Episode 487

Nerdist Podcast

Andy Daly

Nerdist Podcast: Andy Daly

The hilarious Andy Daly hangs out with Chris and Jonah to talk about the differences of doing character work at clubs and alt rooms, how parents trick their kids into behaving, and his new TV show Review on Comedy Central, Thursdays at 10 pm!

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  • Woot! Andy Daly! He is hilarious!

    Check out episode 001 of his new podcast “The Andy Daily Podcast Pilot Project” which he is producing with the equally hilarious Matt Gourley. Episode 001 is next-level-genius-funny.

    Im definitely intrigued for Review on CC….the premise seemed ok but i started to watch an early preview on cable and the escalation humor for his bit on Stealing was HILARIOUS.

    Thanks Team Nerdist!

    Peace .n. POINTS!!

  • “A movie that’s all brooding and politics? Well, it worked well for the Star Wars prequels.” – Twilight authors, people who misunderstand the meaning of the word “worked”.

  • Well, here we go again with the Twilight bashing. I’m not sure that only watching the second movie, but talking all the way thru really counts as “watching Twilight,” but I doubt your opinion would change even if you really did.

    I think of it like what you said about the differences between the different comedy venues. Some people are unwilling to go along for the ride unless you hold their hand. And some people will just never get it. I think that’s how you are with Twilight. Clearly, it was a huge success, regardless of all of the negative opinions out there. It struck a chord with many many people. You just weren’t one of them.

    I will end by saying that I feel that way about Breaking Bad. I thought that show was terrible and I don’t know why anyone liked it. But for some reason it’s popular to hate Twilight and popular to love Breaking Bad.

  • After thinking about it for a few minutes, I wanted to add that I gave Breaking Bad much more of a chance than you gave to Twilight. I watched 2 full seasons driven by sheer will-power and could not bring myself to watch any more of it. I did not want to know what happened next and I hated the characters and the show as a whole.