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Nerdist Podcast: Charlie Hunnam

The wonderful Charlie Hunnam comes on the show talk about how he formed the character of Jax on Sons of Anarchy, growing up in England, and his new movie Pacific Rim, in theaters July 12th!

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  • Loving the Vlad backstory. Normally I can do my work with Nerdist in my ears, but I found myself staring into the screen for the whole duration. :)

  • They find the actor that looks the part, etc. and is willing to lie through his teeth about whether he can ride the horse, or swordfight and whatever, then he learns to actually do it once he’s cast.

  • Just amazed to find that Charlie Hunnam is from Newcastle. Didn’t know him at all and was actually surprised he was english- don’t know how he sounds to the US- but to me he’s a weird trans Atlantic thing mostly US with some irish and occasional north east english vowels- but was expecting he must have moved to the states when he was about 4, but from wikipedia he must have relocated at 17ish. Was more surprised to hear the grim description of newcatle as a bleak mining and shipbuilding town. These industries were on their way out when he was born. I’ve lived here most of my life and never felt it was that bad- and i’m 15 years older than him so I should have seen worse. There has been amazing regeneration in recent years, so he obviously hasn’t been back recently. Just doesn’t sound like the newcastle I know, and coming from that accent, i didn’t buy it. But maybe he’s just the sort who adapts quickly- in voice and thought. But if you’re going to talk about YOUR town- at least visit once in a while and see what’s happening now.

  • What an awesome podcast!
    How amazing is Charlie? Such a great storyteller. (Teller, gerrit!?)
    I really hope he gets to make Vlad. :D I’m a huge fan of his (Charlie, not Vlad) and I believe he has the golden touch, he could do anything he puts his mind too. And make millions doing it.

  • This was an ok episode, until they start talking about vlad. THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE PODCAST AMAZING. I love hearing people not just talk about their projects but what they are truly passionate about. Vladcast.

  • The Vlad the Impaler script sounds amazing! I’d much rather see that than another BS Hollywood take on Dracula. I just finished Deadwood last night and couldn’t be more disappointed. All we need is a 30 second scene of Hirsh’s carriage right outside of town getting blown up. Have one of Al’s henchmen throw a stick of dynomite and say “Al Swearengen says goodbye.” Only thing this podcast was missing was bringing up Green Street Hooligans. Great episode without Matt and Jonah, but if they were there I know they would have brought up the Ron Perlman / Del Torro connection from his first film “Cronos”. Great episode!!!

  • Thanks so much for this interview. I am a writer working on a book now. CH is someone that I really look up to. He is brilliant and very talented. I love to hear about his ideals and his future projects. Wish that he was online via Twitter cause I could have chances to chat with him personally. So many things I want to ask him like does he really write hip hop music? I had a dream once that I was so stinking cool & brought Charlie to met Rza. Best frigging dream ever ! Thanks again for sitting him down! Much love from South Jersey …

  • I’m looking for a ticket to the live Podcast on July 20th. I had one up on my computer screen, got into an important phone call at work, when I came back to buy it a few hours later it was gone. All that is left is wheelchair seating. If anyone can help me out please email I was planning on driving from SF to catch the Podcast. Thanks.

  • Loved this episode. I’ve been a huge fan of Charlie Hunnam ever since I saw Green Street Hooligans. He was amazing on Undeclared and is amazing on Sons of Anarchy. Can’t wait for Pac Rim!

  • @p thompson, 3 quick points. First, he clearly states that the town is no longer like that. Second, most of those stories were clearly set on the 60’s. And third, even two human beings living on the same street can have totally different point of views of the town they both live in.

  • I’m surprised anyone from the UK doesn’t know he’s British, he was in the massively influential Queer as Folk on Channel 4. He also featured in Children of Men where you can hear his natural geordie accent!

  • I’ll second/third/infinity what everyone else has said: ‘Green Street’ was awesome, ‘Undeclared’ was great, ‘Sons’ is fantastic. I’m looking so forward to ‘Pacific Rim’.

    “Oy! C&nt!”
    “We got business, mothafucka?”

  • At first I think I actually had negative interest in this. Didn’t care about Sons, don’t know much about Pacific Rim, never heard about Charlie. However, it was a really fun, interesting, and often hilarious interview and I am glad that I was bored enough to listen. So, thanks for doing a great job!

    Also, I feel like this comment has an inappropriate amount of negativity, but I don’t know how to more clearly articulate my original feelings. So please take this as the compliment that it is meant to be.

  • Loved his work for the BBC. Some of the period dramas are avail on the BBC website and/or PBS. Fell head over heels in the Russell T Davies production of the original Queer as Folk. Brilliant British television.

  • Fantastic podcast. If I may weigh in on the subject of violence, I believe an alright man once said, “Well, they tell ya, ‘Never hit a man with a closed fist.’ But it is, on occasion, hilarious. “

  • [...] It’s hard to say one stands out among the rest, because they are all so good.  But every now and then I feel the need to point out one that I really enjoyed. The episode with Charlie Hunnam is one of those. It was interesting to hear some of his story and realize both how different and how similar he is to the character Jax that he plays on Sons of Anarchy. I twas also interesting to hear him talk about his desire to bring a movie to big screen about Vlad the Impaler. So go give it a listen. [...]

  • Oh my God, I’m Romanian and a Nerdist fan and I SO WANT this movie with Vlad to happen and make up for all the terrible Vlad=Dracula associations in media BS… Charlie, never knew ya before Pacific Rim, but please, make it happen! I’d be happy to put kickstarter money into this. Oh yes I would.

  • Finally catching up on past episodes, and as usual this one is another gem. Hunnam as Luke would be legit. But if I’m extending the future Star Wars movies into expanded universe, I’d like to see him as Cade Skywalker, Luke’s deathstick consuming bounty-hunting great grandson (?) in the SW: Legacy comics

  • The Vlad story was awesome, I remember reading about it. I like the way he’s said it, great storyteller. 1st time on, liked the podcast, keep up the good work!

  • I think joseph gordon levitt imitates heath ledger so good people should see him acted out they messed up by picking him for robin instead of new joker I would bet anything on it that hed the new joker

  • Great interview.
    I’ve noticed a lot of people in the North East of England look like vikings. Maybe a remnant from the days of the Danelaw. Could explain the Scandivnavian intonation in the accent too.
    All power to Charlie for taking on the burglar scum and defending himself and his home. I just hope the law’s more sensible over there and doesn’t victimise innocent people who defend themselves.

  • That was freakin awesome!!! I was really expecting at least some mention of QasF, especially given what Charlie said about his father. Growing up with that type of dynamic, I would love to know what the reaction was to his taking on that role. So, slightly disappointed there was none of that, buuuuuut, over all, that was a blast. Loved it. Great job Mr Hardwick. Well done. Embrace your tiny Donkey.. .

  • I am a huge Fan of the SONS, so thanx for bringing Hunnam in.

    But besides him being in the show, what a terrific interview, so interesting and real.

    Thanx guys, this is a real treat.

  • Thanks!! I love SoA and Charlie Hunnam is not only the sexiest man alive!! He is super down to earth and interesting… I hope we see much more of him in the future and after SoA! It would be awesome if he got to make his Vlad movie!
    This is a great interview! Thanks Chris!

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