Episode 226

Nerdist Podcast

Billy West and John…

Nerdist Podcast: Billy West and John DiMaggio

Get ready to hear some impressions, voices and bits! Billy West and John DiMaggio come on the show to fake some calls, do voices from Futurama, and tell some hilarious stories!

Watch the trailer for “I Know That Voice”!

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  • People were tweeting about this all morning! I can’t wait to listen.

    Hey Chris, I know you are busy but it would be beyond delightful and awesome if you were on Rob Paulsen’s Talkin’ Toons podcast. I’ve been addicted to that podcast since Rob and Maurice were on Nerdist!

    Go podcast cross pollination!!!

  • Love. Love. Love.

    The voice actor episodes just have that extra finesse of almost adding like, 20 more people to your ear holes. Its so entertaining. And having childhood characters saying fucked up things… ooooooh my. Oh me oh my.

    And thanks for the heads up for Ren & Stimpy being on Nerdist!

  • -> What a perfect way to start the week.

    What this guy said.

    OMFG, I haven’t even listened yet, but I am so effing excited for this. Coincidentally timed with Futurama’s new episodes on CC? I’m sure they’re doing the PR rounds, but man… I really hope to see these two again at Comic-Con next week. I LOVE YOU GUYS! COME ON THE PODCAST MORE!!

  • Chris, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I just joined Twitter only to try and score some Walking Dead Escape tix (so congratulations, because even my friends couldn’t convince me to join).

    Problem is, I don’t know how to tweet and I’m not sure I did it right. I wrote @nerdist #FACEMEAT. I think that’s how you do it, but how will I know if you’re gonna get me tickets?

    Well, whatever. Love the podcast. Will be 2nd row at the Balboa Theater for the live podcast and can’t wait to see who the special guests are gonna be. I’ll be at Comic-Con, too, but only got a badge for Thursday and Sunday, unfortunately, so I’ll miss your panel.

    P.S. Can I get drunk with Matt and Jonah when you guys are here?

  • i always leave the first Billy West episode on my ipod for any time i’m feeling low. Now I’m leaving this one on, too. Possibly my favorite episode ever! I was laughing like a lunatic at work the entire time.

  • I haven’t listened to the entire show yet, but I did listen to the place around the edit, and there are two possibilities. One is it’s an audio glitch. A couple seconds before, the audio drops out as Chris says “fuck”, so it’s possible that a section of audio accidentally didn’t record or it accidentally got deleted.

    Another, more likely possibility is that they were recording at the E building, where they record onto CDs, and the CD just ran out of space, do they had to stop and replace it. (At the beginning of the second chunk, Chris says something along the lines of “We’re good,” which could signify that they were recording again.)

  • Chris…what the h@ll are you doing replying to talkbacks…you’ve got a big game tonight!!!! You should be greasing up your elbow and loosening up your wrist and giving it some pepper and hey-batta-batta-batta-SWING-batta…and stealing the outfield…and building it so they can come…and pinch hitting..and pinch catching…and who’s on first, i dont know THIRD BASE!!

    Peace .n. Take me out to the Nerdgame…


  • That feeling you have that makes you think you might jump from a building or take a cop’s gun is called “perverseness”. Edgar Allen Poe wrote an awesome essay about it called, “The Imp of the Perverse”, which is also where that metaphor comes from.

  • Anything with that immutable Futurama tang clinging to it is worthy of worship! Helluva good get guys. You have a knack for hauling in the really great topical guests that the other guys seem to overlook. A million thank yous’s gentlemen.

  • I got a reply from Chris Hardwick on his website while I was listening to his podcast, working my ass off in the hot sun, AND working through a patch of writer’s block. What did YOU accomplish today? #SarcasticComment #StrokingEgo #UsingHashtagsOutsideOfTwitter

  • @Chris- I have a theory that people are either jumper or a faller. If you are standing at the edge of something, you will be afraid of falling off or jumping off. I am also a jumper, and I have learned through my small sample size of friends, that about 50% of people are jumpers. So you are not alone at all, my friend.

  • Holy crap, that was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in ages! Had me falling outta my seat, man, and I lost my breath from laughing so much a few times! That was just beautiful. I was a little sad they didn’t mention John’s work on Adventure Time, but it was still freakin’ hilarious. Awesome stuff, and I can’t wait for that documentary!