Episode 256

Nerdist Podcast

Comedy Mutant

Nerdist Podcast: Comedy Mutant

It’s one big comedian hangout on today’s podcast! Brian Posehn, Pete Holmes, Fortune Feimster, and Ron Funches sit down with Chris and Matt to talk about their upcoming show Comedy Mutant at Club Nokia Friday September 21st. They also share stories from the road, talk about hecklers and make each other laugh way too much!

Buy tickets to Comedy Mutant- Friday September 21st at Club Nokia in LA!

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  • I’m listening to this for the third time today. First to enjoy the hilarity, then to parse out the cross talk, and again to absorb all of it as a whole.

    I looped the Pete Holmes Chewbacca Schwarzenegger/Seinfeld bit & Ron Funches story nearly a dozen times.

    Is this what “The Green Room” that keeps getting mentioned is like? I should check the You Tubes for clips. I would love to hear one-off shows like this in the future, if they aren’t a pain to coordinate.

    @Patty: Trying to make your “Nerdist Angels” idea a reality. Stay tuned?

  • Anytime pizza shows up on a TV show it almost always looks like cheap-shit chef boyardee box kit pizza: cardboard crust, a sneeze of cheese and watery sauce. We always refer to it as Rosanne pizza (based on the afore mentioned cheap-shit pizza the Connor’s devour during the opening credits).

  • Freaking HI-larious podcast….getting this many talented folks together sheds some light on the whip-smart-thinking of the comedians brain. There were several one-off premises that went on crazy@ss tangents and built into serious chunks of funny. Also some laser accuracy call-backs. Looooved it and hoping that the Comedy Mutant tour is beyond successful.

    Peace & Skydumping aka Parapoopin aka “count to #2 and pull your ripcord”,


  • @Curtis: Patty had an idea for a Hostful banner artwork – Chris, Jonah and Matt in silhouette like the Charlie’s Angels graphic (I’m going off the old TV show version). I’m attempting to dust off a bottle of creative juice and make her idea a thing. Hopefully I’ll have it done either tonight or over the weekend. Then just blindly submitting it to be used for an extra-explosive hostful episode.

  • I finally got to finish this episode today once people left my office. It was a glorious thing to behold. Great talk, and laughs a plenty. Thank you for entertaining me on a gray, rainy day.

  • This was one of those podcasts that ends up being about comedy in the sense of the JOB and the WORK, and what it feels like to do what y’all do. So in addition to being a very funny episode, I learned things! Yay!

  • That was an excellent episode. I’m just bummed that I can never go to a live comedy show again after finding out how much I annoy comedians. Arms crossed, one loud “hah”,,, I’m pretty sure that’s what love is supposed to look like. Sorry, man, blame my Scandinavian parents for repressed reactions.

  • @Jon Were you banned? Or is that self imposed? It sounds like an overreation on your part and hypocrisy on the comedians’ part given that many of them watch comedy that way…

  • Never mind. I was in the middle of the podcast when I commented. Didn’t realize it was a reference to the episode. I still think it’s hypocritical to complain about people with crossed arms who say “HAH”. I hate hecklers with a passion, but insisting that people all laugh a certain way is ridiculous and self-defeating.