Episode 371

Nerdist Podcast

Fred Willard Returns!

Nerdist Podcast: Fred Willard Returns!

Fred Willard returns to the show for a full episode! He sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about the time he was on a live Nerdist podcast, the way jokes are formed and interpreted, and his role on the HBO show Family Tree!

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  • @jetpack eye don’t think ewe tried hard enough too misspell or misplace as many words as ewe could half.

    Though on a more serious note, I saw Fred Willard in the description and I thought it was Fred Stoller who had been making the rounds.

    Fred Willard is the second best thing about all those Christopher Guest movies. That shitty mom from the Home Alone movies is my fav thing about those.

  • @Chris#2: No, I know exactly witch words to use. And I’ll be able to here Chris gnashing his teeth over the Internet the moment he’s red them.

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  • @Jetpack Oh you’re right. I was distracted by my phonograph. Wait, I actually have one. Can you stop putting #2 next to my name. The F in my email address doesn’t stand for Fecal Matter. I’m not saying I’d rather be #1, can I be Beta Chris to Chris Hardwick’s Alpha Chris

  • @gammachris you officially have the coolest of the Greek numbered chris’. I’d take it instead of having to face either of the other Chris’ in mortal combat. Though imagine if the hunger games was made up of people sharing the same full name and it was a bunch of John Smiths battling to the death to be the last and only John Smith. And what’s with the random posts here. I mean I guess I get bsg mentioning jeopardy because Quemments are as dead as Chris Farley and just as funny.

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    Worrying about stuff hanging from the nose: I suffer from allergies so I’m always wondering if there is something in the nasal area that shouldn’t be.

    New Nerdist Meme: Scrappling the bottom of the barrel??????

  • @Beta Chris & Other Chris: I wanna be ΩChris now, just because. Makes me sound like a PacRim Jaeger or a Battletech mech.

    Maybe Hardwick can change from Alpha Chris to ΛChris (Revenge of the Nerds reference) and battle until one of us starts crying.

    Ah Scrapple, or as I refer to it “everything but the squeal!”

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  • I say we settle all of this with a game of air hockey… Or perhaps a conference. NAPAC? National Association of People Christened Christopher? No Christians allowed.

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  • I like that Chris Hardwick is Chris Prime (Opti-Chris Prime?)

    I like to think of myself as Chris Prime of Earth 2 in the multiverse. Like when Quinn Mallory went to the other universes and he looked different on the other worlds. Kinda.

    For the Nerdist of Earth 2 go to

    That’s a real thing.

  • Side effects dictated but not read, conducted by a back-handed study include: Yellow Ledbetter, cryptomania, and a sudden inexplicable webbing of the taint.

  • “Bloody” being a rude word in the UK because it’s referring to “God’s blood”…at least for Xians.

    Meanwhile, not only was John Cleese doing an Oxbridge show in NYC in the early/mid ’60s for a stretch, but he was engaged by (MAD comics founding editor) Harvey Kurtzman’s magazine HELP! to act in a photo-fumetti (comics, essentially, with photos instead of drawing/painting), and so met and and worked with Kurtzman’s assistant, Terry Gilliam (who had followed Gloria Steinem in that job…she didn’t do so much art for the magazine, but apparently was very good at getting big-name comedians and comic actors to pose for the covers).

  • @Everyone making with the funny in this thread – Cthulu DAMMIT, I love you people SO farking much. And I’ve lost count of how many Chrises (Chrisi? Fark it, whatever) are in here now.

    On a totally different note (G minor?), I see Team Nerdist is closing in on 400 episodes. Here’s a thought for #500 – have not just a live podcast, but a live *streaming* podcast where listeners can tweet in questions. Maybe you could charge for the live and streamed versions and have half the money go to a charity like Bill O’Reily (SP?) and Jon Stewart did a few months ago? THEN post the free podcast a few days later, at which time people couldn’t get their quemments read and answered, but at least they’d get to hear the show.

    Just a random thought. Do with it what you will.

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  • @Three Toes of Fury – Thanks.

    True story – I came up with “Urethra Franklin” when I had to remember parts of the human reproductive systems for an undergrad biology class, much to the amusement of all my male lab partners.