Episode 352

Nerdist Podcast

Bob Saget

Nerdist Podcast: Bob Saget

The always funny Bob Saget sits down with Chris on the Nerdist! They talk about how they met, why comedy helps people deal with tragedy, and, of course, Full House!

Watch Bob’s new special That’s What I’m Talkin’ About this Friday May 10th at 10pm on Showtime!

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  • Starting to think Skydart should just do the episode intros from now on. She’s goddamn delightful. Your little back and forth before the episodes is freaking adorable.

  • It is always delightful hear two friends get together to talk about things silly and serious. An absolutely fantastic episode even if there was no talk of How I Met Your Mother. What can I say, I love Ted Mosby both young (Josh Radnor who was on the podcast Making It) and older Ted (voiced by Bob Saget)!

    Major kudos!

  • I just love this podcast. I love Bob Saget’s outlook on life. The fact that after going through everything he can still laugh is admirable.

  • After growing up watching that show and AFHIV, I think I finally have a little idea of who Bob Saget is. I’m rooting for you Bob- good job as always Chris.

  • I agree, more Skydart! Rope her into some Hostfuls, too, while you’re at it, if not a proper podcast with her as the guest. Great interview w/ Bob Saget. I was disappointed not to hear any mentions of Pup’n’Taco, though. He’s one of the few people I know of that remembers that chain.

  • Oddly motivating podcast. Always great to hear about old Drunk Chris “Peter” Hardwick and nice to see Bob Saget find a middle ground of crude and hilarious to genuine and self reflecting.

  • This was one of those episodes – like Nick Offerman and Rainn Wilson – that I just want to listen to again after it’s finished. Thanks for opening up, Bob!

  • Jesus Christ, what a great podcast!!!
    I’m an alcoholic who is deeeeply considering giving up, not because I’m hurting anybody else with it (which I probably am and am to self-involved to realize it), but just because I think my untapped potential is being unfulfilled. This may be one of those “stepping stones” I needed to hear to help myself in my healing process.
    Thank you Mr. Hardwick and Mr. Saget for putting a lot of your shit out there for all of us to hear. Sometimes poop and pussy jokes are just enough sugarcoating to digest a bitter truth.

  • I usually love Chris’ podcasts, but I had to stop and delete this one about a third of the way through. Bob was just being crude and not funny. Jokes about anything are fair game, but they hand to be funny. I just felt Bob was trying and failing. If I wanted to hear that kind of un-funny humour, I’d go ride a public bus for 2 hours. Bring on the next!

  • Hands down, my favorite Nerdist podcast! Touching and funny and I never wanted this one to end. Chris, you guys are extra hilarious together. I hope you have Bob on again soon!

  • @Alec-Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous. As a huge Foo Fighters fan, I always thought that was pretty misguided. I like Dave’s music and general attitude a lot, but to support that particular group was pretty boneheaded. I’m surprised more people didn’t call them on it at the time.

  • This podcast was amazing. It inspired me to reach out to one of my long lost friends and say that we need to fucking do something. Thank you for the impetus, it might be shit that we do but at least it’s putting energy towards something positive and not just drinking and playing videogames to pass the time.

  • This is the NERDIST podcast, so I feel compelled to point out that Jeffrey Hunter wasn’t fired from STAR TREK; he declined to do the second pilot in order to concentrate on film roles, and so Shatner was cast. Hunter was also unavailable to play the wounded Captain Pike in “The Menagerie,” but may also have turned it down based on that fact that it was essentially a “bit” part with no lines and heavy make-up requirements. :)

  • Hey Chris,

    Another phenomenal podcast! You and Bob deserve major kudos for exposing the raw underbelly of alcoholism in such a public forum. I have to say that listening to the podcast is like catching up with old friends, because that’s exactly what you’re doing!

    As always, I wish you, Matt & Jonah all the best and keep up the great work! By the way, Bob malapropism “invertro fetalization” had me dying of laughter for some reason that mystifies me. Thanks again!

  • I like how you guys expressed your man love towards each other at the end. What a wonderful podcast. Not the biggest fan of Saget’s comedy but I enjoy him as a person.

  • LOVE this podcast!! So, I just listened to the entire thing and I know that at one point Bob mentioned some books he had enjoyed, and now I can’t remember the names of them and I can’t find them by skipping around. Can someone help me out?? :)