Episode 316

Nerdist Podcast

Celebrity Turnstile

Nerdist Podcast: Celebrity Turnstile

It’s some hostful goodness to start off your weekend right! Except on this hostful, there are some special rotating guests, including Jimmy Pardo, Dana Gould, Erin Gibson, and Gillian Vigman!

Artwork by Matthew Wong

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  • Is there any way that there can be some sort of consistency at the time of uploading the podcasts? Sometimes I wake up at 5am and bam, podcast has been up for hours. Then other times, like today, It’s 4PM right when I get off from work and bam, podcast. I had to listen to radio for an hour today. Radio! With commercials and no swearing and resetting the guest every minute. It was awful. It could have easily been prevented.

    This is more of a suggestion rather than a complaint because I know the standard response of “fuck you, it’s a free podcast” applies in this case.

  • @Zim: we’re pretty consistent, but my schedule is crazy. Frankly, I’m surprised I’m able to get 3 of these up a week. If one ep goes up a few hours later than normal it’s usually because I’m traveling, performing and slammed with other work and have to delay recording the intro. Believe me, I’m not sitting around lazily not getting to it. I do my best! Sorry you had to sit through radio! We try to prevent that as much as we can.

  • wee! i’m gonna go check out chloe dykstra’s pins! no sarcasm – i’m a huge fan of pinterest. seriously. and yes, i have a vagina.
    the ladies love pinterest!

  • I was initially surprised that you hadn’t heard about Reagan firing the controllers because of this exchange:

    Controller #3: Get me Steve McCroskey!
    Controller #2: Are you kidding? Ever since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, he’s been completely senile!
    Controller #3: Yeah, but what about McCroskey?
    Controller #2: About the same as Reagan.

    But then I remembered it was from Airplane II.

    BTW: @skydart has some really great pins. What is pinterest? ;)

  • Pinterest is a scrapbook. It’s especially good for people who would tear pictures out of magazines for “my ideal home” or “my next vacation” or “cool motorcycles.” But it can also be for just collecting nice artwork, or ideas for a creative project. Nerds would use it for inspiration for stories, cosplay, games, t-shirts, that kind of thing.

  • Damn, I went to check out the av club comment section and it is fucking brutal. I’m sorry people suck, Chris. I loved the shit out of Mandroid.

    And the guy who said he wanted to punch you in the face’s screen name is “Bonertime” so he clearly doesn’t have great judgement.

  • The best thing about Pinterest for a guy is it is essentially a list of things your wife/girlfriend wants. It makes shopping for them on special occasions a bit easier.

  • Pre-rodered Mandriod on DVD, but being in the UK bought the audio on Amazon too to tide me over until it arrived! Loved it, and can’t wait for your next special – no pressure :D

    Saw Matt Damon’s Jimmy Kimmel opener on Youtube, with Robin William’s gust monologue. Wehn Robin did the bits on the phone, I immediately thought ‘that should have been Chris’s bits! Keven Pollack even said Chris should do stuff like that on KPCS!’

    I hope with your old material out there, and your new comfort, we’ll get to see you geek out in funny ways about the stuff we all love without you feeling you need to justify it.

  • The year was 1998, some time in the middle of July. I was with about a dozen other “Jeopardy!” contestants getting a tour of the Sony lot in Culver City. We had just left the “Wheel of Fortune” set on our way to the Commissary when we saw it: a long black limousine pulling up to the side entrance. The driver got out, and walked around to the rear passenger door to help the person out of the door. We were about to see Hollywood royalty: It was Bob Hope! A 95-year-old Bob Hope! Not sure why he was there — Wikipedia says his last TV appearance was a K-Mart commercial in ’97 — but there’s my really old Bob Hope story, FWIW.

  • Oh man, the AVClub comments were insane. They all boiled down to “This asshole is doing what we wants to do, is successful, and goes out of his way to not be a dick… FUCK THAT CUNT!”

  • Actually, this feels like the Jerry Lewis telethons of the 1970s, back in the days when the overnight entertainment was the nightclub and lounge acts walking on stage after ther midnight shows.

  • Hey, the weird open food market place that was mentioned in Philadelphia – it’s Reading Terminal Market. It’s an interesting place, but just like The Bourse, a very pretty mall in Philly, it closes at like 6pm. What a bunch of bullshit.

  • OK. I know this is way off topic or even episode but did anyone else see Chris almost get killed for heckling a giant NFL player on the ESPN celebrity bowling tournament? Chris, you now officially only have 8 lives. Also, congratulations on your victory. Who knew Kevin Hart was a ringer. Looked like a bunch of fun.

  • For everyone who wasn’t born yet in the 1980s, yes, Ronald Reagan fired all of the striking air traffic controllers in 1981, which was not only the biggest act of union busting in the nation’s history (seriously, if POTUS fires you, who do you appeal to?) but the reason so many heads exploded when the Washington, D.C. airport was named after him.

    Next up, a daycare center named after a pedophile priest.

    And one more comment about the podcast:

  • I’d like to take a moment to address something that is no laughing matter much like the nerdist podcast: credit fraud and identity theft. Please make sure to monitor your credit report for irregularities and inaccuracies. The easiest, safest and cheapest way is getting your free annual credit report from the 3 major credit reporting agencies: Transunion, Equifax and Experian. You get one per year and may get one at the following

  • Not that you guys look to the comments for show ideas but i’d fucking love to hear some High Fidelity Top 10 Hostful goodness!. Hearing you guys rattle off each of your favorite movies was the best! Maybe albums? TV series? US Presidents?

  • I’m one of those bad people that only comments when something annoys me, but this was a rare time where I was so happy about something I had to comment. I know you guys joked about it and it’s seems impossible to recreate, but that was an awesome episode. Hostfuls were already my favorite, but this was like adding bacon. Great episode.

  • In rereading my above post about following Nerdist industries, feel I need to clarify.
    If you’re on pinterest you’d understand, if not it may seem as if I’m just a fan of the website (which applies as well).

    Nerdist Industries is on pinterest and I “follow” their pins.

    Need to add that the pinterest riffing I had my friends listen to might have scored a few more Nerdist fans!

  • Note sure how much time you’ve actually spent on Pinterest yet Chris, but there is a TON of Doctor Who stuff on there (including fan art, graphics, merchandise, videos, fun facts, etc.), which make-up the majority of the “Geek” category. Feel free to check out my Doctor Who board to see what I’m talking about:

    Great episode btw! And count me as another vote for the idea about doing a “High Fidelity Top 10 Hostful” where you guys go over your favorite movies, music, TV shows, etc!

  • Not all Nerdists podcasts make me crack up the way this one did. I found myself having to be careful not to laugh out loud at work today while listening to this episode.Normally you guys are funny, today, hilarious. :)

    Also, just listening to you fellas try to describe Pinterest was so adorable.

    I volunteer to run the Nerdist Pintrest account!! Eh? EH?!