Episode 463

Nerdist Podcast

Dance of the Jedi

Nerdist Podcast: Dance of the Jedi

The guys get together for some more hostful goodness! They talk about what they did over the holidays, Matt went to an autograph convention, and Jonah is the happiest one in the group!

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  • 2014 Hostful! Woot!

    Like Matt, I too attended the Hollywood Collectors Show for an hour or two. It’s a salad bar of has-beens and never-wases, which makes the show that much more fun. And the Blaine Capatch reference…nearly shorted out my computer screens at work. That was brilliant.

  • I can’t NOT picture Sly Snootles as the dancer at your booth, even if her ‘stage name’ was Jedi.

    Chris, the reason why you feel so awkward about some things is because you’re a nerd. You weren’t a “cock-punching jock”, objectifying women and on a testosterone paved warpath to being an Alpha male. Even though you’ve proved on some of the podcasts that those who grew up that way also had to lock away their inner nerd to keep him from being bullied and stuffed in a mailbox, at your core you’re most likely sensitive and meek.

    And trust me, dealing with your fans and the love & attention you give when one-on-one with us, you’re too hard on yourself (said the hypocrite). But sometimes everyone needs to check out into their own Cone of Silence.

    An article on Slate, that I identified with, that may give you some insight: Although with your Seacrest-ian work ethic, not all of it applies.

    The last Hostful was uncomfortable to listen to because it let me know too many things about what I don’t know about all of you. But I did enjoy and appreciate it.

  • @Mccrackelz POINTS

    @Jetpack: Interesting article! I may not be entirely a grass-eater (grass tastes really bad). I do have a great interest in sex (it’s really fun!) but I am ALSO sensitive and meek. Good combo! Anyway, Happy New Year! I can still say that until the 10th, I think.

  • Another great Hostful. Thanks Chris, Matt and Jonah for such another fun episode. Chris, I understand the idea of almost feeling like you have it too good with Chloe, like you are taking advantage somehow. Hope that isn’t too far off base. Anyway, the real question you have to ask is “Is she happy?”. If yes, then let it be and enjoy. All indications as an outsider are that she is right where she wants too be, so don’t “feel bad” about it. Sorry for unsolicited advice, hope it wasn’t out of line. Great podcast.

  • WHY did she not call herself Oola?! C’mon guys!

    And Chris just keeps yelling out “Da Eitha!” as she dances, finally pounding the table and shouting “BOSKA!” At which point our dancer steps backward, loses her footing on the edge of the table and tumbles to the floor, limbs all akimbo.

  • Hahaha! I love you guys! This is the best hostful yet! I laughed so hard that I could barely see on my way to work, ‘cuz of the tears in my eyes! LOL! I love hearing the people off-mic laughing! I think Matt and I are kindred spirits, ‘cuz I hate everyone except strangers, too!!! Love hostful podcasts!!!!!

  • Dancer named Jedi…

    I am betting she knew just who you are but she was also a professional about it. I mean really. Had you been there without your woman, I am betting you would have had a very different reaction from her.

  • .
    Hashtag War…..


    – Booba Fett
    – Boobie Wan Kenobi
    – Landingstrip Calrision
    – HandJabba the Hutt
    – Golden Shower Wicket (aka: one of the PeEwok)
    – Hanna Solo
    – Princess Lay-ya
    – Golden Shower Protocol Droid (aka: C3-PeeOnYa)
    – Star: small town girl from a thong time ago in a galaxy far away.
    – Queen (lap-dance-costs) A dolla.
    – Double-D-Murial Akbar – “They’re a trap!”
    – Grand Muff Tarkin

    Peace .n. POINTS!

    3ToF….scruffy looking nerf herder

  • Great to hear the guys wax poetic about my hometown of Henderson! Great episode, every time I hear Kyle laughing in the background I start cracking up…fucking love that guy!

  • Those autograph shows have been around for a while. Matt/Jonah has mentioned the Black Power Ranger (Walter Jones) before. If I’m getting a booth dance I want to dress as Powers Booth.

  • oo! oo! can you please apply your personal sensibilities to my life as well, rhs? i want the opportunity to change my life around to meet the approval of nosy random internet strangers, too!

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    @rogers-hammer-stein: tis true that the internet and forums such as this give everyone a chance to voice their opinion and they have the right to do so regardless of stance on a subject. that being said, your comment phrasing is rude, innappropriate, and wrong. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion on subjects such as dating and your own comfort level for age differences between individuals dating however to try and force those upon someone else..and judge them in the process…is bullsh@t trolling.

    I think its safe to assume that you dont know Chris and Chloe personally. Neither do most of the fans of this show. But I for one, a constant listener, have never gotten anything but an incredibly strong bond between them when they talk together on the show. They laugh, they enjoy each others company, they share common interests, they’ve been through tough stuff together, and they laugh. If that isnt the foundation for an awesome relationship, regardless of age, then i dont know what is. Take it from me…life is too short…and there’s already too much judgement and bullshit…if someone finds someone that makes them happy…its a wonderful thing.

    Peace .n. Hoping trolls find something to be happy about this year.


  • My mom and dad were in a relationship that had an age gap of 20 years, lasting 28 years, only ending because he died from cancer. Their relationship started when she was 22 and I asked her if she ever felt weird about it and she said she never did. Some people would say things but it never bothered her because she was happy. Only problem she had was he owned his own company and worked a lot so it was lonely sometimes. So I hope that makes you feel better because age is just a number and if it works that is all that matters. It was nice growing up in a home without yelling during disagreements and having parents that had mutal respect for each other.

  • OMG, you guys! Seriously, you couldn’t remember Debi Mazar? The show is ‘Extra Virgin’, she’s been in SO many movies, especially she was the Spice to Drew Barrymore’s Sugar, Two-Face’s girlfriends in, I believe, Batman Forever. Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey as Edward Nigma/The Riddler? Also the evil dognapping ex-girlfriend in “Beethoven’s 2nd”. Although really I’ve only caught the end minutes of Extra Virgin when it used to be the lead-in for ‘Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen’, which I really hope you get to see at least once. So funny!

  • Really loved the podcast, it’s nice to hear what you guys are up to. One suggestion: never use the word “flopped” when speaking about a woman’s breasts. She may not care, but she may become homicidal. There isn’t really a middle ground.

  • Enjoyed another great Hostful, and I have to agree with Matt about SouthPoint in Vegas.

    I’ve gone to Vegas a number of times (no, I don’t live 4 hours away like SOME people), and once you’ve done the Strip thing, unless you like the “Planet Erf” type of tourist, you branch out to the other casinos in town.

    SouthPoint is off-Strip, but it’s relatively inexpensive for a room, yes the movie theater is great, and if you want to go anywhere else in Vegas you just get a cab or a shuttle and go. (No, not a shill for this particular property, just stayed there quite a few times).

    Just like anything else, Vegas is what you make of it, and if you go just make sure you calibrate your expectations and get what you want out of it before the town tries to take all your monies. Just like any other touristy town.

  • I’m catching up on my podcasts at work, and I had to stop listening in the middle of the North American Doofus bit. Cracked. My. Shit. Up. This needs to be a thing. If it’s not already. Please, please, please, Matt and Jonah, please do a nature documentary on whole of the Doofus species. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!

    (Also, I want this enough that I didn’t copy-pasta all those pleases!)