Episode 212

Nerdist Podcast

Brent Spiner

Nerdist Podcast: Brent Spiner

The guys interrogate each other live in Phoenix, Arizona! And Brent Spiner joins the show to talk about deciding between Night Court and Star Trek, cop shows in the 1970’s, and the art of doing impressions!

Make sure to check out Brent’s show Fresh Hell!

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  • Thank you guys so much for an amazing show. Haven’t had that much fun in months, Brent Spiner was amazing. I would have been happy just to see the show, getting on stage to quemment thanks to the short mic cords was rad. Having chris see my junk was just gravy.. uh… not gravy… icing on the… damnit, sure there must be a thing that tops another thing, but isn’t analogous to semen.

  • This was the first ever episode of the Nerdist Podcast I listened to and I’m so glad it was. Brent was just great and his Patrick Stewart impression was definitely #2 of all time. Thanks for the show guys, can’t wait to check out more!

  • *GASP* *SQUEE!*

    Little rivers of anticipation are running down my inseam because I haven’t listened to this yet! But I know it will be AWESOME!

  • @JetpackBlues Because aliens ate my Buick…and my Audi R8. :D

    @Josh Was it just me or did it seem like Matt really wanted to enter Data?

    This episode was amazing, but my opinion may be biased as a shameless gushing horrible TNG fan. Even if Brent hadn’t been funny, Big C has a knack for bringing out the funny in people, but Brent turned out to have some of the best riffs in the show. I hereby, on this thirtieth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve make a solemn promise to Brent Spiner that I will watch Fresh Hell,a show that I have been, hitherto, ignorant.

  • Thanks for coming to Phoenix, guys. It was a whole lot of fun. Also, thanks for answering my Walking The Room question. Looking forward to that podcast whenever the details get worked out. I’m a little bummed I couldn’t afford the Wil Wheaton show afterwards. I’m sure it got pretty rowdy.

  • @Doc lol right though? Matt all but asked to be his emotion chip. I can’t blame him. I would’ve wanted to crawl up inside him too. I mean, the guy was in Independence Day! Nerdist fans everywhere gerspermed when they saw Brent Spiner was on this week.

    What a great episode! I’m jealous of all you who got to be there live! Brent Spiner is hilarious — and his Patrick Stewart impressions and stories were especially phenomenal.