Episode 488

Nerdist Podcast

Crispin Glover

Nerdist Podcast: Crispin Glover

It’s a bonus episode with the amazing Crispin Glover! He talks about the commercialization and propaganda of movies, the controversial lawsuit over Back to the Future, how different the ’80s would have been for him if he had the Internet to release projects and tell his side of stories, and his new film The Bag Man!

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  • I’m listening right now, and I’m hoping other listeners don’t get all bent out of shape because of the very political tone. I think he’s fascinating, and now I’m very curious about his films and other works. Maybe now Matt and Matt can get Bruce Glover on the their podcast James Bonding….well they should try!

  • The guy’s a genius omg it may because of lack of sleep but for the longest time in the podcast I though Crispin was goin to be in the new Batman flick I was like oh shit who’s he gonna play Alfred, The Joker, some kind of kickass villain but then I listened more carefully and he said Bag Man lol

  • “Or you could just ask the person a sincere question…. *allow Chris to demonstrate now* So how did you get involved with Bag Man?”

    I wasn’t aware of this film but I like the cast so I’m gonna check it out. Interview successful! :-)

  • Really interesting guy. Always great when you have someone passionate about what they are doing and just letting them talk about it without restraint.

  • Are we really going to ignore the fact that McFly is a paper nightgown and tin foil hat away from being a total nutbag? I don’t care about the politics, but does he get a dollar every time he says the word propaganda? I love the interviews where the guest veers completely off the freeway and Hardwick sits silently in awww for long periods of time trying to find a way to relate to the person (because they do seem nice) without stopping the momentum of the crazy that is podcasting gold. Crispin is probably a very nice (way to serious) man, who thinks he is uncovering some big hidden corruption in the film industry, but I am convinced I have always had him pegged, at any moment he could snap and unleash the rat army he stole off the set of Willard on every Hollywood Executive that put out work he deems as crap. Way to hang and not get an appendage bit off for challenging him too much Hardwick. How do you not want to drink drain cleaner after talking to him. Geez…..

  • I really loved this episode. I’m curious what Chris thought of it. There was no intro to set it up and the nerdist dudes were sort of in the background of this interview. Understandable of course because Crispin Glover has four times as many thoughts as the average human and a sense of urgency about getting them out into the world. I respect that guy so much. He has broken my brain many times in a good way.

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    First podcast ive ever been frightened to listen too as im 67% sure that the interviewee is a little bit left of center when it comes to the “Not Crazy” scale….and he might be able to hyptotize/brainwash me with his voice during the podcast.
    Truthfully i am looking forward to this one…as an actor Crispin is absolutely convincing in a pretty wide variety of roles (from nerdy mcfly to creepy psychopath in charlies angels).
    Peace & “McHardwick…why didnt you tell me this podcast had a blindspot??? I spilled beer all overmyself while driving and laughing at it!”

    3ToF…armed with 1.21 gigawatts…in my pants.

  • The BPM (Bits Per Minute) on this episode were historically low but its WAR+ and OPS+ are near the very top of the league. The JOEY VOTTO of Nerdist podcasts.

  • Sweet! I might put this one on repeat just to make sure I didn’t miss something while my mind was blowing!
    Oh, and hey, any plans to get either Michio Kaku or John deLancie on? I saw Professor Kaku was promoting a new book just last week, but I’m positive he’d have so much more than that to share with you, and thereby with us all. And really, no interview yet with Q? How did that happen? Already I’m excited by just imagining the show!
    Lotsa luvs!

  • yes because if you have a negative opinion about someone you’re just being a dick right? This guy is a cunt-hair from snapping and this was a hard episode to get through…I’m not saying everything he said was crazy..but just listen to him…he’s fucking nuts..the anxiety in his voice..the rapid talking…conspiracy much?..Tinfoil hats for everyone!

    At least now I know not to listen to any more podcasts this dude is on.

    Regardless of anything else it was NOT a fun episode to listen too….there were times it seems chris didn’t even know what to say to this loon…

    I’d be curious to know their TRUE opinion of this episode and what this dude was spewing..instead of what they’ll actually say if any comments are made (here or anywhere else) about it.

  • This was an amazing interview, and Chris giving CHG the space to just speak was the right way to go. I’d love to hear Chris talk about this interview on a future Hostful – although it went well, it was more intense than usual, but still 100% within the Nerdist field. One of the rare podcasts I’m keeping on my iPod to listen to again and try to take in completely.