Episode 473

Nerdist Podcast

Broken Bells

Nerdist Podcast: Broken Bells

The amazing duo James Mercer (The Shins) and Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) that make up Broken Bells invite Chris and Jonah to their studio to talk! They discuss their process for coming up with songs, Brian talks about how he started producing albums for other artists, and they talk about their upcoming album After the Disco, out February 4th!

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  • Am I the only one when the podcast pops up on my phone and I look at the title then I have to figure out if its a hostful or the name of a band or comedy group? Today Broken Bells is a group. Maybe in the future they will have a band on called Aunt Slappy! That would be meta.

  • I don’t know how this duo stayed off of my radar, but I’m so pleased that they are now a delightful blip. Thank you Chris Hardtwat!

    @ BB – I just checked out a few of your other songs and I’m hooked. You fellows have a new loyal listener.

  • Don’t be mean to my nephew Kyle. He is such a sweet giant of a boy. I remember when we would go to my very secluded cabin each winter. I would place my hand upon his soft, fully exposed inner thigh and he would start to giggle louder and louder the farther my hand would travel. So, while some might find his laugh to be too loud I on the other hand am taken back in time by it, to fond memories and tender moments. I love you Kyle.

    Always thinking of you,

    Uncle Ted

  • .
    @Daniel….as head of HR here at Nerdist Industrial Conglomorate Ubercorp I am not permitted to divulge employment details of Kyle…that being said i can provide an overview of some of his duties:

    * Chai Tea Poison checker (tastes each drink)
    * Nerdist groupie wrangler
    * Left handed guitar tuner
    * Jonah Ray schedule keeper (dropped ball last monday)
    * Matt Mira phone screener (blocks all calls forwarded by Genius Bar for help)
    * Meltdown 3rd shift security (primary duty is to ensure the comic book store mascot, an actual Mogwai, is not fed after midnight)
    * Caffeine supplier for Katie…how else could she stay awake 24/7 for all the podcasts she maintains!
    * Team Nerdist Tailor. Does all repair work on Chloe’s cosplay wardrobe.
    * He’s the nerdist version of The Wolf…he cleans up all the, ahem, trouble situations which the nerdist guys get into.

    Peace .n. Pez

  • @Uncle Ted: Aww! Your story reinforces the notion that Kyle is well loved. WELL loved….

    I was just trying to come up with a pithy title for him, based on Daniel’s question – no harm, no foul.

    And to keep answering his question, I’d say more titles for Kyle could be:
    Backup Jonah
    Live Laugh Track
    Auxiliary Coadjutor
    Katie’s Discernible Accomplice
    The Right-Hand Beard

  • You might remember from a previous episode, Kyle’s job is to plow through as much intern ass as possible…

    His secondary role is to take notes for Chris on things he says during the podcasts that could be funny. A sub-job of this role is to not cry like a little girl after Chris admitted he never reads them.

    Kyle’s Official Title: Intern Poon-Hound / Unappreciated Stenographer

  • It’d be cool if you could (with their permission, of course) separate the track at the end as a separate file. That was a really great version of that song.

  • Sorry, usually I enjoy the musical guests, but this particular show was a trial for me to get through…seemed a number of times like Chris had to nearly pull answers/responses out of the guests.

    Not as bad as some might’ve thought the Harrison Ford podcast was, but for me, this podcast could’ve clock in at 45 mins or less and would’ve been fine.

    No insult intended to peeps that are fans of the BB or their individual work…they just didn’t come off as good interview subjects to me.

  • As a U2 fan, can I just mildly complain that there was no mention of Brian’s producing their new album? I know he couldn’t reveal anything, but it’s been 5 years, we’re starving for new U2 album news.