Episode 554

Nerdist Podcast

Bert Kreischer

Nerdist Podcast: Bert Kreischer

The super funny Bert Kreischer is on the Nerdist! He talks about how Chris inadvertently almost got Bert fired from a job, they share nightmare drinking stories, talk about Bert’s aversion to therapy, and his new book, “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child!”

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  • I can’t help but feel like starting the episode talking about sobriety set a really weird tone for the rest of it.  Not because it’s a bummer or anything like that; I know the only way to strip the stigma out of things like substance abuse and mental health is to talk about them.  More because I got the sense it sort of put Chris in a weird posture where it felt like he was trying unsolicited to solve what he perceived as Bert’s problems.

    At a few points it seemed presumptuous and even a bit judgmental in that way it does when someone says “no judgment” when it never would have occurred to you in the first place that whatever they’re talking to you about is something they would or should be judgmental about in the first place.

    Could just be me, though.

  • I did not know how this oil and water combo was going to mix … so by the end of this podcast it turns out they combine smoothly with a healthy dose of honesty and respect.  Thank you Gents.

  • I find Mr. Hardwick to be consistently funny, engaging, intelligent, and honest, both about his booze-soaked past and about his media empire-ruling present. I cannot say the same about  Bert Kreischer… soooo I’ll just say that I hope Chris finds enough fulfillment in his personal life that he can be happy with himself while single. He’s such a swell fellow!

  • Have always loved Burt. His history as “The Machine” was great (can be heard on Girl on Guy, Maron, Zane Lamprey show). I should be listening to his podcast, his giggles are infectious. Thanks for this.
    It’s sad that the audience can’t adjust to him toning down his drinking to be healthier, but people boo Chris when he talks about being sober.
    Trust me, there’s nothing sadder than an old drunk….

    • And to that last point, nothing sucks harder than having your brain figure out how to yell at you through the fog of booze.
      “Hey, you know that ‘thing’ you’ve been repressing? Well we’re going to talk about it right now.”
      “It’s 2am!”

  • Burt ~ you are the poster child for AA.  the excuses for continuing to drink will pile up until one day they crash down.  It is so much more peaceful on the other side.  Chris ~  you are inspiration to all in recovery.. And super hot!

  • for me, bert is the type of guy on paper that you want to dislike.  i couldn’t stand frat guys d-bags when i went to college, but i’ve been listening to bert on podcasts (including his own show) for the past couple years and he is great.  he is funny, self-effacing, and brutally honest.  i can’t help but love the guy.

    in the future i’d love to hear chris on the bertcast or hear bert come back to nerdist with all of the sister wives.

  • I know that the podcast is just a sliver of his personality, but from what he displayed, I really don’t like this guy. The frat guy schtick is done. Be smart. Be better. 

  • Wow, I really didn’t enjoy that podcast.  This guy just seems like a douche.  From someone who sits in a cubicle every day, I can tell you I wouldn’t switch places with him for anything. 

  • I loved this podcast. It totally supports an idea I had the other night: there should be a Nerdist department for self-help/better communication/recovery etc. All stuff us nerds never learned but need as grownups. Also I totally agree with Chris; therapy is brilliant because you are paying someone to just sit there and be a sounding board for you. Everyone should be in therapy.

  • ADHD is a deficiency in the prefrontal cortex (where you make decisions).  That means that the prefrontal cortex is UNDER STIMULATED.  If you supply your brain with an upper (aderol, caffeine, etc.,) will first stimulate the understimulated parts of the brain first/most. A downer (alcohol, barbiturates,  etc.) Will decrease your ability to focus and increase the effects of ADHD.   just an fyi.

  • To be honest this was an off putting one for me.  Bert, if you listen to his podcast, is a very thoughtful comedian.  I do not think this is the best representation of him.  Maybe because of how Chris handles it.  There is definitely tension.  But remember they are from two different camps and styles.  And maybe it may be time to think of the Nerdist brand as a majority now.  It’s not this small little club of people anymore, its an empire and sometimes an empire steps where it shouldn’t and pushes it’s ideals too far.  I don’t know what to actually think but perhaps this podcast is a good representation of the “Nerdist Way” of comedy and life style versus the outside world.

    • all this being said I love Nerdist.  sometimes though I feel this push against the world from them that doesn’t always practice what they preach

  • I honestly felt like Bert just wasn’t ready for this podcast maybe. It was really interesting to listen to and had some really funny parts, but I think a lot of you nailed it. For someone who sounds like he has a lot of confidence and ball-z-ness, I really heard a kind of sad guy who just isn’t ready to face some issues. But truly no judgement like Hardwick said. Not everyone is ready for change. I do know that this podcast has tended to be more on the side of “here is the struggles some people deal with and here are some tips on how to improve.” Not that it is always that, but I feel like Bert went into the podcast wanting to talk about it (he brought it up) but not being ready for the idea of change. Either way, great episode to listen to, but hard to listen to at the same time. 

  • I don’t get the Hardwick hate, someone please enlighten me. I see it everywhere and quite sad. He deserves credit, he pretty much turned his life around. Why hate on someone who genuinely a nice guy.