Episode 430

Nerdist Podcast

Harrison Ford

Nerdist Podcast: Harrison Ford

The guys sit down with Harrison Ford at SDCC to talk about life before Star Wars, what he brings to his characters, and some of his favorite movies!

See Ender’s Game in theaters Friday, November 1st!

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  • Right, I’d like to be amongst the first to say that I thought that you all handled Harrison very well. He sounded like a challenging guest, but I thought this was interesting and funny and yoou got him to talk about interesting things.

    And if there were some things you would have done differently or would have liked to cover – then I’m sure your skilled team of bookers will be able to procure him for a return visit in a few years when he’s promoting episode VII.


  • Chris, you are wayyyy too hard on yourself. This was a fucking good podcast.

    Like, seriously, sometimes you seem very self-deprecating on these podcasts. But, in reality, you should be really proud of the shit you get done.

    Nice work!!

  • Certain things are clear:

    Harrison does not give a fuck about a lot o things (in no particular order): Harry potter, reddit, the Internet, and any single Star Wars questions.

  • Who did you sleep with to get that interview? HOLY SHIT, Harrison Fucking Ford is on the podcast. Good thing my church doesn’t listen or go to the Nerdist website.

  • I have to agree with the others here complementing you Chris. Mr. Ford is a notoriously difficult interview, but you clearly made an attempt to ask him about things that he doesn’t often get to talk about, and I think he gave some good answers. It was a bit apparent to me, as a regular listener, that you were trying to avoid going full fanboy on him but that’s completely understandable and I doubt it’s something he noticed. Good job all of you guys (and gal)!

  • Chris, this was fantastic! Harrison is a tough interview for anyone, and sometimes it seems like he thrives on creating and maintaining awkwardness. You guys did a phenomenal job and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Kudos!

  • If I post in the comments, it’s usually to nitpick or be a dick, but you guys did a fine job. If you hadn’t prefaced the podcast with an apology, nobody would have blinked an eye. Sure, there were one or two awkward questions, but you kept it together on the whole, and I’m glad you finally posted this.

  • I’m way too amused by the phrase “hard on yourself.” It makes me giggle like a 13 year old boy ever time I read it.. I know, I need a new hobby!!

    Haven’t you missed my comments that are totally unrelated to anything going on in the comment section or podcast?

  • I’m going to go ahead and join in on the overwhelming consensus that you are way too hard on yourself. Sure this episode was more subdued than usual, but Harrison Ford is hardly known for being very excitable. I thought you did a great job. Getting more than a monosyllabic answer out of him is like pulling teeth even for the best interviewers in the world, and for you to keep him engaged and talking for an hour is no small feat. You should be proud. :)

  • This was much better than I thought it would be. I don’t know if you guys were trying to downplay it at all to lower expectations, but it seemed like you got him to say some things that he doesn’t say that often. And in a relatively long form interview.

    Maybe it seemed worse seeing his snarls and stares in person, but I wouldn’t have thought this would go any better than it did giving how he is via most interviews. I mean, he blew off that one Reddit questions about two last names, but come on, I think I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He is a 70 year old curmudgeon.

  • Chris, it really seems to me, from the tone of this interview, that Harrison Ford is deeply insecure. I think this is the source of his standoffish attitude. You did really well, and he seemed to ease up from time to time.

    This is surely the longest and most personal interview I have heard with our illustrious childhood hero. Thanks for that.

    Enjoy your Burrito.

  • Chris, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this interview. You’ve been saying how it wasn’t your best, and while it didn’t feel as loose as some, I have to say, you did a great job. Mr. Ford just does not often relax in interviews, and I think you did about the best at putting him at ease as anyone could.

    Anyway, great job to you, and all of the team. Hopefully when he is doing the circuit again for SW7, he will remember you and this interview and then maybe he will be a bit more relaxed. Plus then you can ask more Star Wars questions, because that is what he’ll be promoting (like it needs promoting).

    Keep up the great work, and for God’s sake, Man, take a friggin’ vacation some time.

  • Hey Nerdists. Really, I was expecting disaster, but it was a Ford interview. You did as well as you could.

    He’s a very tough interview. But you know what, at least he’s a very no bullshit kind of guy. He’s going to tell you how he feels and will not go into some superfluous story and make shit up just to cut the awkwardness. Still, he’s a bit of a dick for being so non giving. Not everybody can be Tom Hanks interviews. Meaning the guy who’ll do everything to make things interesting and fluid. But he could still try a little more.

  • Chris, again, echoing everyone else, the qualification was not necessary. Great interview. You even managed to pull out some of that dry, sardonic Harrison humor which is very rare. Sounds like this is just how the man operates. Still fun to hear as a fan!

  • HOORAY! Now everyone can stop bitching about when the Harrison Ford podcast is going up!

    It seems he had some expectation that the interview was about Ender’s Game, but you guys asked some really good questions and he gave honest answers. How he ‘played along’ as you tiptoed around asking about Star Wars/Blade Runner/Indy seemed fun, but I think the whole point of your apologies is you saw the expression on his face and he didn’t ‘seem’ like he was playing along.

    I was going to be a sarcastic choad and write “BEST PODCAST EVER” at the top, but it was really good and I think just getting the audio covered up the all the nervous and awkward.

    But seriously, was he wearing a jacket made out of a vinyl shower curtain or something? Because everyone needs SOMETHING to complain about….

  • A few years ago, I would’ve said that you’re just a shitty person if you can’t be nice as well as talented.

    But then I realized: I’d probably be crappy to interview too, not because I’m not nice, but because I’m an introvert, and I’d derail the conversation toward stuff I wanted to talk about too. And I’d like to think that I have something to offer creatively, in spite of that.

    Ergo, I can safely reconcile Harrison Ford. Ergo, my childhood hasn’t been completely destroyed. (And that WAS a Young Indiana Jones Chonicles reference, not just a general Greek reference.)

  • You guys were way to hard on yourselves. That Harrison Ford interview was great! He has such straight forward sense of humor that it’s almost awkward. I think I would have geeked out way worse that you did, and I’m a pretty calm individual.

  • There’s only two possibilities: Mr. Hardwick has forgotten what true failure feels like after all his years of success so the slightest turmoil feels like a catastrophe or Chris is some sort of a mastermind and has been preparing us for something truly horrible so now that we hear this and realize it’s not so bad we think “oh it’s not so bad we love you Chris!”

  • You know what I loved about this one? I found out that Harrison Ford speaks SO MUCH like a writer, even if he doesn’t necessarily write himself (although he did mention working on scripts with people once he gets a job). I love it when people talk so intelligently about craft, and I think if people are into it, it’s something they REALLY enjoy talking about, so it was great that the conversation went in that direction. I think it opened him up a little.

    Chris, the way you talked about this episode, I was expecting you to be uncontrollably making quips about Star Wars the whole time, or just being really jokey and Harrison Ford would just NOT want to respond to any of it and it would be really embarrassing to listen to–but this was NONE of that. You got him to show off what an intellect he has when it comes to storytelling, and I REALLY enjoyed that.

  • I thought the 2 last names question was a reasonable question. You know there was a point in his life where that annoyed him or he at least thought about it, but he enjoys so much being intimidating and awkward… I heard him on a radio interview once with a bunch of non-geek radio people, and they did NOT handle it well at all, I thought you guys were great!

    Whatever man, he was still my first love, when I was about 2 years old and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark he was super dreamy. I am slightly creeped out by how much he now reminds me of my dad, though.

  • Chris, you did do a great job in this interview. I feel like sometimes it is difficult to interview certain people, especially for comedians, because some people genuinely don’t enjoy talking about themselves. I feel like certain people were raised to believe that talking about themselves at length is either arrogant or rude to another person. Comedians are forced to be outgoing and extroverted for their job so they rarely meet or socialize with these types of people. Nick Offerman is a man of a similar type, a hard working and talented guy who is more of a craft nerd then an outgoing fan type.

    Robert Di Nero has spoken in interviews about how he approaches new cast members on films. He says people often view him like his most famous roles, however in real life he is shy and introverted. He says this is difficult because people often just want to be his friend and he feels he comes of as rude. Sometimes we forget that fame doesn’t cure social anxiety and don’t give celebrities the benefit of the doubt because the are always in the public eye. Harrison Ford strikes me as a victim of that success. He doesn’t want to come off as rude or ungrateful, but he doesn’t understand people who love him so much because he is a still a humble guy who does carpentry and is largely unaffected by Hollywood fame.

  • The Nerdist is as much a cultural anthropology podcast as it is anything else. It just happens to seek out, embrace and reward the self awareness of those in that culture. The fact that Mr. Ford’s personal life is one that seems to escape and disavow the very culture that was responsible for his success says more about him than you, Chris.

    Shine on you crazy diamond!

  • @RG I still have your initial impression. My job is to crunch numbers. I’m an introvert. But as a reasonable person, I know that on the side, I need to pleasantly socialize with coworker and be nice to my clients. If my client asks how my week was, it’s understood that “it was a weekend” is inappropriate. Heck, if my cashier at Target tries to talk to me, it’s my job as a human being to play along.

    I wonder if something is actually up with Mr. Ford to cause he to be like this when he does interviews.

    But again, you guys handled it like pros.

  • I think you did a great job with the interview. Harrison Ford certainly is a very interesting person and has a very unique sense of humor and obviously loves messing with people, but he had a lot of insightful things to say and on the whole it was great interview. Good job!

  • Chris, RE LAX! You are always so self critical! You need a self esteem boost. You’re a great guy. Look at all you have accomplished! I went to my first hockey game recently and Mike friggin Babcock (the head coach of the Red Wings a sports thing type big deal I know you don’t care about but is my Harrison Ford) walked RIGHT past me and all I could do was turn to my mom and point and go uhh uhhh thats uhhh Mike … Red Wings and OFF HE WENT! I totally could have gone up to him and told him how awesome he was but I couldn’t even form a sentence! Your AWESOME! LOVE YOU and all you have built. Also PS my dads an alcoholic and can’t stay sober for a month even to see his grandbaby so you’re a FREAKN STRONG PERSON! OK I am DONE YELLING POSITIVE THINGS AT YOU! GOODBYE!