Episode 278

Nerdist Podcast

Instagramming Matt

Nerdist Podcast: Instagramming Matt

It’s some hostful goodness to start your weekend right! Jonah talks about his new podcast Jonah Raydio, Matt talks about the new G4, and Chris talks about interior decorating!

Artwork by Neal Julian



  • “Hostful”? What’s that? And why is there no guest?

    Oh, btw … Chris. you thought about my suggestion to get the Two Guys From Andromeda on the podcast? Comedy, games, 80s nerd icons / culture, all rolled in one. Scott and Mark totally deserve to get an episode.

    (Yes, people, this is where you all respond in agreement)

  • NEW HOSTFUL! We haven’t had one with just Team Nerdist since September! Sweet! Can’t wait to listen.

    @Matt Mira – On the upside of the whole AOTS situation, maybe you’ll have time to record your own stand up album? Maybe something to release in 2013 or 2014? Just a thought. :HUGS:

  • You know, I’m going to agree with the whole ‘Mid-Century Modern = Hip, therefore expensive” postulate.

    Before I came along, my dad had a whole bachelor pad full of Eames Era stuff. Then my mother’s taste for antiques changed all that. The only piece that endured was a Nixon/Danish lounge chair ( that fell into disrepair and was finally discarded after a minor basement flooding. Now I wish I would have kept it to restore.

    I’m starting to appreciate that asthetic again and pieces are stupid expensive finding them used on Craigslist, etc. Even more so if they’re made brand new. WTF?!?

  • It was called THE FAMOUS TEDDY Z, and it was a great show! Though Cryer’s character was less a mover-and-shaker than a fish-out-of-water, he was (IIRC) a kid working in the mailroom at a talent agency who became a full-fledged agent when he refused to take crap from a Marlon Brando-esque actor, who then requested Teddy be his agent. So the comedy came from Teddy being in a world he didn’t fully understand. Alex Rocco was BRILLIANT as the agency’s sleaziest agent.

  • Definitely time to go listen to Thrift Shop thirty times. I got so excited when Chris mentioned it and started playing it on the show.

    Sorry to hear about AOTS, Matt. Best wishes, and good luck – considering how many people find you hilarious on your own, I think you’ll be a-okay.

  • Beautiful art on the hostful. Chris, I won’t be watching your special because I live in Asia right now, but I’ve been telling all my Canadian friends to watch out for it.

  • @Kneel – Squee away, my good man! Having something you created put on display and publicly appreciated is worth shouting about. Go crazy with your bad self.

    @Alec Fritz – Cool icon and even cooler Menace mash-up! Are you on Twitter?

    @Matt Grandis and Curtis – Wait, who is WHOSE “bitch?” [SUMMONING CLAP] Minions, I demand a TWIX BAR!

    @Jonah Ray and Matt Mira – Oh, how I delighted in the way you two messed with Chris at the end! His reaction was priceless, so please feel free to do that some more! As for nicknames for Jonah, how about J-Ray or Jay Ray? Or if you want something less hip-hop and more pugilistic, how about Jonah “Sugar” Ray? And I still want the nickname “Big Papa” for Matt to become a thing. Makes him sound like a man about town.

    @Chris Hardwick – First of all…pilot? What pilot? Don’t tease us like that, give us the deets! Second, speaking as the person at the very end of the very long line after the almost-not-recorded NYCC podcast, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to the whole of Team Nerdist for sticking around and putting on brave faces to meet the crowd despite feeling crappy. Must’ve been awkward meeting that nice young couple who got engaged while thinking their proposal didn’t get recorded –good on you for persevering. And sorry again about my fan-girl freak-out. At least I didn’t blurt out “YOU SMELL NICE” like I did with Joel Hodgson. I’ll try to be calmer if we ever meet again.

    I feel like there’s something else I was supposed to mention, but I can’t think of what it was. Ah, well. It’s 5:00am and my brain is fried. Good night, citizens of Nerdistonia!

  • @Patty Marvel: God help me if I can find it, but somewhere on YouTube, there is a 20 minute or so interview/press conference Chris did at Star Wars Celebration a few months ago where the subject of the pilot was brought up. And I believe in his episode of YMIW, though I could be wrong, he described it as a cross between AOTS, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. Don’t quote me on it, but I think that’s, at the very least, somewhere in the ballpark.

  • I nearly had a stroke, laughing so hard from Jonah’s “I’m A Pepper” prank.
    Thank you Chris Hardwick, your Comedy Central special is a very specail birthday present.

  • Justin & Patty: yeah that’s pretty much it re: pilot. I always wondered what would have happened if AOTS had a bigger platform, a more singular point of view and was a comedy show first, information show second. I LOVED working at G4 and I really feel like there’s a place for this kind of show on CC. Hope I’m right! I may not be! But I’m gonna try anyway.

  • chris, jonah, matt; your discussion regarding the taping of your show and personal responsibility/pride in your work. can be any group of people. and you can see it every day while working anywhere. but here is an example of “not my job but do it anyway”. at a concert of a national musical act, my husband and i were at the edge of the stage during a set break and he noticed the microphone for the kick mic had slouched. he had called to the assistant and had them readjust it so it would record properly. i think he was more geeked about how he got them to take care of something and that it mattered to the overall musical experience. he didnt have to do it and to get someone attention was a task. some people do, like you guys, go the extra mile, and some will not. disappointing when its something you work so hard for. i am thankful that i got to hear that podcast. i am thankful for all the podcasts you post. thanks for this hostful. i do enjoy the ones with guests but, i missed you guys.

  • CHRIS! I fucking love the credits and intro / outros for mashup as well. The best one is the samurai sword through the watermelon. The music and people with TV on their heads is great also!

  • I actually work in the marketing department of a Minneapolis based furniture chain…$8000 grand sofas are pretty common in some of our stores. Next time you are in town, Chris, I’ll show you around some of our more interesting locations.