Episode 491

Nerdist Podcast

Curtis Armstrong

Nerdist Podcast: Curtis Armstrong

Nerd hero Curtis Armstrong hangs out with Chris and Jonah to talk about playing Booger in Revenge of the Nerds, his many other roles in Risky Business, Better Off Dead, and Moonlighting, being at the first Star Trek convention ever, and working on King of the Nerds!

Watch the finale of King of the Nerds tomorrow, Thursday March 13th on TBS at 10pm!

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  • “THIS IS PURE SNOW! Do you have any idea what the street value is of this?? Ive frozen my brain! I cant move my right arm!!” – Charles Dumar.

    Better Off Dead is one of the best, wackiest, comedies of all time….Curtis is wonderful in it. My favorite scene is where the jock/@sshole tells Blane Meyer (aka Cusack) “you better shave your date before you kiss her goodnight”, in reference to Curtis’ character. Curtis defuses the situation and takes the power back by laughing hysterically at the bit…and keeps laughing…..its brilliant and poignant….Nerds Rule!

    Peace .n. “c’mon man..its the K12..thats DEATH down there…and dying when you’re not really sick is really sick…really!”

    3ToF and Omega Moo…we’ve come here do our show for you…we’ve got Chris Hardwick on the violin..Matt and Jonah will be joinin in…and just when you thought you’ve seen it all…enjoy your burrito, y’all.

  • Thank you for giving Curtis Armstrong air time (funny guy, from our generation) …. have to admit I lost intereest in “king of the nerds” last season (hated the winner) & contestants this time didn’t interest me …

  • Wow, Curtis is a super articulate guest. Good stories and wisdom from someone who has lots of varied experiences in the entertainment field.

    Couldn’t help my ears pricking up when you mentioned pursuing John Cusack as a guest. I have no clue what to expect but it would be pretty awesome since I don’t think I have ever heard him do an interview in a format like Nerdist.

  • I am such a fan Of Curtis Armstrong I remember him more from

    Dan Vs. He’s so wonderful and excellent at voicing Dan

    That so Dan Vs it’s rock’s with Curtis voicing as DAN.

    I saw revenge of the nerds in the year 2014 but I know I am so young for this movie but it was out in 1984 so I am too young for it.

    I am l the same age as Vanessa Hudgens by the away.

  • As Mr. Armstrong properly noted, the Star Trek convention in Detroit 1973 was NOT the “first Star Trek convention ever.” The first one was in New York, January 1972. The committee that organized it expected a few hundred; by the end of the weekend, several thousand fans had turned out. For a full account, find the book “Star Trek Lives!” by Joan Winston.

  • I had hoped Chris recorded that reunion panel he hosted. 1 nerd is as good as five. Watched the end of ROTN and enjoyed the end and thinking how geek culture has risen.

  • This was a fantastic podcast! Curtis Armstrong was sooo interesting to listen to, and I hope he comes back again soon! Gotta say, I make everyone I know watch Better Off Dead, since they usually have never heard of it. Just a classic!!!!!

  • I’ve always made myself unpopular by saying that I think REVENGE OF THE NERDS is far better than ANIMAL HOUSE.

    ROTN has a warmth to it and a sense that these characters really care about each other. Nowhere is that better demonstrated than the scene where they all go to sleep in the gym and are saying goodnight to each other.

    Of course, Booger has to have the button on the scene of burping loudly, but the laughter of all the other characters is so real that it makes you love them.

    Great, great movie.

  • I’m not done listening to the podcast yet, but I would say it’s one of my favorite interviews you’ve done! I hope you’ll have him back again, and maybe some of the other ROTN cast too. Here’s hoping he publishes his journal online somewhere from Risky Business one day! Thanks for having Curtis Armstrong on the podcast.

  • What a delightful guy and a fantastic actor! I went to the Motor City Comic Con last summer, but due to some time constraints, I missed out on meeting him. I was so bummed. I did, however, get to meet Cary Elwes, who is awesome (you should try to get him on the podcast), and I saw Adrian Paul, who I’ve met many times because my main nerdom is Highlander the Series. Adrian is really great too (as were all the people associated with the show).

  • I was having an oddly crappy day in the office and Mr. Armstrong really picked me up. It’s really great to hear from someone with a grounded and selfless perspective.

  • Great stories. The Moonlighting stories never get old. But from his perspective is sounds like it was truly an awful experience.
    I would’ve like to hear the story though about how he got on American Dad. I guess they named the character after he was hired since his character is “Snot”.

  • I swear to god that I went to Wikipedia just before listening to the podcast and that is how I found out that it was Curtis Armstrong in Ray and not Clint Howard. My bad but that’s what happened.