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Nerdist Podcast: Crispin Glover

It’s a bonus episode with the amazing Crispin Glover! He talks about the commercialization and propaganda of movies, the controversial lawsuit over Back to the Future, how different the ’80s would have been for him if he had the Internet to release projects and tell his side of stories, and his new film The Bag Man!

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  • Crispin Glover is an amazing individual. He did after knock Tom Wilson of Big Pop Fun Fame on his preverbal backside. Need I mention the brilliance of Willard. And how could one forget the shear genius that is Ruben & Ed?! And leave those who work very hard to free entertainment alone! I beg of thee! Chris Hardwick is Awesome! We have not have not had the blessed opportunity to meet. I say we, for I am a quite the delight. My name is Judd Harris, I wish not to hide behind monikers that display my amenity, for I want the world, and of course Chris Hardwick @nerdist, to gaze upon my attempt to defend those who may need it, and to add strength to those who may not actually ask for but will receive it all same! For I am, THE GREAT DEFENDER! (Patten Pending)

  • Well I have to say that I had no idea what Crispin was like or his story. I knew he was in back to the future. What a guy. I thought at first, “wow this guy is manic” but honestly he just seems authentic and comfortable with that. He’s a really intelligent guy. As for the comment about corporations and Crispin needing to do research, he did and you sound like a tool for making that comment. He was spot on and still acknowledged that he is part of the system. Best way to reform is from within. Thanks for posting this podcast.

  • Crispin and anyone that agrees with him on his “Corporations” tirades needs to study economics. Preferably they need to at least have a familiarity with the concept of economic freedom.

  • That is for giving Crispin H Glover a moment to offer his side of the. TTF story (he got dicked over by producers, any of the original cast wouldve cried foul if they were getting dicked over too, SAG had every right to act in his favor to protect actors) and yeah he’s an artist not a celebrity who brown noses politicians

  • I listened to it twice in a row. It was that fascinating and there were that many threads to follow to digest it all. Thanks for producing this y’all!

  • I didn’t know what to expect & thought it was great. I didn’t find anything he said to be extreme. He’s more committed to art than politics. I do feel that he has been portrayed poorly by BTTF producers & media. Good interview. I feel I understand him better after it so it definitely was time well spent for me.

  • Here’s why Hardwick is a great interviewer when he needs to be. He could have easily jumped all over Glovers mis-understanding of the word “just” and alienated the guest. Glover is clearly a bit hypo-manic and, I suspect ,would have just shut down. Hardwick takes the bump in stride, plays along, lets Glover work through the feelings that have been triggered by the word, and gets a very interesting interview out of it.

  • You know, I’ve always thought Crispin Glover was just playing himself in Back to the Future. That’s how the media has always portrayed him. It was great to actually get to know the guy a bit better by listening to this podcast. He’s fascinating. It’s made me really appreciate what a wonderful performance he gave as George McFly.

  • Glover is being naive and dosent not recognize the real problem with corporate law. The issue here is that because there are very high corporate taxes that have been lobbied by both corporations and progressives there is a system in place that filters out all the smaller coprorations in the US with the corporate income tax. They are not able to pay such rates because they lack the economies of scale to rise sufficient revenue and therefore go out of business. A very easy fix to create more jobs and competition among companies is to abolish the income tax.

  • I had no idea what he was talking about right of the bat. I’m sure it was very, very interesting, but 10 minutes in I started to tune it out.
    Weird there was no intro. Maybe explaining who he is our where he was going, as with most. (also, no ad? Definitely not complaining about that, just, huh.) I’m not familiar with him and I got that “this is why I don’t listen to episodes with people I don’t know of.” But I still do, sometimes.

  • Yeah, while I find him an intelligent and passionate man, I can’t help but feel this guy is a total LOONY TOON to put it bluntly. I found this Podcast…..Or 2 hour monologue, as it were exhausting! I now honestly think less of him than I did prior to this podcast. Also, for him to rant about his time on BTTF and how morally bankrupt the movie was with it’s ending is just a cop out. Did anyone forget about Friday the 13th part 4? No mention of how he was in that or that that film was “morally bankrupt”…Because we all know BTTF < F13 pt4. give me a break!

  • @Ivy: I wasn’t dissing Bill! I did Politically Incorrect so many times I lost count. He was always nice to me. I was just pointing out the difference between a conversational show and one with a debate element. I never even mentioned his name, I said the name of the show.

  • “Crispin Glover has four times as many thoughts as the average human and a sense of urgency about getting them out into the world.”
    –John B

    That’s pretty much the perfect description for him.

  • Oops, scared the dogs with my deLancie squees.
    Hm. I’m kind of an eccentric myself, guess it’s the bonus prize we fortunate few receive when the creativity gets handed out. Been on anti-depressants for a few years. Tried stopping them a couple of times, but depending on how quickly I cycle to a depressive state, rarely stay off for more than a week. And yeah, Bill Maher tends to not bull his way over his guests, but the same can often not be said for those guests in return. I guess what I’m getting at is I’m doing my best not to get pissed about the word ‘loon’ coming from the standpoint of someone with an acknowledged mental illness who is no more appreciative of using ‘crazy’ terminology as an insult than those other known-by-the-first-letter words. Heh, crazy, the other C-word. Oops, off track… Right! I’m offended by both the accusation of mental instability and the intimation that having a mental illness negates the worth or validity of what an individual has to say.

  • I commend Chris for providing this as a bonus episode. Crispin Glover is a great get. I must admit I was expecting a bit lighter fare, but that is no fault of Chris’. I understand that subject matter and tone can vary greatly from one guest to the next. My earholes were hoping for a strawberry milkshake but got a kale shake instead. I just didn’t drink as much as I normally would have. No harm. No foul.

  • Well, shoot, now I have to jump in when you diss Bill Maher — who, btw, is an INCREDIBLY polite host and always lets those on the other side speak their mind without interruption. He rarely, if ever, raises his voice. A better example of ‘No, YOU listen’ would’ve been O’Reilly or Hannity and virtually all rw radio. Alas, there is no lw radio.
    And he’s right about propaganda. ‘They’ decide not just what to think but what things we should even be thinking/talking about. All day, every day. Great podcast. RIP, USA.

  • Yeah a round of applause for the Burger King nation,
    We’re the “have it your way” all or nothing generation,
    cus we want it how we want it we don’t do capitulation,
    it ain’t sex baby, it’s just mutual masturbation.

    you’ll see it’s better to enable our preoccupation,
    with bitching ’bout your show when it don’t meet our expecation,
    cuttin’ content into lines and bumpin’ for our own elation,
    cus there’s no self reightous rage-high in changing…a goddam…motherfucking…station.


  • This was fantastic! I just went to his live show here in Dallas a few weeks back and it was everything I was hoping it would be. Such a truly interesting and thought provoking evening. He is the real deal!

  • I enjoy the podcast, I enjoy ideas, comedy , music and all the things you guys cover. This was one of the few I could not listen through. My time matters too much to me. I was not getting anything of substance. I am glad others did.

  • I feel like we just got handed an interview of an artist and a true nerd. I’m not being derisive at all with that statement.

    Think about how someone can be condescending to you, as a nerd-person, and keep that in check when listening to someone like Crispin.

  • I also thought his advocacy for people with disabilities is great! He’s seen an ongoing injustice for so many people with disabilities, and is doing what he can to make it right in the way that he knows how. Crispin knows the power of money, and admits he himself needs to make money too, but he also knows that the integrity of all people is invaluable. I also agree with Chris on him being an artist in the truest sense of the word!

  • @Chris, dude none of my comments were about you or the show as a whole itself…unless you count the me pointing out it seemed like you didn’t know what to say to this cat at times..which it did..even if that wasn’t the case…

    Let’s put your own words back at you…I don’t care for this dude, I think he’s a loon…why is THAT a problem?

    You really need to stop taking things people say about quests or even ONE show in particular as a personal offense…

    Nowhere did I say or insinuate it was easy to run a show like this..nor do I have any desire to do so. So, no, I won’t try to do it myself..and your comments suggesting such really have no bearing or reason for being thrown my way in response to my comments.

    Chill out and stop taking personal offense when someone (or more) comment that they don’t care for a particular guest or episode..and maybe stop falling back on the cliche (and trite) “well if you don’t like it you try to do it” responses.

  • One of the best eps in a long time. It’s funny how people perceive things so differently.. I didn’t think Glover was nervous or paranoid at all. Excited and eccentric maybe, but he had a lot of interesting things to say and his critique of corporations was surprisingly nuanced. More like this please.

  • This was really great. Not that I don’t love all the light conversational jokey episodes with cute girls and whatnot, but, man is this guy a worker, and a thinker, and does nothing halfway, so it was fantastic to let him roll with his own momentum. Wundebar. Definitely a highlight episode.

    Really looking forward to more sciencey people on too. NDT should be hitting the pave supporting the new Cosmos series, and +1000 on Michio Kaku as well if you can get him. Brian Green, etc etc… the sci popularizers are usually really fun in the rare instances when someone opens the tap and lets them talk without a 20 second time limit. All for some more nerdliness in this nerdism.

  • @norusdog If you have a negative opinion about someone based solely on your perceived judgement of their mental health and you then go out of your way to ridicule that person in a public forum, even questioning others as to why they didn’t ridicule them also then sure you might not be a dick but your definitely doing a great impression of one.
    Crispin is definitely eccentric but so are many amazing, creative people. To ridicule someone’s social skills and claim these make his opinions any less valid than anyone else’s are the hallmarks of a bully/terrible person.

    Anyway thanks for a great ep Chris. The week’s with an extra episode are always very much appreciated

  • At first I thought Crispin was just going to run out his prepared craziness, but after a little while he settled into Nerdist rhythm, and gave us some idea why we think he’s crazy (things generated by himself and outside of himself.) I thought it was interesting, and nothing sounded like it was untrue.

  • I have never come to this website but have listened to the podcast off and on for a while and have enjoyed it, but this was the first one I had to stop it half way. I did a wikipedia search on this guy, and I felt like I needed to use a test tube cleaner in my ears. The paranoid personality disorder is strong with this one. Stay away…

  • Sometimes people have a tremendous wellspring of perspective and wisdom within just waiting for someone to listen to them long enough to get it out. I agree with much of what he was trying to say in that money often gets in the way of creativity and the “system” isn’t conducive to maintaining artistic or even moral integrity.

    I applaud Chris for his willingness to listen and being able to steer the conversation when possible. I know it’s like finding gold when we discover that someone is unexpectedly hilarious, but it just doesn’t happen that way every time. Interesting podcast nonetheless.

  • Thank you guys so much for having him on. I was thrilled when I saw the picture yesterday, and I’ve been waiting all day to get home and hear it. I could seriously listen to Crispin talk for hours. I wish I could see his shows this weekend, but it’s not to be. Keep up the rad work as always.

  • @Kathy: de Lancie is recording in the next couple weeks!

    @norusdog: I really liked Crispin. He was respectful, interesting and incredibly nice. I think he’s an artist in the truest sense of the word–he likes to make things that evoke emotions and make people think. What’s wrong with that? He also has the conviction to stand behind his beliefs. He was formed independent thoughts outside the norm and researched the shit out of his ideas. So what if you don’t fully understand them? At the core of it, I think he was just saying that people make dishonest decisions in service to money. Is that SO crazy of a message?

    But no matter what, it’s not my job to judge the guests. It’s not that kind of show. I just give them a platform as human beings to talk about things they’re passionate about. To me, that’s when people are the most interesting. Even when I don’t agree with people on the show, I’m rarely confrontational because what does that accomplish? They get defensive, walls go up and the conversation becomes a battle of one-ups-man-ship. And most of the time, if someone is really passionate about something, I don’t have their level of research/ammo to dispute what they’re saying properly and I try not to open my mouth about an issue if I don’t understand it as much as I can.

    I steer this show well. And if you don’t agree then you don’t have to listen and if you think it’s easy then I suggest you try engaging a complete stranger non-stop for 60-80 minutes and see what you get. If you really need “No YOU listen!” kind of content then you can watch “Real Time”.

  • Fucking great conversation. He does mention a website he says .org but it is a .com. I was already a fan but I love him even more for mentioning that site and petition. Those people calling him crazy don’t understand eccentricity. He is perfectly sane and well informed.

  • This was an amazing interview, and Chris giving CHG the space to just speak was the right way to go. I’d love to hear Chris talk about this interview on a future Hostful – although it went well, it was more intense than usual, but still 100% within the Nerdist field. One of the rare podcasts I’m keeping on my iPod to listen to again and try to take in completely.