Episode 426

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Greg Proops Returns Again

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Nerdist Podcast: Greg Proops Returns Again

Greg Proops returns again to the podcast to discuss being the smartest (and most humble) man in the world, dealing with hecklers at shows, and almost every movie ever!

Get Greg’s new special Live at Musso and Frank Hollywood, available tomorrow October 22nd!

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  • Loving all the Bloomington, IN love!! I went to Indiana in the early 90′s and I loved it there also. Gotta get back and get some great food, you guys are making me hungry.

  • I was a comic for a few years and toured the UP (& northern Wi & Canada) extensively. It’s awesome. That entire US North Coast along Lake Superior, from Sault St Marie to Copper Harbor to Bayfield Wi, is just stunningly beautiful, and dotted with great little pockets of culture, education, and industrial arts, but without all the people too up their own asses like you usually find in more densely populated nice places. That weather is definitely not for sissies though. Bring wool long underwear and real boots. Warm is fashionable.

    Protip: People are busy in the summer and fall out doing things. Winter is the time people want to sit in an audience, but people deal with those winters in different ways. Clever performers will arrange little sets in the coffee bars full of students and affluent yuppies, and avoid the bars and “clubs” full of sad, angry alcoholics.

  • oooh – so that’s what happened at the Madison show. was at that one…sitting on the aisle the dude walked up. t’was a bit awkward, but well handled. nicely done. :)

  • This is a comment on the intro but I hate to tell you Chris our Christmas trees have been out for a few weeks at my work. Retail sets up extra early! Lol. :( I hate Christmas already. :)

  • Holy Kittens McTavish that was a good episode. Normally, I would have ended the previous sentence with an exclamation point but I know Mr. Proops does not like them…

  • @Curtis: Seattle-dogs & PBR. I’m buyin’, son!

    Man, I am so far behind on the show. Just because I was furloughed doesn’t mean I had time to listen to the dailies.

  • I’m a scientist, and I love Greg Proops. My liking people is not predicated on them having the same views on anything as mine. If it was, I’d be very lonely and stunted.

    I’d love to see Greg P & Gordon Ramsey stuck on a project together. I can’t even imagine what it would be, but just imagine that.

  • i just wanted to say thank you for this awesome podcast , other than you guys, Mr. Proops helps me get through every week. today was a bad one and i was just thinking that i wished “Blackbirds” was a little longer and then i found out he was on with you guys…awesome as always guys, thanks again

  • I think Chris would say a comic refers to someone who specifically does stand up. Comedian is a broader term that would include people who do other forms of comedy i.e. sketch, improv, etc. but not necessarily pure stand up comedy.

  • WOW. It just amazes me how so many people take themselves as seriously as they do?!?! Lighten up; breathe….it’s entertainment – nothing more. Thank you for the entertaining and fast-paced podcast.

  • Okay. Chris. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now and I’ve always had one very specific question.

    Why, when often in pop culture people are referred to to as ‘comedians’, do you refer to those people as ‘comics’? Like, is there some reasoning behind it, or it is just something that you do? I’ve always been curious about whether people believe those two to be synonymous or if they carry different connotations.

  • *cough*

    wow. i was just pointing out that the writeup using the word “humble” to describe someone who named their podcast The Smartest Man in the World was obviously a silly little joke.

    so… yeah. have a nice day.

  • D Padular,
    It’s been a while since I listened to the podcast I linked. I vaguely remember a handful of jokes that fell pretty flat. (and I say that as someone who listened to and laughed quite a bit at several dozen smartest man podcasts).

    The big takeaways I got were the ‘The pursuit of knowledge (science) is waste of time and energy.’ and ‘All scientists are part of the military industrial complex.’ bits. (I’m paraphrasing)

    To hear the guy derisively mock creationists with ‘And then the big baby Jesus rode a Dinosaur into the cracker barrel’ and then look down his nose at science made me look back at several dozen smartest man podcasts with a different perspective. We don’t mock creationists because they’re different than us and they have odd ideas – we mock them because science tells us that their views are illogical and because they persist in their beliefs in spite of that. If you shit on something because science says it’s wrong, and then you shit on science – then what do you stand for?

    You stand for shitting on things. That seems to be what Proops stands for, and I can’t get behind that.

    After listening to that titanium physicists podcast I can’t help but think of Bill Hicks’s infamous line ‘Watcha’ readin’ for?’ whenever I see Proops’s name. When that’s precisely what he rails against in his own act ‘Humble’ doesn’t exactly ring true to me.

    If you don’t see the double-speak, then that’s fine. Keep on enjoying his show. He’s funny. He promote’s human rights. Good on him, good on you.

    Of course ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.’.. so I could have just moved along and not posted in the first place.. which I probably should have.

    sorry. >.<

  • I think it should be noted that Proops was on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show yesterday and mentioned that is folding and he had to start looking for other distribution options for his special. The Chill staff told him the website will not exist in a month.

  • There’s a bunch of hot dog stands out in downtown Seattle that are perfect for leaving the bar / a concert / comedy show / whatever. $5 for grilled hot dogs with cream cheese, grilled onions, and add some sriracha for a perfect Seattle-dog.