Episode 259

Nerdist Podcast

Anna Kendrick

Nerdist Podcast: Anna Kendrick

The delightful Anna Kendrick sits down with Chris to discuss how they met shooting the Ben Folds/Fraggles music video (which can be seen here!) and the anxiety of being nominated for an Academy Award, and they talk about their different tactics for arguing!

See Anna in End of Watch, in theaters this Friday September 21st!

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  • Okay so let’s go through this –
    Loves Martin McDonagh ✓
    Is a redditor ✓
    Loves movies ✓
    Super humble ✓
    All around adorableness ✓

    Great episode, Anna sounds like she’s an absolute delight to be around. I loved her in Up in the Air as well as Scott Pilgrim and every time I see her on screen I just want to give her a hug (consensual, of course) because she’s so tiny and adorable.

  • I LOVE The Muppet Family Christmas! My mom had it taped on VHS. They did release a VHS version, but it’s got songs removed from it. However, it may be on a tube of sorts, not my tube though… ;-)

  • Ha, just watched 50/50 last night. Fantastic movie, and Anna’s performance was great [as well as other actors].
    I already developed a crush on her before listening to this episode, now I’m sure she’s one of the coolest persons in Hollywood! Great episode, really enjoyed it.

  • Anna un-ironically brings up Diagon Alley, describes the Oscar experience as “shitting ice”, knows what Spacedicks is and why to fear it, and is a classic movie buff. What’s not to love?

    The other thing that struck me is how well spoken she is. Actors haven’t been considered the brightest bulbs of late, but she seems to be part of this new generation that are capable of stringing a sentence together and having real thoughts about actual subjects.

    She was a real pleasure to listen to.

  • Fun show! Like SlimCharles, I too crushed HARD on Kendra by the end of watching 50/50. Then seeing her pop up in the “Do It Anyway” vid reminded me of that and her role in “Scott Pilgrim.”

    Do all the ladies that end up on the podcast seem more hip than the guys? e.g. Kendra, Geri Ryan, Mary Lynn, Aisha, Carla Santa Maria, Danica McKellar, et aliae. Well, at least until someone goes too far with a bit….

    Will a Rob Corddry podcast round out the guests from the video this week?

    Chris, your class photo/avatar on Twitter reminds me of River Phoenix as Wolfgang Müller in “Explorers.”

    “Bloodshed is my life….”