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Nerdist Podcast: Alton Brown

Alton Brown sits down with Matt and Chris to talk all things food and cooking! They also talk about Doctor Who, of course, and how Alton flies his own planes!

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  • New greatest moment in Nerdist Podcast… Alton Brown telling Matt Mira to STFU!! Soo awesome! Great podcast as usual guys. Alton just continue a mini Good Eats series on the Nerdist YouTube! Hell I would pay per episode for that!!!

  • PHENOMENAL EPISODE! Alton is just so super suave. He is the Bill Nye of food! I am SO glad that his protege Justin won the Next Food Network Star. Well chosen, Alton. He truly seemed to be a younger version of you!

    So MY guess for the IRON CHEF contestant that attempted to use marijuana would be Forgionne. Maybe Faulkner. They just seem like they’d be “cool” in that sense. ;)

  • My two favorite nerds on the planet!!!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Alton at a book signing here in Chicago a few years ago when he was doing the book signing for on the first Good Eats cookbook. He was a cool as you’d imagine he is and talked for about 45 minutes. The book store was packed there had to be 300 – 400 people in the place on 3 floors and he stayed signed every book and took pictures with anyone that wanted one taken.
    To this day one of my most prized possessions is the picture with AB…

  • Guys,

    Great podcast. Have watched AB for a long time and was excited to hear was going to be on the show. Really enjoyed the conversation and hope to see his new shows get picked up. Strong work as always.

  • michelle: WOOT! nice MST3K shout out.

    Dr Quemmento: “dawning of the age of asparagus”…LOL….better yet…COL!!! (Cacklin out Loud). Freakin brilliant…im so going to be looking for an opportunity to use that pun someday.

    Peace .n. Nerdists 4 Eva


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    yessss…excceelllent….our plans to brainwash Alton Brown and use him to convince the massess that that crave broccoli is working perfectly. mwhahahhaha! DEATH TO BROCOLI!




  • I grew up on Good Eats (my dad’s a HUGE Alton fan), so this episode was an amazing surprise. Made me crazy nostalgic and might’ve made me cry… (I’m a hormonal teenager, what’cha gonna do?)

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    @Doctor Quemmento…..HA! a well played volley of python! Thats twice in one day that ya got me cackling…well played indeed!

    Peace n Romanes Eunt Domus (Romans Go Home!)


  • Chris, you should try a chai tea misto. It’s the chai tea bags steeped in half water half milk. That way you don’t get all of the sugar from the concentrate.

  • [...] Each episode has an appetizer, cocktail, main dish and a desert; all real recipes that can be found on our blog after each episode that you can make at home with you and your friends for your own themed viewing parties. For the main dish we always “dish” with a special Dork Fork guest who is either involved with the show we are using as a theme or is a huge fan; for instance, our Doctor Who episode features Alton Brown, ’cause he’s a giant Whovian (Check out Brown gettin’ down on a recent Nerdist podcast). [...]

  • Very meta: Just clicked through here to Amazon – like any good citizen of Nerdist Nation – to buy John Barrowman’s two imminent book releases. He’s become such a fun addition to our gang – yes, ours, shutup – I’m happy to support him and you and wow this is cheesy but there it is.

  • Great podcast! – even-though I don’t listen to it on an Ipod so is it still a podcast?

    Anyway the greatest thing I have learned from Alton was that stuffing is EVIL and the proper way to roast a turkey is to soak it in a tasty brine over night then flash bake it 30 minutes at 500 degrees, cover with foil, then reduce the heat to 350 and bake until an internal temperature of 160. The bird comes out so tender and juicy it is unbelievable and it takes less than 2 hours to complete. Much better than the dry husk one gets from stuffing it and slow roasting it over half a day like my mother used to.

    Thank you Alton Brown. I agree it is best to understand why things work than just how to follow direction.

  • Well Chris, with this post you might as well have hooked my brain into a playlist called “Eternal Happiness” – or something similar – and left me to soak in the awesomeness that ensued.
    First of all, Alton Brown is a genius. I was thinking about suggesting his appearance on this podcast to you. It’s like you read my mind.
    Second, Thank you for the sparkling new material for my dinner conversations (i.e. Alton’s flying abilities and the fascinating concept that no one truly craves broccoli).
    Third, thank you in general for this podcast. We (the group of fellow Whovians and Nerdists at my school) think it’s quite fantastic that you’re making it ‘cool’ to be a complete nerd.

  • @Chris Hardwick
    During the episode, Alton was talking about the restaurant business. If you’ve never worked in the food service industry, I highly recommend Anthony Bourdain’s book _Kitchen Confidential_. IIRC he reads the audbiobook himself. It’s available on Audible, one of your sponsors. Check it out.

  • It was interesting to hear about Alton Brown and him playing guitar and flying his own plane. This fascinated me because I, too, share his love of both, along with having a culinary life. I am not a chef, but my mother is classically trained from the FCI amongst other schools. Thank you for this great podcast, Chris and Alton!

  • Love the episode! I really just love Alton. I can’t wait for the Puppet Food bourne illness show, it sounds entertaining as hell! For me, I crave sushi and tomatos, but mostly tomatos. Apparently, I learned that it’s actually scientifically named tomatophagia. In fact, I’ve been told by friends I should probably get my blood check saying it might be iron deficency.

  • Alton, I just found your podcast, and I’m glad I did. I just finished listening to the episode with Keith Schroder. Good stuff.

    I, like many I’m sure, love the way you bring science into the kitchen, and was quite sad to see Good Eats end. But life does go on, and I look forward to your next big thing.

    I think my dream would be to go flying with you. I’m one of those guys who has had a Sport Pilot Student Certificate in his wallet for years, but hasn’t had the chance (read: money) to exercise it. I’m in EAA Chapter 690, and enjoy being one of the ground crew volunteers for the Young Eagles program, which our chapter is very proud of, and often when I’m out at KLZU I hope (knowing it won’t happen) that maybe I’ll bump into you. ;)

    Anyway, glad to have found your podcast, and look forward to hearing more of it! Thanks!

  • I’m really enjoying the The Alton Browncast. I’ve Been listening religiously since its debut. I do have a few small suggestions that might make for a better sounding show. Feel free to tell me to STFU, but I hear quite a bit of mouth noise and a chronically whistling nostril throughout all the content. Mr. Brown might want to try a foam sock or pop filter to reduce these sounds. Also muting his mic while the guest is speaking would help eliminate the extraneous heavy breathing that’s quite audible.I also hear many rough edits that could be smoothed out. In addition to this the overall sound of the podcast is thin and trebly. I’m not sure what mics or preamps he’s using but the sound should be a little rounder and fuller. For a guy who’s as meticulous and precise as Alton Brown I feel that technically the Browncast falls a bit short of his high standards. These are just some suggestions. Love the Browncast!

  • I listened to the podcast that gave instructions on how to make cranberry sauce. I was so excited to serve it to my daughters on Thanksgiving. I made a really big deal that it was “Alton Brown’s recipe” like you personally called me with it or something. I wanted to present on a crisp, white plate and put it on the table next to all the other dishes. I DID notice it was dark in color, but thought maybe there was something in the honey I bought from the local Mullet Festival this fall that made it turn dark. Plus, the lights were low. My daughters (13 and 16) said, “it looks, well, DARK!” Like black beans!” I poo-pooed, it, until I licked the lid of the container (which was the same kind of the container I stored the cranberry sauce). It was black beans. Sitting atop a crisp white plate in the middle of the Thanksgiving table. Let’s just say, after the laughter stopped, the Alton Brown cranberry sauce was thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Listen to your podcast all the time. I decided to try your recipe for peanut brittle. It was a failure. This was your all sugar recipe on food network. Could not get the amber color. Any tips?

  • Been a big AB fan since the first good eats. Mixing a little science with a little culinary skill with a lot of humor got me into the kitchen and I never looked back.

    Suggestion – Home BBQ and DIY smokers. I have built a couple of small rigs and would love to know more about it.

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