Episode 172

Nerdist Podcast

Ellie Kemper

Nerdist Podcast: Ellie Kemper

The amazing and hilarious Ellie Kemper–whom you probably have seen being really funny in Bridesmaids & The Office–joins us to talk about women in comedy, our favorite Moby songs, and bumper stickers. And then we take a picture in the bathroom!

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  • Wait, Chris, you passed up the opportunity to play Scrabble with Moby? The worst scenario is he could have said no. You didn’t even ask, I could have lived vicariously through you.


  • You guys now owe $15,000 in royalties to Jon Stewart for that belligerent New Yorker voice. I think that may be where it entered into the ether you guys pulled it from. It’s been his go-to riff voice for at least a decade, now….

    Great podcast, great guest. Surprisingly good sound quality :)

  • Ellie Kemper is such a amazing choice. I love her interviews and she always seems sweet and funny, yet I didnt think of her for the podcast. You did though, and Im glad for that. Thanks for another great episode.

  • Big C when you did your AMA you said you’d do NSFW on TWiT. I know that Brian Brushwood (@shwood) and Justin Robert Young (@justinryoung) tweeted at you about coming on the show around the time that you did it. I think you’d be an awesome guest for the show.

  • Here’s my take on women and comedy: (No no! Don’t skim past! Read it!)

    The difference between men and women is how they are brought up and society in general. Women have the capabilities that men have and vice versa, however, in growing up, women have a role they play that everyone (including themselves) forces them into. This also has to do with the relationship with their moms.

    Now if one girl breaks away from that norm then cool! However, there is another issue, her friends. You may easily know a funny girl who still has unfunny tendencies, like her humor hasn’t fully matured, my sister falls into this. Usually they may have a better relationship with their dad but then are influenced by other girls who have fallen into the ‘role trap’, that big slippery hole that’s just so damn easy to slide into.

    Us men have it much too easy, we have no role other than to be tough, and even that isn’t too much enforced. We can be smart without intimidating women, etc. It’s getting better,. These roles are blending together luckily, thanks to that internet thing.

  • So, who started the fight with feedback :P? There’s going to be a small videogame session (?) (apparently) between the Indoor Kids and Feedback presenters (panelists?). This “fire” brought on by the searing hatred initiated by the Feedback roughians towards the Nerdlings with special guest Ellie adorable-Office-co-star-blow-job-girl :P Kemper, might be the makings of one of the greatest nerd fights experienced in the world, and yes this is propaganda. :D.

    Enjoyed the podcast with the wolf bit in the end and adorable and bubbly Ellie Kemper throughout the whole thing. :D!

  • Great podcast, wonderful guest and very funny. Thanks for another enteraining and informative hour! Plus, you guys all look really great in the picture. Loving all these podcast!

  • Hi just wanted to write and say how much I am enjoying the podcast.

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  • Get this girl some downers before you start recording next time! That stop-start-stop-start way of speaking drives me up the wall and makes me think I’m listening to a toddler. Just finish your damn sentence before unloading another one.

  • Good podcast. Your show generally comes more to life when there’s a smart woman hanging out with the guys, adding a different perspective. Britton, Jenny Wade, Kemper.

  • This might sound kind of weird, but I LOVE that you kept recording as you wandered off and explored the bathroom. I’m a big fan of the podcast; I always get a little excited when I see a new episode in the queue. Thanks for the laughs!

  • the Woody AMA on reddit issue was not that he didnt answer that question, but that he replied to only 4 or 5 questions with generic one sentence answers. It probably wasn’t even him. People felt he took advantage of the AMA just to promote.

  • i think this was the perfect illustration of why (some) women have trouble breaking in to comedy… because the boys are so self involved that they wont shut up long enough to let the girls finish a thought which is why most of the successful women comedians are ones with loud brassy personalities that can compete with the smart ass boys. i realize this is painting with broad strokes but i think there is some truth to it. by this logic base on this interview, ellie kemper clearly isnt a comedian, she is a (very funny) comedic actress though.

    otherwise i imagine its nature/nurture at play. being funny has long been a way for men to attract women. now that the gender roles in society have been converging we see more women free to employ those methods in reverse.

    one last thought. comedy in many ways is a form of domination. it is a way to assert ones primacy, to literally put others in their place. i see this (again in traditional gender parlance) as a masculine trait so it makes sense that the primary wielders of this power have been men.

  • I love the podcast, but this was a particularly good episode. Ms. Kemper is as charming as her character on The Office! She’s funny and witty and had real chemistry with the guys. The Nerdists were as funny and biting as usual, but a real sense of warmth toward Ms. Kemper comes through.
    Excellent episode!