Episode 244

Nerdist Podcast

Dr. Demento

Nerdist Podcast: Dr. Demento

The amazing Dr. Demento was kind enough to take a break from his own show and come on the podcast! Chris and Jonah profess their love for the doctor, Dan Pasternack joins in the discussion of favorite comedy albums, and Matt Bennett stops by a bit!

Listen to Dr. Demento here!

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  • @Chris Hardwick – Settled in and ready to listen! Before I do, I will (perhaps annoyingly) repeat the plea from my very first post to the very first podcast I listened to…PLEASE, please, please interview Tom Lehrer!

    This possibility was mentioned in passing during the They Might Be Giants podcast and seeing Dr. Demento, who played some of Lehrer’s work, reminds me of that. Please, please, PLEASE interview the man! He’s in his 80s and, to be brutally honest, he might not be around to grant an interview for too terribly long and, dammit, the last person to interview him ought to be a fan rather than just some reporter from some little-read paper that won’t get shared the way this podcast would.

    Bring Mike Phirman with you! Make it a fan-boy party! Just please, please, please do this! I will buy you a burrito! I will bake a pan of brownies for you! I will wash your car for you! I will…I will think of something. Just please, please, please interview Tom Lehrer and you will have the undying devotion and fandom I have for Kate Bush (trust me, that’s saying something).

    P.S. Pretty please?

  • I used to stay up late on Sunday nights to listen to Dr. Demento’s show when I was in middle and high school! I loved him so much!! BEST PODCAST EVER!!

  • Chris, Matt, and Jonah…i would very much appreciate it if you 3 would stop using some kind of f’d up Inception-type method to break into my subconscious while i sleep and, continually, steal the best-possible-guest-ideas. Clearly thats whats happening as you guys keep finding the PERFECT guests that i’d like to hear.

    Doctor Demento was a HUGE influence on my early nerd and comedy loving person. Never missed his show late sunday nights in Chicago.

    Thanks Team!

    Peace .n. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park


  • Awesome! Just three days ago I was thinking that you guys needed to have THIS Dr. on your show finally!

    I’m so glad for this, and you are free to continue enjoying your own proverbial burritos.

    (Why is it “burritos” and not “burritoes”?)