Episode 276

Nerdist Podcast

Anthony Edwards

Nerdist Podcast: Anthony Edwards

The wonderful Anthony Edwards invites Chris to his apartment to talk about his past roles from Revenge of the Nerds to Top Gun to Gotcha to ER and his new show, Zero Hour! Anthony also talks about traveling around the globe and the ways he is trying to make the world a better place!

Watch Anthony in Zero Hour, on ABC in 2013!

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  • I LOVED the section where they talked running, and I was so gratified to hear Edwards talking about barefoot and minimalist running. I hope to hear Chris et. al. talk more about it in the future, and I’d really like to hear him get someone prominent from the Barefoot running scene on the podcast.

  • So instead of yelling “FIRST!” now, people could yell “EARLY ADOPTER!”

    I saw a commercial over the weekend for a show on TBS called “King of the Nerds” with Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. And then Anthony Edwards showing up on today’s Podcast. Coincidence?

    Top Gun = Dildo with wings. That pretty much sums it up. :-P

    And Anthony’s description of the sometimes unglamorous, but vital service of some men/women on an aircraft carrier reminded me of Bob Goldthwait’s bit about joining the Navy after “Top Gun” came out.

    “…hanging out the side of a boat with a barnacle scraper going ‘When do I get to fly that plane?’ ‘As soon as you’re done the other side. Ha-ha-ha.'”

    Sooo when are you going to catch the bug to become a private pilot, Chris? You seem to know/have met people who have done it. Are you Bi-Plane curious? :-P

    The VFR charting course alone told me I’d never become a pilot. Shit, I have a hard enough time driving a car. But I know someone that has both VFR/IFR certifications and I envy her. Like Michael Dorn said, go to an airfield and get a ride for cheap. You may end up getting hooked. And I’ll bet you’d focus your nerd laser on learning and doing everything.

  • Great get, Chris! I was hoping for one Clooney practical joke anecdote. Legend has it he would go to semi-elaborate lengths to construct his on-set pranks. I think there might even be one or two in Warren Littlefield’s book, but I’m not sure.

  • In passing Chris questioned what 18 century nerds would be like, I’d imagine it’d be people like H.P. Lovecraft who submitted to amateur publications and did low circulation science zines.
    You could probably classify most amateur and professional scientists in the early days as nerds.

  • @JetpackBlues – Hey, Sweetie! I sent you an e-mail to that address Matt Grandis passed on to me. Please read it and get back to me! Thanks! And I hope you’re safe tonight – rather windy and rainy here in Cleveland.

    Now to the podcast…

  • Wish I could have been there. Have watched Mr. Edwards do the celebrity race in long beach. Would have loved to pick his brain on the current F1 season, upcoming rules, and Austin race. Probably a good thing you were there Chris, as if it were me…it would have been an hour of racing talk.

  • @Patty: Haven’t seen that e-mail yet, but I will be on the ‘outlook’ for it. If you don’t hear back soon, double check and resend.

    Storm center just passed 75 miles NW of me, rain has let up but it’s still windy as all hell. And fortunately, for now, I still have power.

    As I accidentally told Matt, my plan to deal with Hurricane Sandy was to stand outside and throw Wheat Thins at it, in hopes of putting out its eye. I even bought a family-size box.

    Batten down the hatches, Mrs. Marvel, she’s comin’ your way!

  • Of all the fantastic topics that The Nerdist has touched upon–and there have been myriad–I never expected one of them to be George Hirsch. He’s a tremendous runner and a fascinating person, and is also zooming past folks in distance races at seventy-frigging-eight. And for the record, Mr. Edwards does a perfect impression of him.

  • Another Matt and Jonah-less episode.
    There hasn’t been a hostfull in over a month and Matt and Jonah are appearing less and less.
    Hmmm….seems like they’re getting phased out.

  • @Duquan
    Weren’t both Matt and Jonah on the darren bousman episode that posted less than a week ago? We all enjoy hostfuls but these guys have lives. Cut ‘em slack. Matt has Feab and Jonah has made Jonah radio a thing. (a good thing, mind you.) Be glad for what all three of the guys have made and will continue to make.

    Enjoy your burritos.

    P.S. Anthony Edwards seems cool. Good ep.

  • @ Chris Hardwick
    Unless I missed it, you forgot to ask Anthony if he might like to be on your Celebrity Bowling sometime. (I know it’s just an occasional thing, but you are still doing those right?)
    Maybe save that for sometime next year around the time “Zero Hour” is supposed to start airing?

    I agree. A little youtube montage (or however its spelled), maybe a building up to the marathon itself. With the various training regiments you’ll doubtless go thru. Then one showing a few clips during and immediately after…with the ending being a pic of everyone from the team of runners. (And of course a list of how far each person made it, or if they finished then their time. You know just for giggles.)

    Just a few thoughts from a mind with too much imagination…

  • This was a really enjoyable, interesting episode. Glad to hear Anthony is coming back to TV and the running talk was fascinating. I wish there had been talk about Miracle Mile. I love that movie and Anthony is solid in it but hey, at least there was some great Top Gun stories to be had. :)

  • So at this point, Nerdist should just change the name of the show to “The Legendary Entertainment Corporation Promotional Podcast”

    I remember when Nerdist had really interesting, different guests. Now it’s just a cavalcade of the same old celebrities everywhere else, hocking their newest project.

  • @PattyMarvel some of us have lives and don’t get excited because someone is a celebrity. Some of us enjoy interesting guests. But you seem to be holding down the “creepy and obsessed” vibe, so good on you.

    Did Jetpackblues ever get back to you about that email?!?! We are all waiting with bated breath to find out the conclusion!!

  • Hey man, Korea is a piece of cake. I’ve been here a year and a half, and can get by on English alone. It’s safe as can be, so no worries.

    Also, you have a few listeners here among the English teacher/ex-pat group. Let me know if you do decide to come.

  • Just finished listening to the podcast. Ok Chris, admit that you have that speech from the end of Revenge of the Nerds memorized, but you acted like you only knew parts of the speech! I just imagine that you were so hoping Anthony would still know it so that you could recite the speech together. Which that would have been cool!