btw, Jenna is freaking adorable!! Excellent interview. Can’t wait for the return of the Nerdist on BBC America!


  • Ok, first, great episode.

    But here’s a quemment you can clear up here @ChrisHardwick.

    The show, the podcast, London, the NatGeo thing, Talking Dead, the interwebs, SkyDart, a house, a Jaguar, ALL the standup…
    Did you find a TARDIS, and that’s how you do all of this, a la Hermoine Granger? Or are you just a fucking robot and not even alive?!?!
    Love ya man!!!! Don’t stop!

  • Mr. Hardwick, looks like you’re going to have to dress as “The Regeneration Sequence” for Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

    The official Doctor Who Facebook page have confirmed that David Tennant is returning for the episode. Wheee!

    PS: on a hindsight, mash up of 10th & 11th costume is also possible but “Regeneration Sequence” is cooler :P

  • What she didnt mention was Blackpool is the closest thing we have to las vegas but run down as hell. It has a ton of casions, people go to get drunk and you can buy a lot of stuff shapped like dicks and boobs.

    Blackpool is not a classy place.

  • I was a little confused/intrigued by Chris and Matt talking about how Chris works non-stop and all… because I would have just assumed that with the nature of Chris’s job and career he has to keep up with a broad cross-section of pop culture. So if you’re alone in a hotel room and have downtime, wouldn’t you need to kick back and drink in a lot of what is going on, whether it’s just catching up on Breaking Bad or whatever.

    Anyway, good podcast. In an ideal world she’d come back on periodically even if not promoting something. :)